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Check Out the Full Review of Iolo System Mechanic
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Check Out the Full Review of Iolo System Mechanic

We all have witnessed our systems running slowly as compared to the time we got it in the first place. The speed, performance, booting, & optimization of the system goes gradually down. That’s where the PC optimization tools come in to help gain the performance back with as little as a click.

Iolo System Mechanic

Obviously the machine starts working slowly with continuous use, however, if you keep oiling & cleaning it often, it won’t give you a hard time. Iolo System Mechanic is such an oiling & cleaning tool that’s been considered as one of the best performance enhancing tools in the market.

Iolo System Mechanic Full Review

The one-stop solution for improving your system’s performance including removing junk files & defragmenting the hard drive. This system integrated tool is power-packed with exciting features & easy user-interface that attracts many users. And with every newer version, the tool is becoming solution provided & user centric. We all have heard the phase “Nothing comes for FREE” & here also, the same concept can be applied.

User Experience

After using any of the apps, what you are left in the mind is, the user experience. If the experience has been good, you will use it again & if you haven’t, you won’t use it again. Too many ads, clutters, & teeny-tiny issues are the obstacles you may find in FREE of cost services. However, with the Iolo System Mechanic tool, you will not find any of those nuisance issues.

Iolo System Mechanic review

After the successful installation of the Iolo System Mechanic on your system, it will auto start the scanning process. Thankfully, it will be a quick scan that will result out in telling you the status of the device based on the junk files it has discovered. What about the junk files now? How to deal with them?

Iolo System

No worries!! Just click on the Activate button on the screen & put in your email address to register for the software. This registration will give you helpful info about the software on your email address that you can easily opt out later on.

Displaying Info About Discovered Files

Many tools work exactly like discovering the bad behavior files or junk files however not all of them will give you deep info about those files. Once the scan is complete, the Iolo System Mechanic displays the identified issues in different categories including Internet junk files & Windows junk files.

Displaying Info About Discovered Files

You just need to click on the down arrow button just nearby Remove text. The System Mechanic will show you extra info about the places it discovered the junk files from.

Now, obviously you’d want to remove them from the system because they are junk files, so all you need to do is, tap on Remove.

But, in case you want to keep any of those sections & not delete them, just uncheck the section & go ahead with removal.


Following the repairing process, the Iolo System Mechanic will again scan the whole system & give you the new status of the device. & I’m damn sure it will get changed as below.

System status

Unlike Quick Scan, Deep Scan (Iolo System Mechanic) will take much time but you will get literally every teeny tiny junk file you can think of. In all over 10 categories from Deceptive & Unwanted Programs to Hard drive defragmentation, you will get everything issue-related file in front of you.


Some of these issues can be repaired with some of the supporting tools that you will find in the Premium version of Iolo System Mechanic. & I think that’s a good move from Iolo to lead users to the Premium version this way. Because users would want to clear out those issues (deep scan results) & if getting a paid version of Iolo System Mechanic is the only way, then so be it.

Iolo System Mechanic Pricing

Even though the trial version (Free of cost) of the Iolo System Mechanic tool has many perks, the paid version has its own benefits. Or else, who would want to spend money if they are getting everything for free.

The premium version of Iolo System Mechanic comes at the cost of $49.95/year (discounted price $39.96 for now) with the compatibility of Windows XP & later on. The cost can seem a bit higher than the other competitors of this tool, however, the tool brings its own expertise.

Lolo system

& please don’t think that you will have to pay the whole amount because like any other service provider company, Iolo also releases discounts. Additionally, Iolo System Mechanic offers another utility tool that is the power packed bundle along with the Antivirus. Iolo System Mechanic Professional costs $69.95/year (discounted price $55.96 for now) that makes you remove junk files as well as use the effective antivirus software.

lolo review

Overall Iolo System Mechanic Review

Any system optimization tool can be covered in scanning type, repairing methods, & antivirus package & Iolo System Mechanic has all of it. The only challenge could have been the pricing factor that is also comparatively good if we consider the discounts it is offering. & about the repairing of junk files (Internet & Windows), Iolo System Mechanic offers the service even on the Free version of the tool.

The different categories of scanning, easy user-interface, & effective results make the Iolo System Mechanic one of the best utilities available in the market.

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