10 Best Running Apps For Android and iOS In 2023

10 Best Running Apps For Android and iOS In 2023

Started Running? Wanted to track how many calories you burnt and how many kilometers you ran? Wondering which Android or iOS smartphone could help? Say no more; we’ve compiled a list of the best running apps for Android and iOS.

Below, we have listed things to consider before downloading any of the available running apps for your smartphone. Let’s get started and learn about the best running apps for your Android & iOS phones to make the right choice.

Top 10 Running Apps For Android and iOS

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This list will assist you in locating the information you need to make the most of your kilometers, whether you are a novice runner or an experienced expert.

1. Just Run: Zero to 5K

Just Run

Just Run is a simple app with a 9-week Zero to 5K plan. Simple software Just Run offers a 9-week Zero to 5K program. An easy-to-use fitness app called Just Run can help you start running. You’ll be able to complete a 5K in 9 weeks if you follow your chosen plan. It works! Compatible with podcast, audiobook, and music applications. You won’t ever miss a cue since Just Run will momentarily reduce the volume of the other app while telling you to run or stroll.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 1.6MB on Android and 3.6MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 7.0 and up & iOS Version 15.0 or later
Version: 1.6.1 in Android and 2.0.2 in iOS

Key Features: No Ads! Ads are no fun | Small in Size (Less than 3MB)


  • Lock screen notifications.
  • Target dates for each workout.
  • Works with music/podcast


  • Needed a premium account to access more features.
  • Optimization issue in some particular smartphones.

Download Just Run for Android & iOS.

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2. Map My Run

Map My Run

Map My Run is a product of “Under Armour,” one of the most valuable and recognized sports business brands. Using GPS, it will track your path; mileage traveled, pace, and more. This software features bells and whistles to keep you on track and motivated to reach your objectives, regardless matter whether you are a beginner, professional athlete, or runner. On your preferred social networking sites, you can also let your pals know how your training is going.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 42MB on Android and 265.6MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 7.0 and up & iOS Version 12.0 or later
Version: 22.13.0 in Android and 22.13.0 in iOS

Key Features: Get Under Armour connected shoes | Nutrition control by connecting with MyFitnessPal


  • One year of free premium services.
  • Easily sync it with all the latest apps and wearables.
  • Real-time audio coaching.


  • Live tracking comes with a premium account.
  • A Premium subscription will cost USD 5.99/month.

Download Map My Run for Android & iOS.

3. Sports Tracker – Best Running App for Android

Sports Tracker

Not only is it the earliest sports app, but it’s also one of the greatest fitness applications available. Track your workout progress by keeping a log of your activities, such as distance walks and cycling. One of the top Android running applications is Sports Tracker. It is the most feature-rich, user-friendly fitness app because of its award-winning GPS tracking features. What’s best is that you don’t have to struggle alone!

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 40MB on Android and 173.3MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 6.0 and up & iOS Version 14.0 or later
Version: 4.55.3 in Android and 6.9.0 in iOS

Key Features: Heart rate monitoring | Free online service at here| Choose your map (terrain, satellite, or hybrid)


  • Record your data in ‘Workout Diary.’
  • Route-specific performance with the “On this Route.”
  • Save your favorite routes to run, hike, or bike.


  • Can’t start/stop the workout from the home screen.
  • Bugs after recent updates.

Download Sports Tracker for Android & iOS.

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4. Run Keeper

Run Keeper

With Lifehacker’s top running app for 2012, you can monitor your pace, gauge exercise distance, track weight loss, and achieve training objectives. Whether you’ve just decided to get off the couch for a 5K, bike every day, or are well into a marathon, Run Keeper is the simplest method to increase your fitness level. You can monitor all of your statistics on your wrist with an Android Wear wristwatch.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 55MB on Android and 98.4MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 7.0 and up & iOS Version14.0 or later
Version: 13.3.1 in Android and 13.3 in iOS

Key Features: Audio Cues | Connect with health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal | Live Tracking


  • The app will notify you when it’s time for new running shoes.
  • Run keeper android widget.
  • Guided Workouts


  • Can’t share your progress on social platforms.
  • App freeze issues.

Download Run Keeper for Android & iOS.

5. Adidas Running

Adidas Running

It is the ideal app if you are new to running. You can keep track of your runs, jogs, walks, and bike rides with GPS tracking and step monitoring. Additionally, the app offers more than 90 athletic activities, including swimming and yoga. On your Android Wear OS watch, use the Adidas running app to log your activities, complete challenges, and view your status.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 49MB on Android and 213.6MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 7.0 and up & iOS Version 13.0 or later
Version: 12.23 in Android and 12.22 in iOS

Key Features:  Health tips & fitness newsfeed | Running & fitness activity | Auto-pause when you stop moving


  • Built-in GPS tracking, pedometer & mile tracker.
  • Choose over 90 sports.
  • Wear OS, Google Fit, and Garmin Connect devices can be integrated with Adidas running.


