A Beginners Guide On How To Make A YouTube Video

A Beginners Guide On How To Make A YouTube Video

We all are well versed with this world famous video streaming application YouTube that is a host to millions of videos including DIYs, How-to tutorials, dancing/singing videos and much more. YouTube is one of the most famous video streaming platforms that has a huge audience base waiting for new and fresh content to get uploaded.

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The success as a YouTuber is a long way to go. Before that you need to have a know-how of a lot of things that leads your YouTube video towards success. In this article we have listed the five important top-notch tips considering our reader to be a beginner. You need to make a plan and execute accordingly. Check out the best tips for beginners to make a YouTube video.

How To Make A YouTube Video: A Step wise Guide

To start anything, you need a proper plan, to-dos, facts and figures, a well researched content and a lot more things using which you can generate content that can help our audiences in the best way. Wondering, where to begin? Check out this quick guide and get yourself sorted.

Tip 1: Plan Your Video Content And Strategy

To begin with creating a YouTube video, it is important to plan what your video niche will be, what content would you like to share on your channel, who will be your target audience, do you have necessary equipment, does your video have a zeal to entertain and engage the audience? There are so many questions that are required to boggle your mind. Your content can be on  anything like fitness and lifestyle, a controversial topic that invites arguments or others.

With all this what, when, why, and where in mind, it is the time to consider How. how will you put forth the content you have planned, For this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and evaluate if your audience will like the concept you are likely to produce.

The most important thing to consider is to choose the right topic for the right audience. You can be funny, witty, intellectual, smart, charismatic and anything you like but you need to ensure that you provide valuable information to build a goodwill among the audience. You need to focus on your audience, not yourself.

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Tip 2: Find Your Perfect Audience For YouTube

Before you work on your first script,you have to ask yourself a question and look for the answer. The question here is, ‘Who is your audience?’ The answer to this question may include the gender, age group, purpose and other such demographics. Once you get to know your audience, you’ll be able to make better decisions on your video content. Also, ensure that other than demographic information about your audience, you also think about your specific audience as well. For this, you have to know their problems, needs, learnings they expect from video and the impact you want to portray through your video.

Tip 3: Get Ready With Your Video Production Equipments

Get Ready With Your Video Production Equipments

Once done with content planning and audience, there is now the time to narrow down your focus. YouTube experts with a high work experience advise the beginner YouTubers to decide on the things that are required to define the audience and post that you’d be required to learn basic video production skills to come up with awesome content on YouTube. To be a YouTuber, you can shoot your video with as little as a smartphone. If you have a budget and are willing to purchase, you can opt for a mirrorless or digital SLR to make your videos look better and professional. But as a beginner, we would recommend you to start with a smartphone only.

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Tip 4: Sound Should Be Perfect

Yes, for every awesome video,  sound needs to be perfect. Therefore, as a beginner you need to ensure that the sound in your video is perfectly audible and important. Audio is the basis of your narrative, while video is the secondary thing to consider. Ensure that your microphone is the best one that can match the relationship between audio and video. Make your video the best and ensure that the sound quality is up to par. Invest in a decent microphone, when needed. You can even use the microphones on your PC or Mac to record audio, but in case your content requires a camera setup, you might require a desk-mounted mic instead. You can use Audacity to record and edit audios. It is one of the best tools and free to use as well.

Tip 5. Edit Video And Upload It On Your Channel

Last but not the least, this is the time when you need to merge all your video clips and mix audio  according to the script. Edit everything together and create a finished masterpiece.  You can choose any of the popular video editors to do the job for you. Once done, your video is all set to go on air. Yes, you can now upload and publish the edited video. Hurray! Your first ever YouTube video is now Live.

What Is Your Thought On Making Youtube Videos ?

Sounds simple? But in reality it is difficult to manage things especially the video and audio component for a better and perfect video. It is, therefore, important to keep uploading your videos on a regular basis. We hope this guide on how to make YouTube videos is helpful for you. The article has the basic steps clearly aimed at beginners. Check them out and you can try making your own video quickly with a little resources and extensive research.

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Do you wish to be a YouTuber? Here’s a guide for your help to begin with. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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