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5 Best Link Building Techniques for SEO You Should Try Today!
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5 Best Link Building Techniques for SEO You Should Try Today!

Whether you are a blogger or a digital marketer, you know the importance of link building. It helps to boost your SEO efforts. In fact, it is not limited to SEO as it helps bring traffic, improve site authority, and helps connect with sites with similar content to offer seamless user experience.

Being a professional you should be aware of the fact – how spammy link building could be and how can you avoid it. Taking a step further, we will discuss 5 best link building techniques for SEO you should follow to get improved results.

In this quick guide, you will be able to understand what are the best link building techniques and how you could take benefit from these techniques.

5 Best Link Building Techniques

1)Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is one of the best link building techniques that will help you build quality links. This smart technique was proposed by Backlinko’s Brian Dean. To build links using this smart technique, you need to follow 3 major steps. It includes:

  • Find a content that is already ranking for your target keywords
  • Write better content than that
  • Promote your content
Skyscraper Technique
Source: backlinko

Finding content that is ranking already for your target keywords

To begin with, you need to research your target keywords and find who is ranking for them. Here, you can search these keywords on Google or other search engines (for which you want to rank) and type the keyword. Now see who all are ranking for that keyword. Research all these content pieces and check how you can write a better piece of content than available pieces.

Writing better content than that

Here, you can do more thorough research to write content that is worth sharing. To do this, expand your research skills include graphs, stats, images, video, and more engaging factors in your content to make it more appealing. Make sure, the content you have written addresses the core problem of your reader and also discusses related points if needed.

Promoting your content

Next thing is to promote your content. Here, you need to ask for backlinks from people whom you have mentioned in your content, sites you have mentioned, and to sites who have linked to similar content. Here, you can check sites who have linked similar content on their sites and you can ask for a backlink. Remember the links should be from authority & quality sites.

2) Broken Link Building

The next effective step to building a link is to check for broken links on other sites and help them fix this. Here, you can try the best link checker tools to find and identify broken links on other sites. To do this, you can check those pages that have a lot of backlinks. For example, you can checklist articles as they tend to have a lot of links.

Broken Link Building
Source: teknicks

Once you have found the broken link on any page, simply contact the site owner about the broken link on their site and ask them to include your site’s link for related content. Here, you are helping other sites fix broken links and increase chances to get quality links from authority sites.

3) Blogger Outreach

Guest posting is the next best link building technique that helps generate a lot of quality links for your site. Here, you can contact bloggers from your niche and ask them to link back to your site. To do this, you can provide them quality content that will be published on their site.

Blogger outreach
Source: seoclerks

Thus, it becomes a win-win deal for both parties. You get the quality link for your site and they will get a well-researched piece of content for their readers. Here, you can also use the best SEO tools to research sites that could offer you quality backlinks.

4) Forum Posting

Forums are discussion platforms where people ask for their problems and other people help them find the solution. While you can find dedicated forums across niches, it is best to find a forum from your niche and help others find the solution for their problem. Here, you are not only helping others to find the solution for their problem, but forum sites also offer backlinks to related sites that helps others.

Forum Posting
Source: ravikant

You can find dedicated forums from many big names like Apple, Microsoft to dedicated forum sites for almost all niches. In addition to forum sites, you can also look for Q&A sites like Quora to build quality backlinks for your site.

5) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another hugely tried & tested technique to build quality links. Here, you can search related sites and share your thoughts in their comments section that should be useful to readers. Many sites allow you to backlink your site from the comments section if it helps improve the reader’s experience. You can search for “blog commenting sites” on Google and you will find tons of quality sites that offer links for free.

Blog Commenting
Source: prospected

So, these were a few quick and effective link building techniques you can try to build quality backlinks for your site. If you know more such ways to build links, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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