Disk Analyzer Pro- A Tool To Keep Your Hard Drive Organized

Disk Analyzer Pro- A Tool To Keep Your Hard Drive Organized

Everything today is digital and therefore, all of the data is stored on either our desktops/laptops or hard disk or on cloud. All of the space can be managed but sometimes it becomes a hassle to keep a track of stored data. It becomes a bit difficult to find files and folders at a place and sometimes it becomes difficult to identify what is taking up space on your small hard drive that it becomes tough to even store a new picture.

Do you often struggle with the storage space on your computer or you have to buy several external hard drives or disks to store your photos, videos, or other files? Or you are among the ones who have started uploading everything to cloud storage like Right Backup?

If the answer is a Yes, you need an efficient disk management system or software that scans your hard drive, sort all the files and folders into categories i.e. audio, video, images etc. Not only this, this disk management software helps you to check if there was a need for all these  external storage devices, or if the content stored required that much space or could be replaced? Well, in this article we would be discussing all your queries regarding disk management and more in detail about Disk Analyzer Pro.

Disk Analyzer Pro- Drive and capacity

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Disk Analyzer Pro- A Detailed Overview

Disk Analyzer Pro scans your hard disk and sorts all your files and folders into categories audio, video, images, document files, compressed files, junk and more. The tool allows you to free up hard disk space and organize files on your Windows PC. Disk Analyzer Pro manages your disk space and shows usage statistics in terms of file count, size and percentage. The disk analyzer space is shown like the image below. You can further choose actions i.e. copy, move, compress or delete to proceed.    

Disk Analyzer Pro - Detailed Overview

Disk Analyzer Pro gives you a detailed overview of large files & folders, delete obsolete ones, and declutter all your data to recover your disk space and keep your storage space organized.

Features That Makes It A Must-Have Tool

Get Detailed Disk Space Consumption Reports

While you use disk analyzer pro, you get to manage the occupied storage space on your Windows computer and categorize them into different file types. With this, sorting becomes easy and you can easily check and determine which files are important and which needs to be deleted.

Look For Unwanted Files Using Search Criteria

Disk Analyzer Pro - Look For Unwanted Files Using Search Criteria

You can use your search terms or specifications to look for unwanted files and folders that might be consuming unnecessary disk space. Sort or filter them using Files List or Size Unit under View tab.

Locate Unnecessary Junk And Temporary Files

Being unnoticed, the files get accumulated on our computer. Everytime we browse the internet or process a few downloads, a lot of junk files and temporary internet files get created on hard drives. Disk Analyzer Pro lets you figure out those multiple files on your hard disks and clear them from your computer to free up space.

Locate The Biggest Folders And Oldest Files

Sort the files and folders that are consuming more space on your hard disk. Clear out the space-grabbing folders, and filter out the oldest files to get rid of unwanted and worthless files immediately recovering some valuable disk space.


Number Of Licenses Total Cost
1 Computer License $39
2 Computers License $69
5 Computers License $149
Unlimited Computers License $999

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Cleans junk and temp files.
  • Identifies and displays files according to size.
  • Locate duplicate files.
  • Sorts files into categories.


  • Full benefits can be explored and availed only after purchasing its licensed version.

Disk Analyzer Pro is a powerful disk management or disk analysis tool that aims at taking control of all your files. This software is compatible with both Windows versions 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64 bit) and Mac (macOS X 10.8+) operating systems.

Stepwise Guide To Use Disk Analyzer Pro

As already mentioned, the best advantage of using  Disk Analyzer Pro  is that this software is quite easy and convenient to use. Even a beginner can start using this amazing software from day one. All you need is a basic knowledge of computer applications.

Step 1: Download and install Disk Analyzer Pro from the button below.

Step2: Launch the app on your computer and buy its registered version.

Step 3: Once registered, you can choose which drive to scan first and click on the Start Scan button.

Step4: Once the scan completes, the tool will show all  your files and folders classified into different categories.

Guide on Disk Analyzer Pro

Step 5: Once you see the bifurcated menu, you can click on any of the categories to view the files listed underneath.

Disk Analyzer Pro - Search and Filter Files First

Step6: Once you see the list of files, you can click on any of these to either open it or delete it. You can also choose to perform other functionalities by right-clicking on the file. The list of options looks like the below image.

Disk Analyzer Pro- File Viewer

That’s all! Easy isn’t it?

Disk Analyzer Pro- Final Verdict

Manual management is tough and requires a technical know-how of things while on the other side, managing your storage space using an efficient tool like Disk Analyzer Pro. This tool helps you identify several hidden files and unwanted junk out of your system and delete them in a go.

Try Disk Analyzer Pro today and share your reviews in the comments section below.

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