Cannot Delete Files From Your Android Phone? Here’s The Fix (2023 Updated Guide)

Cannot Delete Files From Your Android Phone? Here’s The Fix  (2023 Updated Guide)

Has it ever happened that despite trying a lot, you just could not delete a file from your Android phone? If yes, you are not the only one. There are many users who have dealt with the same issue. In this blog, we’ll first have a look at some of the probable reasons which might be causing this issue and then we’ll have a look at the possible ways you can deal with the issue.

Why Can I Not Delete A File Or Files From Android?

There can be a few reasons why you are unable to delete files on your Android device or why you cannot delete a file from your Android phone’s internal storage –

  • You are harboring a malware on your Android device
  • The file is an important “system file” which should not be deleted
  • The file is write-protected/ read-only file

Things That Can Be Done If Your Just Cannot Delete Files On Android

When you cannot delete some documents on Android, follow these methods to fix the issue.

Table Of Contents
 1. Check For Malware

2. Be Wary Of Important System Files

3. Use Your Computer Or Laptop To Delete The File

4. Restart Your Phone

5. Remove Write Protection From Your SD Card

6. Factory Reset Your Phone

1. Check For Malware

The first thing you should do if you cannot delete a file from your Android phone is to check your Android device for malware. Chances are that you are harboring a prospective malicious file on your phone, restricting your operating system from deleting it. And you should immediately get rid of that file before it causes any destruction to the other files on your Android phone.

Smart Phone Cleaner is a convenient way to get rid of such files. It’s a powerful Android cleaning and optimization application that goes beyond just the name and provides many security tools to keep your device optimized while safeguarding it from potential infections. It has a robust Anti-Malware module that keeps a check on your smartphone and protects it from malware and other vulnerabilities, including the ones that make it harder for you to delete specific files.

Its advanced algorithms and constantly upgraded database automatically detect and nip malicious files in the bud before they can cause further destruction.

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What Does Smart Phone Cleaner’s Malware Protection Module Have To Offer?

  • It automatically detects malware in the first place.
  • Stops you from installing applications from unknown sources.
  • Remove infections with a single click.
  • Scan your device for a privacy check-up.
  • Get detailed information on which apps read your personal information, track your location, access secure settings, calendar, etc.

Smart Phone Cleaner

 Install Smart Phone Cleaner & Keep Your Smartphone Cleaned, Optimized & Protected!

2. Be Wary Of Important System Files

If the undeletable file is not a malware chances are it is a system file. Sometimes some files are crucial for your Android phone’s functionality and they shouldn’t therefore be deleted. So, in case you cannot delete a file on Android, maybe it is an important file that contains App data or it could be that it is an important system file.

3. Use Your Computer Or Laptop

Sometimes, there might be certain files that you want to delete from the internal storage of your Android phone, but, howmuchever you try, due to some reason, you just cannot delete files from your Android phone’s internal storage or the file just keeps coming back even after being deleted multiple times.

And, that is when you might have to take some advanced measures and use your computer or laptop to delete such files. Here’s how that can be done –

1. Connect phone to your laptop or computer

2. Open File Explorer and click on your device

3. Navigate to the folder where you have kept your file

internal storage

4. Select the file and then press shift and delete

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4. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

Something as simple as restarting your Android can help you resolve the issue. That’s because, sometimes issues like this persist because of accumulation of app cache and temporary files. A quick restart would shake off these and your phone might be able to fix the issue. Additionally, you can try and close all the apps from recent apps.

Now, check if you are able to delete the file that you want.

5. Remove Write Protection From Your SD Card

If you cannot delete file from your Android device’s SD card because of the fact that it is write protected or is a read-only SD card, you can remove the write protection using the command prompt in Windows 10 –

1. Insert the read-only SD card in the computer

2. Once the SD card in mounted, type cmd in the Windows search bar

3. Choose Run as administrator

4. When the Command Prompt window opens type diskpart

5. Type list volume. You will now be able to see the list of all connected drives including the drive of your SD card. Take a note of it

6. Next, type select volume followed by the drive letter of your SD card

7. Now, to remove the write protection on your SD card type attributes disk clear readonly

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6. Factory Reset Your Phone

Factory Reset Your Phone

If none of the above steps seem to work and in case you just cannot get rid of the file on Android, it might be the time to clean your complete Android device. A factory reset would get your Android device to the same position as it was when you first received it out of the box. As a word of wisdom, we advise you to take a complete backup of your Android device, so that in case of an emergency you can retrieve any important data which you would have otherwise deleted from your Android device.

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap on General Management

3. Tap on Reset

4. Tap on Factory data reset

5. Tap on Reset

Note: The steps may differ depending on the Android phone model you have. The device being used for the purpose of this blog is a Samsung device.


There are certain files which we delete so that we can bid them adieu forever but if you are unable to delete such files, we earnestly hope that the above methods would come to your rescue. And, if you did, do give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback to share, feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

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