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5 Best Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid) in 2022
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5 Best Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid) in 2022

The best keyword research tools offer the easiest & safest solution to find relevant keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns. These smart tools are loaded with tons of useful features that make the keyword research process easy & seamless. While there are abundant tools available online, here we have shortlisted 5 best keyword research tools (free & Paid) to help you generate relevant keywords in no time.

Top 5 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2022

1. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool:

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool offers over 2 million keyword ideas to find keyword for almost all your search queries. This best keyword research tool works on smart SEMrush algorithms to suggest appropriate keywords that match your query semantically for the initial search. This tool sorts the keywords into groups by search topic. It is helpful to find the right keywords automatically for SEO and PPC campaigns. Here, you can simply enter your seed keyword and it will suggest you numerous keyword ideas to choose from. You can filter keywords based on search volume, competitive density, keyword difficulty, cost-per-click data, SERP features, and more.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Start Your Keyword Research with SEMrush

Features of SEMrush Keyword Magic

  • Offers easy keyword grouping to help you segment keywords based on the topic.
  • Allows you to save the best keywords in keyword analyzer to get the best results.
  • Export selected keywords in multiple other SEMrush tools.
  • Allows to create up to 50 targeted keyword lists.

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer:

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer allows you to search through thousands of great keyword ideas. Here, you can analyze these keywords ranking difficulty and calculate how much traffic these keywords can bring to your site. This is one of the best keyword research tools in the market that delivers the highest accurate results in over 171 countries. It supports keyword research for 10 different search engines including Google, Baidu, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and more. Here, you get a chance to search valuable keywords from a huge database of over 7 billion keywords. It is the top keyword research tool that helps both in SEO and PPC keyword research.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Start Your Keyword Research With Ahrefs

Features of Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

  • It uses clickstream data to deliver highest accurate results while refining search volumes on a monthly basis.
  • Its KD score calculates and helps understand how hard it would be to rank for selected keywords by researching top-ranking pages.
  • It displays your estimated number of clicks for a selected keyword to help you create the best campaigns.
  • Its parent topic feature helps you understand if you would be able to rank for target keyword while targeting more general topic on your page.
  • It offers advanced SEO metrics including % of paid clicks, % of clicks, clicks per search, return rate, and more.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer:

Next in the list of best keyword research tools is Moz Keyword Explorer that offers over 500 million traffic-driving keywords to help boost your business. Here, you can simply enter the URL of your competitor and it will display you all the keywords your competitor is ranking for. It also gets a comprehensive keyword analysis for the URL you have entered with a detailed report. It helps analyze keywords by search volume with more than 95% accuracy.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Start Your Keyword Research With Moz

Features of Moz Keyword Explorer

  • Generate and save keyword lists with a comprehensive scoring.
  • It allows you to export keyword research data & analysis in metrics-rich, well-formatted CSVs.
  • Here, you can sort the best keywords by predictive keyword metrics.
  • It helps bring your SEO strategy to the global level.

4. Keyword Tool:

Keyword Tool is one of the best free keyword research tools that offers tons of useful features. It is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner that offers results with 99.99% accuracy. Its free version offers up to 750+ long-tail keyword variations for every search term. You can use this effective keyword research tool for free even without creating an account. This smart keyword research utility uses Google Autocomplete to generate numerous relevant long-tail keyword variations for any given topic.

Keyword Tool

Start Your Keyword Research With Keyword Tool

Features of Keyword Tool

  • This smart tool provides a solution for SEO and content creation.
  • It works well for international SEO campaigns.
  • Its smart algorithms help you generate relevant keywords for your PPC campaigns.
  • Free and reliable keyword research tool.

5. Google Keyword Planner:

No matter, if you are a professional or amateur Keyword Planner by Google, is the most effective keyword research tool that helps search for all relevant keywords in a matter of seconds. You can use this best free keyword research tool to find relevant keywords for all different topics in a jiffy. It delivers results with the highest accuracy to help you achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR), higher conversion rate, and lower cost-per-click. It helps get the right keywords for all your SEO and PPC campaigns needs.

Google Keyword Planner

Start Your Keyword Research With Google Keyword Planner

Features of Google Keyword Planner

  • Easy & effective bid estimates for your PPC campaigns.
  • Manage accounts to easily control multiple accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Easily reach & connect with YouTube audience using relevant keywords.
  • Google Ads Editor to help you make necessary changes across your campaigns.


If you find the manual process of keyword research cumbersome and time-consuming, the best keyword research tools are the solution. These smart free tools offer an easy solution to automate keyword research to deliver results with the highest accuracy. Furthermore, these tools also save a lot of your time and reduce manual efforts. Here, we have shortlisted 5 such tools for you. If you have tried any of these tools before, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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