How To Improve GPS Signal On Android

How To Improve GPS Signal On Android

GPS is all we hear about numerous times in a day. Yes GPS sensor is essentially used for navigational apps and services like Google Maps. Many times we face issues with our GPS signal on our Android devices. Though there are certain ways that can help you fix and improve accuracy of the location. How to enhance GPS signal on Android? This guide is here to help you sort.

Enhance GPS Signal on Android

What Is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System developed by the US Army in 1973 and released for civilians in the eighties. Initially, it was used with 24 satellites but now it has 31 operational GPS satellites in orbit. Wondering how GPS on Android works? The GPS signal on Android connects or communicates with these satellites via a GPS antenna (a part of hardware available in all latest smartphones).

This antenna is connected to software via a driver. It means GPS problems probably arises  from:-

1. The number of GPS satellites at the current location.

2. The quality of the GPS antenna in the smartphone.

3. The implementation of the driver in the operating system.

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Top 5 Ways To Enhance GPS Signal On Android

There are several ways to improve GPS accuracy on Android devices. Pick any of these methods to enhance GPS signal for better connectivity.

1. Switch on Google Location Accuracy

To get the best GPS signal and its accuracy, you need to be prepared for more battery usage. It means that turning on location under your phone settings will consume more battery life. Well, you can turn it off anytime you are not in a need of GPS. Follow the steps below to turn the location on.

Go to Settings > Location > Enable Location services. You can also enable it using the quick toggles in the notification bar at the top of your Android device.

Now, once your location is ON. You need to go to Advanced and then Google Location Accuracy. Next, tap over it and ensure that it is set to Improve Location Accuracy On. With this, your device uses your GPS as well as Wi-Fi and mobile networks to assume your location.

Also, you can find additional options under Settings > Location > Scanning > Wi-Fi Scanning and Bluetooth scanning. Wi-Fi Scanning will improve accuracy even further by allowing apps to detect Wi-Fi networks at any time. Meanwhile, Bluetooth scanning will detect nearby Bluetooth devices. These scanning options can help you get the highest possible location accuracy.

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2. Use Compass To Recalibrate the GPS

Is GPS signal on your Android devices not up to the mark? If it is, you can force it to recalibrate. For this, you need a compass app. While some devices come with a compass app pre-installed. In case you need one, download apps like Compass Galaxy from Google Play Store to do the needful for you. Once you have a compass app, launch it and you can proceed with the process of the recalibration to get a more accurate GPS signal on an Android device.

3. Keep The GPS Signal Active

Sometimes, it happens that you encounter issues with your Android’s GPS signal because it is turned off to save battery or something similar. However, you can always keep the GPS signal active. This happens usually when you switch from one app to another. If still, it doesn’t work you need to install a GPS app like Connected GPS. This is an app that is efficient and can do the trick for better GPS accuracy on Android devices and results in reduced battery life.

4. Refresh Your GPS Data

What if you get stuck on certain GPS satellites, even if they’re not within the range? It might lead to GPS not working and you can of course fix this by using an app like GPS Status & Toolbox. Such an app will let you clear all your GPS data and you can start connecting to satellites from the scratch level back again.

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5. Get An External Receiver For GPS

When your Android phone’s GPS is no longer providing accurate results, it might be worthwhile for you to buy an external receiver that can be paired up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, yes, an external receiver can let you improve GPS signal on Android and if you want to buy an external GPS receiver, you can anytime get it from Amazon.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all folks! These were some of the tried and tested ways to improve GPS accuracy on Android devices. If you know any tweaks other than the ones mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below. We hope you find this article useful and will be able to enhance GPS signals on Android. These ways will ensure and let you experience the increased GPS signal strength and the overall efficiency of your Android device.

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