Best Spy Camera Apps and Secret Video Recorders for Android

Best Spy Camera Apps and Secret Video Recorders for Android

It’s easier for anyone to keep track of the activities at home and workplace with the help of spy and surveillance cameras. However, the situation gets much trickier when you aren’t at home. Also, it is practically impossible for any normal person to carry spy cams attached to shirts every day.

A lot of the times we are faced with a situation where if we could click a picture without alerting anyone, we would. But because it is really difficult to click pictures with your phone cameras without alerting anyone, we drop the idea. We have a list of Best Spy camera apps and secret video recorders to help you click sneaky pictures and videos. There can be many different usages of these applications: pranks, safety, keeping record of the situation, etc. So, without wasting anymore of your crucial times, let’s get straight to the apps.

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Best Spy Camera Apps and Secret Video Recorders for Android

1. Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is another application similar to the Quick Video Recorder. With Background Video Recorder you can record sneaky videos without opening the camera app itself and making shutter sounds. You can also set a timer to start and stop recording.

Though the app contains ads, they do not hinder the experience. You can also tweak video quality and camera to get the desired results. However, it doesn’t offer an additional icon to record one touch videos and hence, users have to open the Background Video Recorder every time they have to record a video.

Background Video Recorder

Download: Background Video Recorder

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2. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby and Pet monitor

This app is totally different from the two apps given above. It is a perfect alternative to expensive surveillance cameras. If you have any old mobile at your home lying, you can put it to use with this app. It lets you use your old phone as a surveillance camera.

All you have to do is download the app on two devices; the old phone and your personal mobile and connect these two devices. Now your old phone records the video with its camera and you can use your phone to view live-recording of it. This camera system can be used to keep an eye on your babies and pets. You can also talk through the app and let the intruder know that he is being watched.

In my view, it is an amazing solution to temporary surveillance needs. It includes night vision and lots of other features. It definitely is one of the best Spy camera apps available in the market.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Download: Alfred Home Security

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3. iRecorder – Video Recorder

iRecorder is one of the very popular names in spy camera apps. iRecorder is similar to the Quick Video Recorder and Background Video Recorder app mentioned above. There is nothing much to tell about this app honestly. It does what it says really well. You can capture videos in the background and with the screen turned off.

You can also trim videos to save up space. The option to schedule the video recording is also available like the apps mentioned above. Users can customize the camera settings and other options to meet the need.


Download: NA

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4. Easy Video Recorder

Easy Video Recorder app lets you capture videos in the background. It also has the feature to schedule the video recording. It offers one-click video recording without opening the app itself. The most highlighted feature is that you can customize the power button to capture videos without even turning the lights of your phone on (Click Power Button Three times to Record Video).

Easy Video recorder lets you customize the camera functions such as video quality and much more. With all these great features and more, Easy Video Recorder definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Spy Camera apps and Secret Video Recorder in 2020.

Easy Video Recorder

Download: Easy Video Recorder

5. Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder is one of the most popular and useful apps when it comes to spying and secretly recording videos. Quick Video Recorder helps you click pictures and videos without opening the camera app itself. The video gets recorded in the background and the user may continue to do any task which he/she may like. The user can even record video with screen off.

Quick Video Recorder is available for both Android and iOS. The app has over 10M downloads on Play Store. The app offers a minimalistic no-nonsense user interface. As soon as you open the app, you are welcomed with the button to record video. Quick Video Recorder creates two additional icons on the desktop; one to click pictures and one to record video. Clicking on the icons starts recording without even opening the Quick Video Recorder itself.

The settings menu holds a lot of features to tweak the camera and other settings to get the desired result out of the video. With tons of features, Quick Video Recorder is one of the best spy camera apps and secret video recorders for Android.

Quick Video Recorder

6. Hidden Camera:

This application is totally different from what we have is a hidden camera detector app. This app is helpful for all the people who like to travel and often find themselves in a hotel. There have been many cases where the personal footages of people have been leaked over the internet by many of these hotels.

Things have gone better in the past couple of years. Yet, there is no guarantee for what’s coming your way. Hidden camera app is designed to detect magnetic fields found around metals and electronic devices. This hidden camera detector app beeps as soon as you bring your mobile closer to an electronic device of some kind.

The app features different modes. Secret cam mode in the app also helps determine what kind of magnetic field it is. It tells you if your phone is near another phone/laptop or there is a camera nearby. The app worked great (Better than I expected it to). Though it cannot and should not be used as the only tool to detect any spying device, it can be used if you see something and can’t determine if there is a camera in there.

Hidden Camera

Download: Hidden Camera

7. Hidden Camera Detector:

Hidden Camera Detector app is similar to the previous. Like the previous app, it also helps in detecting the hidden camera at a particular location. In addition to that, it features an additional feature, Infrared camera detector function.

Infrared Camera detectors use cameras to identify any nearby camera. As soon as you start the feature, you will see, on your screen, what your camera is seeing. There will be an additional green tint on top. Your camera sees infrared rays as bright white light coming from a source where you would be seeing nothing with your naked eyes.

This feature can be pretty helpful to detect any infrared camera nearby. You also don’t have to take your phone closer to the suspected location, you can be at a distance and still you would be able to see the light from the Infrared camera. This app worked great for me and is worth a try.

Hidden Camera Detector

Download: Hidden Camera Detector

8. Who Touched My Phone?

This app is designed to keep a check on who touches and does what on your device. Who Touched My Phone is a great app to keep a check on your kids and other people who use your phone. It can also be used as a precautionary device to check who uses or tries to use your phone in your absence.

This app can create a report of all the apps that are opened and used which you can later on see if someone was doing something suspicious. It can also click pictures with the front camera if someone enters the wrong pattern a few times.

This app can be of great use if you are someone who most often leaves the phone on the office desk and with kids for a long time without paying too much attention.

Who Touched My Phone

Download: Who Touched my Phone?

9. Intruder Detector

Intruder Detector is another application similar to the Who touched my Phone? It is also aimed at keeping an eye on intruders. But this app doesn’t record the activity log of the user. It doesn’t track what the person did on your device. You can click the picture of the intruder and send an email to any predetermined email address to inform that someone without access is trying to unlock your phone.

This app can also show a warning message on the screen warning the intruder that ‘his/her photo has been clicked by the mobile and Police will be informed if the phone isn’t returned right away.’ This app can come in pretty handy if it ever gets stolen anywhere.

Intruder Detector

Download: Intruder Detector

10. Presence Video Security Camera:

Presence Video Security Camera is a similar application to Alfred. It also puts your old mobile phone to use. Similar to Alfred, you have to download the application on two different mobile phones. One has to be used as the camera for recording and the other device, your personal phone, would be used as the device to access what another phone is recording.

No matter if you are out leaving the kids home by themselves or if there is a pet at home, you can always be there while still being away. This app allows you to talk through the phone like a walkie-talkie. This feature comes in handy when you have to calm down your crying kid or scare the thief away.

It also has an amazing functionality that it alerts you when there is something happening at your place. It quickly sends you an alert on your phone about the situation so you can turn the camera on at the right time. This is a useful app and has so many use cases.

Presence Video Security Camera

Download: Presence Video Security Camera

These are all the 10 best spy camera apps, secret video recorder, and Hidden camera detector apps for Android in 2020. Do let us know if you found this post helpful, we love hearing from you.

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