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YouTube Big Plan to Reduce Video Quality Size Due to COVID 19
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YouTube’s Big Plan to Reduce Video Quality Size Due to COVID-19

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YouTube Reducing Video Quality to Standard DefinitionWhy YouTube, Netflix, & Amazon Prime Lowered The Video Quality?

From local schools to international universities, a moving-food-truck to big empire, everything is closed due to COVID-19. And this has increased the amount of time anyone spends at home, more than ever. All of these incidents have led people to switch to online streaming services to entertain themselves.

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Since almost all the world has literally relied on the internet & online streaming services, providers are making some big plans to include almost everyone in the world so that no one gets affected and they get what they want.

YouTube Reducing Video Quality to Standard Definition

Quite recently, the American online video-sharing platform YouTube has announced that the video quality on the platform will be of standard definition. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has taken the decision to ease the internet traffic.

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In the coming days including today, the YouTube users will be experiencing the video quality has been reduced to standard definition as compared to high definition. In case any of the users wish to watch the content in high quality definition, they will need to choose the specific option to do so.

YouTube is a part of Alphabet Inc.’s Google is a giant player in the internet and video hosting services all over the world. The company has already started the-standard-definition-video-quality initiative in Europe. The service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have been asked to reduce the bandwidth usage to a decided level.

So if in case you are experiencing such incidents with standard quality, please know that it’s to help people all over the world with internet services.

Why YouTube, Netflix, & Amazon Prime Lowered The Video Quality?

Google stated in an statement, “We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation.”

We know that streaming videos online consumes more bandwidth than images or audio files. Additionally, Google has already been the largest traffic volume consumer holder way ahead of Netflix and etc. Sandvine (a research company data proves) claims that recently YouTube traffic has also surged.

I believe this recent traffic increase happened because of the COVID-19 outbreak resulting in work-from-home or staying home.

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YouTube doesn’t believe in the thought that in near future the world will run out of the internet bandwidth, however, it has started taking measures considering the concerns from all over the world due to pandemic Coronavirus. Now, Sony also has announced to limit the download speed to the PlayStation customers due to the increased demand of the internet worldwide.

Please know that this decision has been taken by keeping the worldwide population demanding the internet more than ever. Even though the default video quality has been set to standard definition, you can change the video quality on your player.

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Wrapping Up

YouTube has decided to reduce the video quality & joined the list of Netflix & Amazon Prime Video. All over the world, users are asking for the internet due to the COVID-19 & working-from-home situation. So, online streaming websites have planned to reduce a bit of bandwidth for the world population.

What we can do from our end is support the initiative from the service providers & help the big cause by using standard definition video quality for a couple of days.

“The big change comes from the little efforts we make”. 

Let’s support the initiative, fight Coronavirus, & bounce back stronger than ever. Because this time, it’s not about England, India, The United States of America, or China, right now it’s about the whole world becoming one.

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