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Best CCleaner Alternatives for Windows 10 and Older Versions
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10 Best CCleaner Alternatives and Similar Tools in 2020

Table of Contents

1. Advanced System Optimizer(Recommended):2. System Mechanic:3. Glary Utilities:4. WinZip System Utilities Suite:5. Clean Master for PC6. CleanMyPC:7. Advanced System Care:8. Puran Utilities:9. Wise Care 36510. BleachBit

CCleaner is one of the popular and long reliable system cleaning tools that earned user trust over the years. But this trustworthy tool is becoming worse and sneaky. First, it was hacked then was acquired by Avast. The program that earned its reputation for ease of use, displaying a clear indication of what’s being removed and how much space is recovered no longer does that. Instead what it does is, it runs in the background, displays nag and reports anonymous data back to the company’s servers. Turning from a system cleaner to crap cleaner, due to which users have started to look for the best alternatives to CCleaner on Windows10.

With that said, if you have been looking for the best CCleaner alternatives you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve pointed out programs like CCleaner that will turn out to be an alternative to CCleaner on Windows 10 and older versions.

Before we proceed with the list, our recommendation is Advanced System Optimizer. One of the best CCleaner alternatives for Windows 10 users. This tool is a complete system optimization suite that comes with 25+ utilities to optimize your Windows performance. Advanced System Optimizer comprises of junk cleaner, disk defragmenter, anti-malware, privacy protector, and many. You name it and Advanced System Optimizer has it.

Of course, there are other alternatives to CCleaner that we will discuss in this article as we move further.

CCleaner Alternatives

Before we get to CCleaner similar, it’s worth noting that we’ve included all-in-one system utilities as they offer extra features, like duplicate finder, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, optimizer or for that reason, a program with startup manager, anti-malware and other features. All the utilities listed here have their own perks. One recommended tool which is a great CCleaner replacement is Advanced System Optimizer.

Recommendations listed below are from the best to least. While looking for an alternative to CCleaner we took into consideration ease of use, features, compatibility with Windows 10 and older version & more.

10 Best CCleaner Alternatives For Windows 10

Here is the list of programs like CCleaner for Windows 10 users that they can use effortlessly to optimize their Windows machine.

1. Advanced System Optimizer(Recommended):

It is a multi-functional optimization suite for Windows 10 that boosts PC’s performance. This software like CCleaner has features like system cleaner, registry cleaner, disk defragger, optimizer, junk cleaner, privacy protector, anti-malware and others to enhance PC’s performance and security.  Thereby helping in tweaking and optimizing Windows 10 PC.

Moreover, Advanced System Optimizer’s Driver Updater ensures all your hardware devices are up to date. Memory Optimizer ensures memory is assigned appropriately when a program stops running. Security Advisor scans the system for security weaknesses, whereas Undodelte will recover deleted files, Secure delete will remove them securely and lot more. Using all these features is no hassle. By using the Scheduler feature you can do routine management.

aso-screenshots-disk-cleaner-optimizer (1)

Features & Benefits:

  • Driver Updater to update out of date drivers.
  • System cleaner to remove junk files.
  • Privacy Protector to remove browse cache and other privacy exposing traces.
  • Undo delete to recover deleted files.
  • Secure delete to remove files permanently.
  • Registry cleaner and optimizer to clean invalid registry entries and optimize the Windows registry.
  • Advanced System Optimizer is Safe to download.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.
  • One of the best CCleaner Alternatives as it offers driver backup and update, Game optimization that most of the tools lack, memory optimizer, PC Advisor and a lot more.

2. System Mechanic:

System Mechanic from Iolo is a PC Optimization tool and an alternative to CCleaner on Windows 10. It is a handy and excellent tune-up utility that helps improve PC’s performance by deleting junk files, making changes to virtual memory, defragging the hard drive and performing other tasks. Where software like CCleaner constantly nags and frustrate users, System Mechanic offers various options to accelerate PC speed, optimize memory, and more without bothering the user.

System Mechanic - CCleaner Alternative for Windows

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans junk files.
  • Schedule system cleaning.
  • One-click optimization.

3. Glary Utilities:

It is another software like CCleaner and one of the best CCleaner alternatives is Glary Utilities. This freeware is an all in one utility that can clean your PC, stop errors, freezes, and crashes. It is an easy to use program that helps optimize your computer’s functioning. This utility has an interface like CCleaner and it offers extensive utilities to improve your system’s performance and protect your privacy. Moreover, this tool offers a registry cleaner, spyware detection, disk cleanup, memory optimizer and lot more.