  • Vital features come with a premium account.
  • App freezing issue after recent 2023 update.

Download Adidas Running for Android & iOS.

6. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker

Running Tracker Plus keeps track of your pace, calories burned, and more. The Google Play Store’s most precise running distance/time tracker. As you run toward your goal distance or time, verbal feedback and music player access are included. It also keeps track of your past runs and progression over time and displays a detailed journal of your running activity.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 42MB in Android
Compatibility: Android Version 5.0 and up
Version: 3.715 in Android

Key Features: Accurate Distance | Time tracking available | Voice feedback | Music player access


  • Track your average and the current pace.
  • Keep a record of your history with monthly averages.


  • Not so user-friendly interface.
  • The premium account comes at $10/month.

Download Running Distance Tracker+ for Android.

7. Strava Tracker – Best Running App for iOS

Strava Tracker

Utilize the Strava activity tracker to monitor your fitness. Keep track of your workouts, chart your favorite run or bike route, and evaluate your progress with detailed statistics. With Strava, you can transform your phone or GPS watch into a sophisticated cycling or running tracker. This application is fantastic for those who thrive in a friendly, competitive setting and prefer traveling off the main path.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 22MB on Android and 125.7MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 5.0 and up & iOS Version 14.0 or later
Version: 261.9 in Android and 261.0.0 in iOS

Key Features: Distance Tracker & Mile Counter | Strava activity tracker for a whole range of sports | Live feedback


  • Records routes on Strava feed.
  • Join clubs of brands, teams, and friends.
  • Share the route map.


  • Need to pay to get customizable training plans.
  • Occasional crashing issues.

Download Strava Tracker for Android & iOS.

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8. Run with Hal

Run with Hal

Run with Hal uses Hal Higdon’s coaching to create a customized training plan based on your running habits, fitness level, and daily schedule to help you win any race, from a 5k to a marathon. “The internet’s most well-known running training plan guru,” Hal Higdon With 16 books to his credit and more than 175 pieces published in periodicals including Runner’s World, USA Today, Fitness, and American Health, Hal Higdon is a prolific writer.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 18MB on Android and 60.8MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 5.0 and up & iOS Version 11.0 or later
Version: 3.6.0 in Android and 3.5.0 in iOS

Key Features: Get coached by the legend Hal Higdon | Customer support service is the best | Smart and Adaptive Plans | Plan based on your life’s schedule


  • Hal personalizes pace based on your current fitness.
  • Sync your Garmin.
  • Utilize the GPS on your phone to capture your runs.


  • Consistency issues.
  • Not user-friendly.
  • Premium features come at USD 6.99/month.

Download Run with Hal for Android and iOS.



PUMATRAC offers inspiration for exercising and running. Get individualized fitness advice to help you become in the greatest shape of your life. Get the most out of nearly 3,000 minutes of exceptional video-guided exercises from top coaches and PUMA athletes. These workouts include various activities, including running, weight training, boxing, HIIT, Pilates, and more.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 40MB on Android and 118.9MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 5.0 and up & iOS Version 11.0 or later
Version: 4.19.8 in Android and 4.20.8 in iOS

Key Features: Training videos of Lewis Hamilton. Virat Kohli etc. | Access Exclusive PUMA offers and events | Google Fit Integration


  • PUMATRAC for Wear OS.
  • Share Workouts and Runs with your circle.
  • In-app access to your Spotify and Apple Music.


  • Consistent freezing issues.

Download PUMATRAC for Android & iOS.

10. Running App – GPS Run Tracker

Running App

Running has been shown to enhance metabolism, and following a structured strategy will help you burn more calories. The app offers workout plans created by qualified fitness trainers. These crafts for running, jogging, and walking are appropriate for all skill levels. It provides a variety of training schedules, including my first 5-K, Pace Academy, walking for weight reduction, and running for weight loss.

Technical Specifications:

App Size: 12MB on Android and 184.9MB on iOS
Compatibility: Android Version 5.0 and up & iOS Version 10.0 or later.
Version: 1.3.0 in Android and 1.2.4 in iOS

Key Features: Record your route with GPS | Google fit sync feature | Great UI & UX Design | Jog tracker | Powerful Analysis


  • Sync your running and training data.
  • Set your weekly and yearly goals.
  • Get audio feedback.


  • Inconsistent GPS tracking.

Download Running App – GPS Run Tracker for Android and iOS.

To Conclude The Above

From music streaming to GPS tracking and beyond, these are the ten best running apps for Android and as well as for your iOS device. Running apps are an essential part of the exercise experience for many people, whether you’re a casual jogger or someone who trains for marathons.

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Finding the appropriate running app can help to focus and keep you on track to reach your objectives, whether you’re a beginner in running or preparing for a marathon. So tell us which is your favorite in the comments down below. And let us know the name of any such fantastic running app for Android and iOS, which we’ve forgotten to include in this list.

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