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Advanced System Optimizer – Keep Your Windows PC Clean and Speed Up your Computer
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Advanced System Optimizer – Keep Your Windows PC Clean and Speed Up your Computer

Hate waiting for the PC to boot or a program to open? Want your PC to work as new?

No need to worry or to buy a new system. Sometimes all your Windows machine needs is a good optimization tool that can clean junk files, obsolete data, optimize registry and perform similar functions that help boost PC speed.

In this guide, we will review an amazing tool known as Advanced System Optimizer. This system optimization suite not only cleans unwanted data from your PC but also helps boost system speed making it work just like a new system.

Advanced System Optimizer – At A Glance
advanced system optimizer - best pc cleaner

Features At A Glance

  • Cleans Junk and Obsolete Files
  • In-built Game & PC Booster
  • Removes malware, adware, spyware & other malicious infections
  • Update outdated drivers
  • Optimizer memory
  • Fix invalid registry entries
  • Clean and optimize disk automatically
  • Backup and restore the system files

Price: $ 39.95

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Why Trust Me?

After years of using my Windows machine, I faced problems with it. At first, I thought due to the huge amount of data I am facing this problem. So, I moved files but nothing helped then I realized since my PC is not optimized, I am facing this problem. This was when I started looking for an windows tuneup utilities and found the life-saver tool – Advanced System Optimizer.

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Advanced System Optimizer - Infograph

Overview- Advanced System Optimizer

The best PC optimization is required to keep the PC clean, but Advanced System Optimizer is more than that. It not only sorts out and deletes unnecessary data from your hard drive, it even offers different scan types for user’s convenience.

Advanced System Optimizer Review

This PC cleaning tool scans each section of your hard drive to identity problems and fixes them in a single click. Alongside tidying up your system files, Advanced System Optimizer updates system drivers, cleans duplicate files, deletes privacy exposing traces, and does a lot more. You can see performance improvement yourself after first scanning and fixing of errors.

Available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 priced at $39.95 for a single PC billed annually, Advanced System Optimizer is lightweight. The program consists of 20+ system tweaking tools including a registry cleaner, driver updater, duplicate file cleaner, disk optimizer, game optimizer, Undelete, Secure delete, and more.

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Benefits of Using Advanced System Optimizer

  • Boosts PC performance
  • Recovery hard disk space
  • Fix driver-related problems
  • Scans and deletes duplicate files
  • Game Booster
  • Memory optimizer

Features – Advanced System Optimizer

  • Automatic Memory Optimization
  • Scans and cleans malware, spyware
  • System cleaner to remove junk files
  • Secure Encryption
  • Undo delete and Secure Delete
  • Startup Manager

User friendly, easy to use

A complete system optimization suite

Helps recover a huge amount of storage space

Removes privacy exposing traces

The scheduler makes running scan and optimizing PC easy

Updated outdated system drivers, fixes registry errors and does a lot more


PC Fixer module needs to be updated

UI is a bit outdated

No decent Internet Optimizer


Free Trial Yes, get 24-hour free trial version
Deployment Windows – XP, 7, 8, 8.1 10 32 and 64-bit
Training No Training required
Support Email, FAQ and Video tutorial

Effectiveness 4 OUT OF 5

Effectiveness 4 OUT OF 5

Recover valuable disk space and keep PC running smoothly

Price 3 OUT of 5

Price 3 OUT of 5

$ 39.95 per PC billed Annually

Ease of Use 5 Out 5

Ease of Use 5 Out 5

User-friendly, Intuitive

Online support 4 Out 5

Support 4 Out of 5

Email support, online FAQ and video tutorial

Overall Rating 4.5 OUT of 5

Best for –  Loved by thousands of users across the global. It is best for Home Users

At the time of writing Free 24-hour version is available

What makes Advanced System Optimizer a must-have tool

It is a suite designed to fix all Windows related problems. From updating outdated drivers to optimizing disk, fixing registry error, cleaning duplicate files, removing privacy exposing traces, recovering deleted files, securely deleting files, scanning and removing malware, spyware, optimizing disk this tool can perform any operation. Once you have it on your machine, you’ll no longer need to use those different tools on your machine.

The main attraction of Advanced System Optimizer is its Smart PC Care feature, a service that scans all essential sections of your PC in one click. Using it you can recover valuable disk space, fix registry errors, clean up junk files, and more.

Advanced System Optimizer - Smart PC Care

Features Offered by Advanced System Optimizer

Smart PC Care – This section is the home of primary cleaning tasks. In just a single click you can perform different operations. Scanning of different areas will be based on the scan type selected by the user.

Quick Scan – clean junk files, clear out cookies, cache, scan for outdated drivers, fixes registry errors, and optimizes registry.

Deep Scan – is more thorough and time taking. Alongside cleaning all the areas mentioned in quick scan, it even scans the system for malware, spyware, and defrags hard disk.

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Custom Scan – as the name explains gives the user the option to select areas for performing a scan

In addition to this, there are individual modules to perform specific tasks.

