Best Compass Apps For Android and iOS

Best Compass Apps For Android and iOS

Hello all, finding the best compass apps for your Android or iOS phones?

Many of us love to experience an adrenaline rush, and in order to accomplish that, we willingly try all the adventures most people are afraid of. Instead of spending hours at shopping malls or binge watching, we find peace and solace in hiking, trekking, cycling and exploring nature.

While these things sound very exciting they require a lot of courage and preparation. One of the must things you cannot leave behind is a good compass. While older times had the physical compass to navigate, current times offer a lot of free compass apps for Android and iOS that you can install on your phone to make sure you never lose your way.

What Is A Compass App?

In older times compasses were small tools to assist you with directions. Today, there are compass apps, these paid and free compass apps can be installed on smartphones and tell you the directions enabling easy navigation so that you can reach your destination with any hurdles.

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Best Compass Apps For Android and iOS:

Below listed are some of the best compass apps for Android and iOS devices, let’s have a look them one by one:

1. Altimeter GPS with Barometer :

Altimeter GPS with Barometer

This is the best compass app so far for trekkers. It comes handy with 4 maps that help in trekking, counts steps, looks for places with the compass and also tell you the weather.

The best part about this free compass app is that it does not make use of any Internet data and works on predefined algorithms to detect and search locations thereby proving to be accurate in places with no or limited internet connectivity.


  • Has a sunrise and sunset calculator.
  • Easily tracks steps.
  • Easily finds locations with Position Finder.
  • Works even in the background.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has GPS and ASTER measurement.
  • Comes with a Flashlight.
  • Most effective compass and tracks locations easily using the predefined algorithms.

2. Compass Pro:

Compass Pro

This is one of the best compass apps that do wonders for both novice and experienced users. It is a highly advanced app that displays real-time orientation to the magnetic fields. It comes with a varied list of features like zoom, SMS location, and different types of maps.


  • Easy display of information: speed, magnetic field, location, direction, etc.
  • Easy to use.
  • Camera with night mode.
  • Ability to share location with SMS.
  • Easy User Interface.
  • Advanced search option to search for any location.

Download today for iOS.

3. Compass 360 Pro:

Compass 360 Pro

This is yet another best free compass app that is best suited for hiking, travelling, picnics, hiking as well as boating. While there are many compass apps that are area specific and worlds only in some countries. However, Compass Pro 360 is an amazing compass app and works wonders in every corner of the globe.


  • Is professionally designed but is simple to use and looks like a real compass.
  • It has a decimal earring that shows accurate directions.
  • Works offline.
  • Is available in many languages.
  • It is integrated with a dampened compass card which provides perfect orientation.
  • It’s free to use.

Download Link Not Available

4. Gyro Compass:

Gyro Compass

Gyrocompass is designed to work just like a real-world compass and is one of the best compasses you can have on your smartphone. With Gyro compass, you can easily search true north, compass bearing as well as magnetic north.

This is an amazing compass app which is completely free to use and does not disturb users by unwanted ads. It is equipped with GPS as well as an enhanced compass mode which is backed by an online map. With such advanced technology embedded in Gyro compass finding GPS locations is a cakewalk.


  • Easy to use User Interface.
  • User friendly.
  • Video tutorials for users to make use of the app most effectively.
  • Support screen rotations.
  • Supports Pro version with advanced features at a minimal cost.

5. 3D Compass Plus:

3D Compass Plus

Another free compass app that is used and loved across the globe. With a user base of millions, it is a 3-dimensional app that is power-packed with real-time map updating, has an augmented reality view as well as provides accurate GPS results.

It works seamlessly in both landscape and portrait mode and is an amazing tool for people who love travelling.


  • Easily records video with Android version 5.0 and above.
  • Can take screenshots.
  • Works on both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Displays true north direction,
  • Easy display of address or current location.
  • Also supports different compasses known as marine, rose and artificial horizon.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Easy display of Altitude.

Download today for Android.

6. Commander Compass:

Commander Compass

Commander Compass is a free compass app for iOS which is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Commander Compass is an Offline GPS app which is best suited for off-road navigation as well as outdoor navigation since it operates in 3D.

Commander Compass cannot be missed when writing about the best compass apps, because of its varied list of amazing and useful features. Some of his best features are waypoint tracker, altimeter, technological compass along with maps, true north, easy coordinates converter, star sun and moon finder. Etc.


  • Easily save places and waypoints to make the navigation easy at later times by displaying them on maps, provides GPS information as well as measured distances.
  • Easy tracking of Moon, Sun and Star positions.
  • Use multiple map styles to track positions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes use of 3D to display real-time objects.

Download today on iOS and Android.

7. Compass 54 Lite:

Compass 54 Lite

Yet another useful free compass app which is nothing less than a real compass app. It is designed to work in real-time and is capable of displaying the orientation of devices in real-time to the magnetic fields.

Compass 54 Lite comes handy with multiple features like navigation, GPS, maps, routes, compass and much more. It also has a feature that easily converts coordinates. This free compass app lets you share the files and can also track distances.


  • Displays real-time orientation to the magnetic fields.
  • Can easily switch between the true north and magnetic north fields.
  • Provides location coordinates, speed, longitudes, altitude etc.
  • Provides weather information like temperature, humidity etc.
  • It also supports HD Retina display.
  • Ease of access,

Download today on iOS.

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8. Digital Field Compass:

Digital Field Compass

At times instead of an app with many features lacks precision and detailing. Digital Field Compass is a free compass app for Android that has maintained its simplicity and provides the best results without any compromises. It provides all things necessary to navigate location accurately and do not believe in stuffing the app with unwanted features.

It does not eat too much battery as it is light in weight and has a simple user interface with less to no fancy background.


  • Simple User Interface.
  • Dedicated only for navigation.
  • Does not eat battery.
  • Do not consume many resources.
  • Free to use.
  • Has a manual declination setting.

Download today on Android.

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9. Marine Compass:

Marine Compass

This is by far the top amongst the best compass apps for users who love to take water trips. Since it is equipped with a highly advanced 3D black compass it provides the best navigation when it comes to travelling via water through ships or boats.

In this app, the headings are clearly provided and provide ease of access to the users while setting a display location using GPS. Marine Compass uses augmented reality plugins that makes navigation easy. It is an ad-free application and all you need to do is give permission to access the location feature.


  • Easy access.
  • Provides excellent marine navigation.
  • This is a free and ad-free application.
  • Has an advanced black compass for accurate navigation.

Download Link Not Available for Android

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10.  Accurate Compass:

Accurate Compass

This is the last compass app in the list of free and best compass apps for smartphones that works just like a normal compass. Accurate Compass has a 3D view that makes it easy for users to understand the directions.

Accurate Compass easily displays the bearing in the window side along with the 3D view. It also works amazingly well when not placed parallel to the ground.


  • Ease of access because of intuitive User Interface.
  • Has a 3-D view that helps in navigation better.
  • Easily navigates places that are not familiar.
  • Effective when the user wants to locate the bearing of objects.

Download today for Android.

That’s it! These were their best and free compass app for your iOS or Android smartphone and are completely free to use. All these free compass apps prove to be your best companion while travelling to new places. One of the best parts of compass apps is that you do not have to worry about losing them. Compass apps installed on your smartphones not only are your best navigation helper, they are also power-packed with technology providing you best navigation so that you can enjoy travelling to its best.

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