WhatsApp Beta Version Adds New Feature on The iOS App

WhatsApp Beta Version Adds New Feature on The iOS App

WhatsApp has continuously been trying to improve the app on different aspects & users are welcoming the updates as well. Adding additional functionalities on the app makes people wonder about the new changes & use it more than ever (maybe just to experience the change once).

WhatsApp Beta Version Adds

Not every service can have more than 2 billion active users at the same time & WhatsApp has done that. Making it to the top & being on the top are two very different things that require constant efforts & never give up attitude.

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Context Menu on WhatsApp Beta Version

Post Dark theme feature, WhatsApp has released a new update (Context Menu) on the iOS platform app. The new feature that is available on the beta version of the app, will add a new context menu in chats. If you all remember, the same feature was there before in one of the previous versions that had been removed for unknown reasons.

Now, the latest iOS version of WhatsApp (Beta version) brings it back with additional “Info” option, however, it removes the share sheet integration also, from the latest update.

Note that as of now, all the above alterations can be experienced only in iOS WhatsApp Beta version only.

In the new beta version number, WABetaInfo confirms the “Context menu” feature that will add new things to your social media service app. Available on chats as well as groups, the update is only available on iOS 13 & above.

Know that Share Sheet integration is being removed from the latest update.

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Context Menu Functionality

Context menu is the latest feature on WhatsApp (iOS beta version) that will pop up every time you press long hold on any chat or group. Since the feature had been with WhatsApp before, however, due to unknown reasons it had been removed.

With the new version, it comes back with a bang with an additional option “Info”. The other options that were already there & are now as well include “Star, Reply, Forward, Copy, & Delete.”

Share Sheet Integration

The temporary removed feature “Share sheet integration” has been removed from the latest WhatsApp beta version.

WABetaInfo states about the removal of the feature, “The feature was back in the previous 2.20.40 and 2.20.41 updates, but it is temporarily removed because WhatsApp must investigate an issue that causes the share sheet to crash.

When the feature will be available again, I’m going to announce it.”

Share sheet is the listing menu that shows up while you are trying to share a file with anyone. The time it was in the previous WhatsApp versions, showed the WhatsApp contact suggestions in the Share Sheet only.

WABetaInfo is a platform that gives you all the latest news about the iOS, Android, & Windows platforms of WhatsApp.

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Wrapping Up

The WhatsApp iOS beta version comes up with a new feature “Context menu” that’s actually an older feature which had been removed for god-knows-what reasons. Now, the company brought back the feature & removed the Share Sheet integration option from the latest version of iOS beta version

What do you think about the new update from WhatsApp to its iOS beta version app?

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