Registry Cleaner and Optimizer –Divided into two parts this section helps fix registry error and optimizer registry.

Advanced System Otimizer- Registry Optimizer

Registry Cleaner – scans the system for the invalid registry, repairs Windows registry issues, and prevents unwanted application crashes.

Registry Optimizer – Optimizer registry to help Windows run faster and be less prone to problems.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizer

Makes your Windows run faster by cleaning junk files, obsolete data stored on your computer’s hard drive. Using subsections of this module you can remove junk files, check the disk for startup issues, and remove disk fragments resulting in boosting PC speed with faster response and load time.

Advanced System Optimizer - Disk Cleaner

System Cleaner

Helps delete junk files and unwanted clutter from your PC to give a clean and optimized PC.

Disk Optimizer

Defrags hard drive for better data allocation and speeding data read the time.

Disk Tools

Avoids unexpected system slowdown and crashes by checking the storage disk at startup.

Disk Explorer

Categorically displays data to help the user know about the files and folder stored on the system and manage disk statics.

Windows Optimizers

Offers in-built utilities to optimize and maintain your Windows PC with ease. It offers different subsections to optimize memory, update drivers, and more.

Advanced System Optimizer- windows optimizer

Game Optimizer

Enjoy distraction-free gaming and get a faster gaming experience by playing games in a virtual environment.

Memory Optimizer

Free up RAM and unused allocated memory to work faster and boost PC performance.

Driver Updater

Scan, download, and install drivers updated from official sites to boost system speed and avoid BSOD and other driver-related errors in just a few clicks.

Security & Privacy

This tab shows what information your browser has stored. Using it you can clear cache, cookies, saved history all of which make you vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Certainly, it is something you can manage on your own but for that, you will have to head to each browser. Advanced System Optimizer offers a quick and simple way to manage them all at once. If you are giving your PC a fresh start this module is worth having.

Alongside helps detect and remove all privacy exposing traces, spyware, malware, deleted files permanently, and encrypts important files so that no one else can view them.

Advanced System Optimizer - Security and privacy

System Protector

Stay protected from adware, Trojans, and other infectious PC threats.

Privacy Protector

Remove internet browsing history, cache, cookies, and other hidden traces that make you vulnerable and prone to be attacked by hackers.

Secure Delete

Delete files permanently that you don’t want to be recovered using the military-grade method. Thereby helping avoid critical data recovery using Undeleted software.

Secure Encryptor

Encrypt important files with a password and prevent unauthorized access.

Backup & Recovery

To stay protected from ransomware, malware, spyware attack, and to be ready for unforeseen situations like hard disk crash and other data backup is important. Using this module, you can Backup important files such as videos, audio files, photographs, and documents alongside recovery lost data and backup important system files.

Advanced System Optimizer - Backup Recovery

Undelete Files

Recover lost data or accidentally deleted files from external drives or any hard disk partition.

Backup Manager

Backup and restore important data in a jiffy using Backup Manager.

System Files Backup & Restore

Create a backup of system files and restore old backups as per need.

Common Issue Fixer

As the name implies this section covers those modules that help fix common Windows-related problems. The most effective of all the three subsections is Duplicate File Remover.

Advanced System Optimizer- common Issue Fixer

Duplicate File Remover – delete unwanted duplicate files from the system and recover valuable disk space. Duplicate files are the most common reason for disk space almost full error message. Using this module you can save yourself from getting this message.

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Regular Maintenance

To keep your system optimized and in shape, this module plays an important role. Using it you can update outdated drivers, manage system startup, uninstall programs, and schedule automatic scanning.

Advanced System Optimizer- regular maintenance

Startup Manager – A simple way to stay on top of autorun programs is to know about them. Using Startup Manager you can manage programs that run at system boot time. Since we are not aware of these programs & we let them run resulting in slow boot time. This module will help know about these programs and will help disable them to improve system startup speed.

Uninstaller – Using the uninstaller module offered by Advanced System Optimizer you will not only be able to recover hard disk space. But will surely be able to delete the empty folder left behind. This module will help keep everything structured and will save you from encountered invalid registry error messages.

Scheduler – To make this amazing PC cleaner and system optimization tool work on its own you can use this module. Using Scheduler, you can set an automatic scan to run weekly, or once. This will help optimize PCs, even when you are not around.


Undeniably, Advanced System Optimizer excels at what it does. It’s an advanced and excellent PC optimization tool. An all-in-one solution for PC maintenance.

From recovering valuable disk space to speeding up boot time to fixing registry errors, updating drivers, backing up files, this program offers something for everyone. Advanced users might not find all tools useful but for the novice, this tool PC cleaner tool comes as a blessing in disguise.

The interface is easy to navigate, using Smart PC Care in just a single click PC cleaning and optimization can be done. The privacy scan module is amazing, it gives clearing cookies and cache control at your fingertips. Not only this for gamers it has a game booster and memory optimizer. In a nutshell, Advanced System Optimizer is a worthwhile addition to any PC.

We hope you will give it a try. Do share your experience in the comment section below.

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