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The Best Reverse Image Search Engines in 2022
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The Best Reverse Image Search Engines in 2022

Let's Start Searching With Pictures Instead Of Keywords

Ever been in a situation where you need to search something on the internet but don’t know the exact term to put in the search bar? Or you have a picture of something, and you need to search similar results to that picture? That’s where the reverse image search engine comes into the picture.

What is Reverse Image Search Engine?

A content-based image retrieval that lets you search using pictures/images, instead of the words we use normally. When you input an image on the search bar, the search engine finds similar images/results with more information on the picture.

In simple words, when you need to look up something you’ve seen but don’t know much about, Reverse image search is your go-to-platform.

This search engine concept removes the need for a user to guess keywords or terms that may or may not show correct results. One of the shocking things is that a lot of people are still unaware of this type of search engine.

Reverse Image Search
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Usually, search engines help you with anything you want to search on the internet, but what if you have a shoe image you want to buy? That’s where this search engine plays a big role for you.

Instead of entering keywords or terms, you will be using images/pictures to search. Now let’s go through the best reverse image search engines we have available for you:

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

1. Google Images

Indisputably, one of the most visited websites in the world, Google has a search service called Google Images. It allows the users to search the World Wide Web for image content and will give them results similar to the searched image.

Google Image Search

How Google Image works are that you click on the Google Image link, the above screenshot page opens up. After this, you click on “Upload an Image” and add the image you want to search similar results of. when you start searching for an image, a thumbnail of each matching image is displayed. The moment the user clicks on a thumbnail, the image is displayed in a larger size, and users may visit the page on which the image is used.

2. TinEye

Another reverse image search engine, TinEye has been the most popular and widely used reverse search engine to date with 13.9 billion images indexed. Apparently, TinEye is the first company ever to use the image identification search technology.

TinEye Image Search

The image search engine supports almost all types of images such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF images, and the maximum cap for the size of an image is 20 MB. How TinEye works is that it does recognize the picture as a whole not persons or objects in segments.

You can find the TinEye extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari here.

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3. Yandex

Yandex is a Russian technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. This is the most popular search engine in Russia and the fourth worldwide search engine (according to Comscore).

Yandex Search Engine Image Search

Yandex accepts sample images as query inputs and matches them against billions of images on its database. It also runs a specific algorithm to produce similar images and where they appear online across the web through.

Go and visit the Yandex Images search engine and explore the sea of images.

4. Yahoo Image Search

Another most popular and used image search engine, Yahoo fetches image results from all over the internet. On the left side of the screen, you can see many filters that can help you find anything specific you are looking for.

Yahoo Image Search

Search the official website of Yahoo Images Search and this will only return image results of your search terms. Yahoo image search engine also has a ‘Safe Search’ button that allows you to turn off safe search. This will allows yahoo image search to display content that probably might be explicit in nature.

5. Bing Image Search

In early 2014, Microsoft’s “Bing” came up with its own reverse photo search engine ‘Bing Image Match‘. Here, you have options to either upload the image on the search bar or add the same using the hyperlink, resulting in Bing giving you the matching search results.

Bing Images Search

Alike, Google Images and Yahoo Images, Bing Image Search is also another great picture search engine you can use to source images. Put whatever you want to search into the Image search bar and on the far right-hand side, you’ll notice a Filter button. Tap on the button and then click on “license” that will let you choose images that are free for commercial use.

One thing that limits this amazing platform to be used by many users is its “non-availability in many countries.”

Go ahead, click on the link and visit the Bing Image Search Engine here.

Wrapping Up

So we enlisted some of the best reverse image search engines for your convenience. Do explore them and let us know your favorite ones among them all.

Also, Don’t forget to remind us if we missed any reverse image search engine that you think is working out best for you.

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