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10 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows
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10 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows

Do you sometimes wish you could have your choice of helpful options when you right-click on your PC? If yes this blog has to tell you a lot more regarding this. When you right-click on your screen or on any folder, a list of options appear, this is popularly known as Context Menu.

Wondering if you could add or remove context menu options? Well, yes you can do this both manually or by using any of the best context menu editors. While manually adding or removing context menu options is a tedious job, context editors make it smoother and faster. Also, the manual procedure requires the user to have advanced computer knowledge. Therefore, context menu editors can help you get rid of the hassles and anyone with basic computer knowledge can edit these context menus in no time.

Let’s have a look at the best context menu editors for Windows.

Best 10 Context Menu Editors For Windows:

List of Contents

  • 1. CCleaner
  • 2. ShellMenuView
  • 3. Right-Click Extender 2.0
  • 4. Context Menu Editor For Windows 7 and Vista
  • 5. Easy Context Menu
  • 6. FileMenu Tools
  • 7. Right-Click Enhancer
  • 8. Context Menu Tuner
  • 9. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer
  • 10. MenuMaid

1. CCleaner


CCleaner, the most popular name and the number one context menu editor for Windows. However, CCleaner is widely known for its fast and reliable PC Cleaning and Optimization, there are other popular solutions as well offered by CCleaner to its users. One of these is editing the context menu on Windows.  All you have to do is head to CCleaner > Tools > StartUp > Context Menu. Here you can add or remove the items needed or no longer needed to make the context menu look like the way you want. Apart from this, CCleaner offers you several solutions for safe browsing, registry optimization, quick startup and more.

Awesome, isn’t it?

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2. ShellMenuView


Another one in the list of top 10 context menu editors is ShellMenuView. It is a compact tool wherein you’ll get a static menu at a place that includes all the basic options present there in the right-click menu. You can choose to enable or disable any of the right-click menu entries. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to edit right-click menus. All you need to do is copy the executable file and launch it > add the LegacyDisable key for the preferred menu option > set or delete the extended function for managing right-click menus. That’s it! You can anytime choose to edit the context menu on your windows in no time.

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3. Right-Click Extender 2.0

Right-Click Extender

Right-Click Extender 2.0, the name itself suggests that the tool lets you extend the right-click menu options. It is an easy, simple and clear tool to manage menu that appears on right-click. This is a free to use tool and lets you edit right-click menus in a few clicks. This amazing context menu options editor allows you to edit the right-click  menu not only on Windows but also on your Drive, Hidden files or other files and folders. To start using this, head to the tool and you’ll see a crisp and clear dashboard wherein you can check or uncheck which options you’d like to see on your context menu. Furthermore, it lets you create a system restore point of all the default settings before making any changes, so that you can easily rollback to all the modifications.

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4. Context Menu Editor For Windows 7 and Vista

Context Menu Editor For Windows 7 and Vista

Another simple and efficient right-click menu editor is Context Menu Editor For Windows 7 and Vista. This amazing context menu editor comes with lots of handy improvements and is an easy-to-use application that allows you to add any program, app or menu to the context menu. This particular right-click menu customization tool  is light and one of the best context menu editors for Windows 7 and Vista. The only important requirement to run this wonderful utility is- having administrative rights.

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5. Easy Context Menu

Easy Context Menu

Easy Context Menu claims to be the best Windows 10 context menu editor for Windows PC. This wonderful tool works smoothly and helps you add useful commands & make changes to the context menu. This amazing right-click menu editor is divided further into specific categories and subcategories to make it convenient for the user to make necessary changes. It includes- My Computer context menu, system tools, desktop context menu, and more. Additionally, the user can access Windows components quickly & easily with this portable application. All you have to do is download the tool from its official site, open the executable according to your PC’s architecture, and that’s all. Start using this tool for your convenience.

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6. FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools

While looking for more context editor options for Windows 10, FileMenu Tools is the next in our list. It makes it convenient and super easy for the user to make changes to the context menu that appears when you right click anywhere on the screen or on the particular folder. It is an excellent tool that lets you clear the clutter and keep only the useful and helpful options in the right-click menu. This app is available in both free and paid versions, you can choose as per your requirements. Even the app has its own portable version wherein you do not have to install the application rather use it directly and get the work done. With its Free version, you are allowed to use the context menu commands up to 20 files or folder.

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7. Right-Click Enhancer

Right-Click Enhancer

The list is long, but every tool mentioned here in the article has its own share of importance. Similarly, the next amazing context menu editor on our list is Right-Click Enhancer. Its name itself clears the work role this tool has. It is able to provide users with several options to enhance the overall look and feel of your current right-click menus. You can choose to edit, add or remove the menu options for free. Furthermore, you get the feasibility to add new options to the list as per your own choice and convenience. These can be the ones you feel is adding or enhancing your overall productivity. The added advantage of this right-click menu editor is that it is a multi-lingual utility suitable for both novice and pro users.

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8. Context Menu Tuner

Context Menu Tuner

On the list of best context menu editors, next comes is Context Menu Tuner. An app that allows its users to customize, add or remove the options present in the right-click menus. Also, this tool lets you have the hold of several features that other tools do not host. For instance- customizing names, icons, command lines for each program and a lot more. This tool  has the ability to add any ribbon command to the context menu of any file, folder, desktop or any other specific file types. You are further allowed to create a separate list that has your most-used tools apart from the default ones. This amazing utility also allows users to add even the commands that aren’t there in the ribbon by default.

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9. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

Last second on our list of best Context Menu Editors is the Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer. As already mentioned earlier in the article, context menu is the list of options that appear when you right-click on any of the file/folder or anywhere on the screen.  This is a great tool for Windows 7, XP, and Vista that doesn’t even require any installation. All you have to do is Run the app as an administrator > Choose a location from the Context Menu Location list > Enter the name for your context menu > Enter the command you want to execute > mention the path of the option’s icon > Choose the position of the item > Tap Extended (if you want the option to be displayed when you press Shift + Right Click) > then, click Add Item. This way your choice of option will be successfully added.

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10. MenuMaid


Last but not least, MenuMaid is yet another amazing context menu editor that allows you to clean up messy context menus as per your own convenience. It is a handy way that allows you to access many tools and functions at ease with just a click. This utility is packed with cleaning capabilities for all the right click menu for your Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer. As soon as you launch the program, you get to see an interface  with majorly two sections i.e. Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. Herein you can use the available segments to clean up the devoted context menu. To remove unwanted options from the context menu, untick them or vice-versa to add any.

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So, this ends our list of the best context menu editors for Windows. Check them out and let us know in the comments section below. Which one you feel is the best choice? We strongly recommend you to use CCleaner, however all the other tools listed in the article are tried and tested and offer the best solutions for your Windows PC.

For any queries or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at our social media platforms or in the comments section below.

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