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Never Lose your Luggage, Use These Best Smart Luggage Trackers
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Never Lose your Luggage, Use These Best Smart Luggage Trackers

Has it ever happened to you that you are waiting for your luggage on the conveyer belt at the airport for quite some time seeing others pick theirs and leave already?

Is this normal? Well chances are that after waiting for so long if you still do not see your luggage, your luggage might have been lost. To avoid such situations, it is always better to have a solution, smart luggage trackers is one of the best and easiest way to keep yourself out of such nightmares.

With a smart baggage tracker, you can easily find out where your luggage was lost. So, without further ado, lets continue reading some of the best and smart luggage trackers.

Best Luggage Tracking Devices:


1. Vozni Smart Bluetooth Tracker:

Vozni Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Vozni is a smart Bluetooth luggage tracker for your luggage that comes in an easy to handle keychain design that can be used both as a keychain and most importantly as a smart luggage tracker.

With Vozni, you can connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth and easily have a track of your luggage all the time.

Another interesting feature of the Vozni tracker is that if you ever loose your phone then you can simply press the alarm button on the tracker, and it will track your phone too.


2. Dynotag smart Luggage ID Tag:

Dynotag smart Luggage ID Tag

This is yet another awesome baggage tracker. The best thing about Dynotag is that you don’t have to worry about the battery life. It is made up of steel and can be used in any consition since it is totally water-resistant.

All you require is to have your Dynotag tag activated on its site by creating an account and adding your personal details as asked by the site.

In cases of any loss, the respective person you find your bad can easily scan the QR code of which the notification will be sent to you and can easily handover the luggage by accessing the required information from the Dynotag account.


3. Trak 4 GPS Tracker:

Trak 4 GPS Tracker

Trak 4 is one of the best GPD trackers for bags and has a battery life of 18 months on a single charge.

Trak 4 provides real time location updates on your phone when placed inside any luggage. However, Trak 4 is only available to track luggage across US only.


4. Spytec Portable Tracker:

Spytec Portable Tracker

Spytec Portable Tracker is one of the handiest and convenient gadget in the category of best luggage trackers that comes with a real-time GPS tracker.

Simply put the tracker in your suitcase before you travel, and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. Users can easily access the location of their luggage on Google Maps and the best part, it updates its location every 5 seconds so that you do not have to worry about the wrong location being tracked.

It comes with a monthly subscription of almost 25 USD and has a great battery life of 2 weeks.

5. ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag:

ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag

This tag is made up of metal and helps users find their bags in seconds if lost.

ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag is a baggage tracker which is made up of cord which is steel-braided and hence is very tough and durable. Every ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag is assigned a unique ID number that ensures maximum privacy.

In case your lost baggage is found by some, he can simply contact the ReturnMe agent and share the unique Tag ID so that they can contact you and your baggage will be delivered to your location. Isn’t that easy!

Loosing your luggage is one of the most frustrating and unpredictable things to happen. It not only creates stress also puts a big hole on your pocket a we all tend to carry expensive gadgets and stuff in our luggage. Keep your luggage secure, use one of these best smart luggage trackers and you are good to go. Do let us know how you liked the article in the comments section below. Enjoy your vacation!!


  1. Adriana

    I have been using Fuss for 1.2 years. It works just super, many times saved me from losing my passport! I recommend it to everyone, especially those who like to travel a lot!

    1. Pragya Dani

      Hello Adriana Your valuable feedback is much appreciated. To stay updated with the latest content we post do follow us on social media and subscribe.

  2. Adriana

    Sorry auto-complete mistakes, Fuss=Vozni

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