Glary Utilities - CCleaner Alternative

Features & Benefits:

  • All in one PC cleaning utility.
  • Boosts PC Speed and fixes errors.
  • Easy to use tool that provides automated options.

4. WinZip System Utilities Suite:

As you are looking for CCleaner similar it needs to be good and useful. WinZip System Utilities alternative to CCleaner as the name suggests brings a slew of useful features under one tool. It is a complete system optimization suite that helps in optimizing Windows 10 and older Windows versions. This tool is designed to improve your PC’s performance by cleaning registry errors, removing junk data, defragging hard disk, backup system data and more. It is considered as one of the best alternatives for CCleaner as WinZip System Utilities has all the features that will help to boost Windows performance. Moreover, using this tool is easy.

WinZip System Utilities Suite

Features & Benefits:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Advanced diagnostic tools
  • Cleans and protects PC
  • Trusted and recommended

5. Clean Master for PC

This program like CCleaner cleans and optimizes your PC by deleting junk files and organizing files in a similar manner like native Windows file explorer. With this tool cleaning of junk files, obsolete registry entries or selecting categories you want to clean is super easy.  Clean Master for PC allows cleaning what needs to be cleaned without running the complete tool. Moreover, you can clean each category entry individually this is what makes it the best CCleaner alternative.

Clean Master for PC

Features & Benefits:

  • Privacy protection
  • File shredder
  • Resolves system lag

6. CleanMyPC:

It is more than a regular PC Cleaner. This CCleaner similar program is designed to perform various tasks like cleaning unwanted files, protect privacy, manage Startup items, fix registry issues and so on. It is a user-friendly application and probably a good replacement that can be used by both advanced and novice users. Clean My PC is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 & older versions and it helps in keeping your PC organized.

Clean My PC - CCleaner Alternative for Windows

Features & Benefits:

  • Manage extensions and startup items.
  • Uninstaller
  • Privacy protector

7. Advanced System Care:

As the name indicates this CCleaner similar is an all in one system optimization tool that helps cleaning the Windows registry as well as junk files. This easy to use tool is an alternative to CCleaner on Windows 10, as it helps monitor PC’s RAM/Disk Usage/CPU temperature, block untrusted program, protect sensitive data, sweep privacy traces and more. The free version of the product is limited functionality while the Pro version is annual subscription-based.

Advanced System Cleaner - CCleaner Alternative

Features & Benefits:

  • RAM optimizer.
  • Registry Cleaner.
  • Internet speed booster.

8. Puran Utilities:

Puran Utilities is a program loaded with features that will help to improve your Windows 10 computer performance. It is an incredible tool for both beginners and pro.  The program like CCleaner gives 20 boosters to optimize your Windows 10 machine and older versions. It is an alternative to CCleaner on Windows 10 as it offers a handy guide on how often each module should be used and in what order. Moreover, Puran utility defragmenter alternative to CCleaner does a good job of cleaning up hard drive and permanently deletes unwanted files.

Puran Utilities - CCleaner for Windows

Features & Benefits:

  • Disk Check.
  • Fixes shortcut errors.
  • Data Recovery.

9. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is a popular and high-rated PC cleaning, speed up tool that helps in cleaning invalid registry errors, junk files, protect system in real-time, clean file specific extensions, erase privacy exposing traces and more from your Windows 10 machine. This is an alternative to CCleaner on windows 10 as the tool adopts the world’s top technology and comes both a Free and Pro version.

Wise Care 365- CCleaner alternative for Windows

Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents unauthorized use of personal applications.
  • Cleans, optimizer and fixes invalid registry errors.
  • Data Recovery.

10. BleachBit

One of the most basic and freeware alternatives to CCleaner on Windows 10, older versions and Linux is BleachBit. Unlike other tools it is simple to use, requires less storage and comes in various languages like English and Spanish. This tool quickly frees disk space, guards your privacy by cleaning Internet history, deleting cookies, cache and more. Further, BleachBit includes advanced features like shredding files, securely wiping free disk space to hide traces and more. To know what else the product can do download it now:

BleachBit - CCleaner Alternative fo Windows

Features & Benefits:

  • Privacy protector.
  • frequent software updates with new features.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.

These best CCleaner alternatives listed above will help you optimize your Windows PC. Moreover, if you decide to go with our recommendation i.e. Advanced System Optimizer. No longer you’ll need to install a separate anti-malware tool as it includes one. Moreover, using Backup Manager, you can take a backup of your important data, recover deleted files, securely delete all the traces and a lot more. Do let us which tool you chose you to use and why. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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