Best Google Docs Add-ons For 2023

Best Google Docs Add-ons For 2023

Google Drive is the fastest way that allows to edit, create and share files and other documents at any location. All you need to tap on the Share button located on the right side of the profile icon and here you go! The file has been shared successfully!

Google Docs Add-ons

However, as we are using Google Drive, and we already know how it is useful for us as it increases our productivity.

If you are already using Google Drive there are some common glitches that can be seen, I am mentioning some of them below:

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Let me tell you a bit about “Google Drive Add- On”, I am going to explain this term in a simple way, Google Add-Ons are similar extensions that we use while writing documents or browsing anything. These add-ons offer extra features that can add a booster to our productivity. And now as we have talked about Google extensions, I am mentioning some of them below :

Now it’s time to jump over the best Google Docs Add-ons that will increase your productivity in 2022

Best Google Docs Add-ons For 2023

Smart Google Doc Add-ons- Language Tool

Smart Google Doc Add-ons

We will start our list of Google Docs add-ons with Language Tool. As the name suggests, this add-ons offers a solution to our grammatical error. In addition to this, Language Tool [smart Google Drive add-ons] supports German, Dutch, English, French and other twenty-five languages.

According to some of its users, Language Tool detects many errors that even Google Spell Checker failed to find. This tool also works on various language variations and can distinguish between the U.S and British English.

You can get these Smart Google Docs Add-on- Language Tool from here

Best Google Docs Add-ons – Writing Habit

Best Google Docs Add-ons - Writing Habit

Alright, so this is something new Google Drive Add-ons that every aspiring writer would love to try their hands on. Or, if you want to develop better writing skills you might want to try “Writing Habit”.

If we talked about features then yes, like other Google docs add-ons, you can also track the daily progress that you have set for writing goals. IN addition to this, Writer habits also track down the number of words you have used so far in the document.

You can get this Best Google Docs Add-ons – Writing Habit from here

Amazing Google Docs Add-ons- ezNotifications

docs notification dashboard

As we know no one can beat Google Docs in terms of collaboration. In addition to this, when we give access to someone, they tend to make multiple changes to the document. But several times you people also share some important information on a document and whenever any changes are made, you want to get notified.

So, my friend, ezNotifications has everything for you. How? It will send an alert on every change through email every time if any changes occur in your Google document. You can also set the timing according to your preferences.

Interesting? Get this Amazing Google Docs Add-ons- ezNotifications from here

Agile Google Docs Add-ons (Extension) – Grammarly


Grammarly is a well-known name in the field of writing skills. As many people around the globe are already familiar with Grammarly. This agile tool helps to find an error during the writing and also offers suggestions when you start writing on Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.

But this is not a Google Docs add-ons, this is a browser extension. This is free to use but to get an additional feature by purchasing its premium version.

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You can get this extension from here

Google Docs Offline

google docs

Many times we run out of internet connectivity or when we are doing some work on the documents and suddenly the internet stops responding, in this situation Google Docs Offline is your savior.

Again, like Grammarly, this is also a chrome browser extension that will let you in to pin all the important documents where you can also perform copy and paste actions.

You can get this amazing extension from Chrome Web Store.

Which Of Them Will You Choose?

That’s all folks! I have shared the list of best Google Sheet Add-ons that you can use to increase your productivity. If you have any questions related to this blog, let me know in the comment sections below. I hope you like this article and have shared it with your friends and family.

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