Google Phone’s App Expansion Beyond Pixel & Nexus Devices

Google Phone’s App Expansion Beyond Pixel & Nexus Devices

The Phone dialer app from Google has improved the calling experience as well as call controlling for the users. Compatible with Android 7 and newer, the app can be used on selected devices. Recently, Google has started adding new devices in the list of compatible devices.

Google Phone App & Device Compatibility

With more than million downloads, the Google Phone app has helped users throughout the world. Even though it’s been compatible with limited devices, the reviews have made other users use the same app.

Google Phone App


From call screen to Google Duo video calling & from spam protection to caller ID, everything has been embedded in the app.

A dialer app, Google Phone lets you access the contact list of your phone while calling or receiving calls. With the standard Material Design, distribution & access to every component is quite hard to match in this field. Surely it’s one of those featured apps that’s impossible to beat.

The default dialer application from Google has been pre-installed on all the Pixel smartphones including Android One smartphones. Recently, the Xiaomi smartphones that’s been sold in Europe, have also had the same app pre-installed. Normally, it is not possible to install the Google Phone app on other devices without using third party platforms or supporting software. However, the latest version of the app can be downloaded on a lot of devices directly from the Google Play Store.

At the same time, talking about the compatibility for new devices, the latest version will have every feature excluding pixel features. Different mobile users from all around the world have started talking about using the Google Phone dialer app in their non-pixel smartphones.

Being able to use the app on non-pixel devices can either be expanding compatibility on new devices or Google mistakenly forgot to put a cap on incompatibility for other devices.

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Google Phone Help

With respect to using Google Phone dialer & finding any difficulties with compatibility, you can visit the Google Phone help & get your answers.

Google Phone Help


From having difficulties in making & receiving phone calls to sharing your location during an emergency call, Google Phone dialer helps you throughout the way.

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Google Dialer App Installation

This impossible-to-beat top featured app is compatible on limited devices. However, the latest announcement from different users is clearing out air around compatibility.

Download the app from the Google Play Store directly in order to use & start reporting spam calls directly from the app.

If you aren’t able to find the app on the Play Store, download the Google Phone APK file from this link.

Wrapping Up

The latest news from a lot of users from different parts of the world, has made it quite obvious about the latest advancements in Google Phone app. A lot of people are able to use the app who weren’t able to before & they are more than happier.

The latest advancements have made two assumptions that either can be Google updating (increasing) the number of devices compatible for Google Phone app. Or the company has forgot to put the limitations on non-pixel devices.

Don’t forget to check out the compatibility on your mobile devices as well as let us know if not the app, then APK is working out best for you.


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