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Content Marketing Trends That Will Drive More Traffic in 2020
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Content Marketing Trends That Will Drive More Traffic in 2020

Content marketing has changed a lot in the past few years.

If you are old school content marketer who has seen the days of keyword stuffing to get higher rankings, then you have seen the great transition. From the ways, Google algorithms used to work to how people write content.

In fact, overall content marketing practices have changed a lot. Now People trust content marketing tools more as they help to get instant & effective results.

Being a content marketer, you must be interested to know the latest content marketing trends that will be effective in 2019. To help you with this, we have covered the latest content marketing trends that will drive more traffic on your blog in 2020.

Content Marketing Trends in 2020

1. Try Omnichannel Approach

The first content marketing trend in 2019 would be to follow the omnichannel approach. Well, when we talk about omnichannel approach, it includes everything. From developing content for multiple mediums in various types to sharing it across networks. It includes writing content copy for blogs, Web 2.0 websites, social media platforms, news sites, blog outreach, and more.

Here, you can write long-form content for blogs, optimize posts for social media networks, PR posts, news articles, and everything else possible. You should also invest your time & efforts in creating compelling video posts, podcasts, Infographics, and various content forms.

Now that you have engaging content, next you need to share it across networks. You can share your content on social media platforms, PR sites, news sites, share content through blog outreach, and using different off-page SEO techniques.

Content Marketing Trends
Source: shopify

2. Repurpose Content

So, you have that post on your blog that is driving tons of organic traffic every month. Well, what next?

Next should be repurposing content. Here, you can create Infographic, video, or podcast from it. You can also do vice-versa and create text-based content from your popular videos or podcasts. This simple trick will bring you an opportunity to rank the same topic for other mediums too. Following this effective content marketing trend, you can see more traffic coming to your site in 2019.

Repurpose Content
Source: techwyse

3. Try Different Language Options

Now once you are ranking for English or some other language blog, it’s time to try different language options. You can enable translation feature on your blog where one can read your blog in the native language or can start catering information in dedicated language options to fulfill the needs of your target audience.

Here, you can shortlist the top 3 regions from where you get most of your traffic. Once you see any of these regions using a language other than English, start providing information in their local language. This is another quick hack that will help multifold your traffic and revenue.

Try Different Language Options
Source: worldatlas

4. Influencer Marketing Still Works

Influencer marketing is in trend for all good reasons. It not only helps bring traffic to your site, but it also helps build brand awareness & authority. Here, you can hire an influencer to help spread the word about your products & services. To do this, you can provide content to the influencer and get your content shared on their platform. You can even do it another way around. Here, you can tell influencers to create content for you that will be shared on your platform like a blog, YouTube channel, Podcast, etc.

Influencer Marketing Still Works
Source: salesforce

5. Focus on Conversion

So, you want to attract more & more traffic on your site! Well, what about the conversion?

To be true with you, here you should start working for conversion instead of only working for traffic. Here, every blog you write, every video you shoot, or every podcast you record should keep the conversion in focus. Ultimately, its money that you are working for. Unless users aren’t converting into your customers there is no use of all the hard work you do.

Focus on Conversion
Source: optilead

6. Optimize your Content for Remarketing

Next effective trend is to optimize the content for remarketing. Prerequisite for this is to have an existing user base. Here, you can have their emails or another source to communicate with them. During the process, you can write a dedicated copy for those users who have visited your website to check products & services but didn’t buy anything.

Now you can target these users through remarketing campaigns on Google or through other mediums. To do this, you’ll need to write compelling copy using which you can target these audiences.

Content for Remarketing
Source: monsterinsights

7. Personalized Content Experience

The next content marketing trend in 2019 would cater to personalize the content experience. You can do this to reach the ultra-targeted audience and expect increased conversion. To do this, you need to research the buyer persona.

In addition to this, you need to understand what they love to read, what actions they take on your blog, what types of products & services they are using, etc. Furthermore, to cater more personalized content experience, you can create specific content copies, videos, and podcasts to send the desired message clearly.

Personalized Content Experience
Source: mindler

8. Use AI, ML, Bots

While artificial intelligence, machine learning, and using bots to communicate is in its initial phase when it comes to content marketing. You can optimize your content for these technologies. It will help you reach those users who use personal assistants like Sire, Cortana, etc. to know about the latest happening in your niche.

In fact, you can optimize your overall content experience to reach people in masses. As the majority of users use mobile device these days and Google also rolled out its Mobile First algorithms, it is best practice to optimize your content for mobile searches especially voice searches on these devices.

For example, you can offer quick solutions for problems which you are addressing in your content beginning so that crawlers can easily find this information and furnish it to the searcher.

Use AI, ML, Bots
Source: mildintrainings


The emerging trends in content marketing practices have changed to a greater extent. Now Google relies more on search intent to deliver results, thus being a content writer, you also need to put the user first to form your content.

Trying omnichannel approach, repurposing content, trying different language options, influencer marketing, focus on conversion, personalized content experience, using artificial intelligence, machine learning & bots, etc. are few content marketing trends we expect in 2019.

If you see something else ruling content marketing practices in 2019, then feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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