How To Install Drivers Without Internet Connection

How To Install Drivers Without Internet Connection

There are several devices that need drivers to successfully communicate with the computer’s operating system. These include graphic cards, printers, scanners, several USB devices, controllers, and many more. With an active internet connection, you can go to a device manufacturer’s website, search for a driver and install it. But, what would you do, if you have no access to the internet? How would you then install a driver without an internet connection?

Consider these scenarios –

  • Alike many users, you might face a situation where after a clean installation of Windows 10, you may not be able to access the internet
  • It could be that you have a power cut in your locality because of which you cannot access your internet connection

Note: Before heading on with any of the steps mentioned below, we recommend that you download a Driver Updater Tool like Driver Booster 8 which is capable of installing and updating drivers even if you don’t have access to the internet. We have outlined.

How To Install Drivers Offline Or Update Them?

Let’s quickly get down to some of the best ways to install drivers without an internet connection.

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1. Look For a Computer That Has An  Active Internet Connection

Install driver

In case you have no internet connection, and you want to install a driver urgently, you can contact a friend, colleague or family member who has an active internet connection. Using their internet connection, download the device driver. Then using your smartphone, flash drive or any other device copy the device driver onto your computer. Here are some prerequisites to keep in mind when downloading the desired device driver –

  • Gather complete information about the hardware you are acquiring the driver for (PC model, graphic card configuration, the model of your network card, etc)
  • Using the above information, download the driver from the manufacturer’s website

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2. Use A Driver Updater Software That Can Update Drivers Offline

You can use a utility like IObit’s Driver Booster that enables you to download and install required drive drivers even if you don’t have an active internet connection.

1. Download and install IObit Driver Booster 8

2. Click on the tools icon from the left-hand pane and click on Offline Driver Update

Install driver offline

3. Click on Export to export device information f the computer on which you want the driver to be installed

Internet connection

4. You will now be able to save dbd file on the desired location

5. Double click on this exported file to open a toll that will automatically parse device information for you

6. Once information is parsed, a new window will appear where you can configure –

  • System Type
  • OS Version
  • Driver Type and
  • The driver package save location as per your needs

7. Click on the Download button from the bottom-right of the screen after which the tool will automatically scan for drivers, download them and pack the driver for you

3. Install Driver With The Help Of  CD

Driver installer

Almost all devices which require a driver to communicate with your computer’s operating system come with a driver CD. If you have a driver CD handy, you are in luck because then you can use the CD to install the required driver. The basic steps to install a driver for a device from CD remain the same. For example when installing a driver for a printer from CD, here are the steps you are most likely to follow –

1. You first install the printer driver on your computer and not connect the printer to your computer

2. Choose the mode of installation

3. Select printer model

4. And, finally follow the on-screen instructions

Wrapping Up:

There’s always a way to get back things on track, no matter what circumstances are. So, despite a situation where you have no internet connection, you can still install drivers or even upgrade them. We’d recommend that you bookmark this page and come back to it in the time of need. If you found the blog to be helpful, do give it a thumbs up and share it with someone who might be dealing with the same issue. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. And, to stay updated with our content you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Flipboard, Instagram and Twitter.

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