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Check Out The Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 PC in 2021
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Check Out The Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 PC in 2021

No matter how much you try, intruders are waiting & seeking for slightest loopholes to screw you over. And mind you, these intruders aren’t limited to the stranger ones (online), as they have some known faces as well. It simply means people who have access to your system, including your friends who have a keen interest in keeping tabs on whatever you do.

This is where you need to create an extra security layer that can help you keep your folders & files secure than ever. Since you don’t want to piss off your friends or dear ones, you easily give them a system login password. However, what if you could lock folders on your PC so that no one could access them without your permission? What if there was folder lock software or file locker tools for your Windows PC?

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Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10 PC in 2021

There are many folder lock software you can find in the market today that help people viewing or altering details without your permission. These software come with encryption techniques to help you serve securely.

Also, these file lockers for PCs will be fully compatible with internal as well as external drives (USB drives & other external hard drives). Now since these file locker for PC can be considered reliable, let’s check out the best folder lock software on Windows 10 PC (as mentioned below):

List of Contents

  • 1. Iobit Protected Folder
  • 2. Wise Folder Hide Pro
  • 3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro
  • 4. dCrypt X
  • 5. Secret Disk
  • 6. NewSoftwares Folder Lock
  • 7. File Protect System
  • 8. Lock & Hide Folder
  • 9. Free Hide Folder
  • 10. 7-Zip

1. Iobit Protected Folder

Iobit Protected Folder

Get It Here

If you consider 1st being the best, Iobit Protected Folder tops the list of best folder lock software undoubtedly. Fully compatible with your Windows 10 PC, Iobit Protected Folder has been created to keep your files as well as directories safe. Apart from those advanced protection modes, IObit Protected Folder allows you to set different permissions to access the lock folder.

This powerful folder lock for Windows 10 PC comes with the exclusion list that becomes the USP of this tool.

Notable Features:

  • Keeps Your Folders Locked Even When System is in Danger
  • Drag & Drop UI Design
  • Flexible Ways to Lock Folders
  • Exclusion List Feature

So start using this effective folder lock software on a PC & keep your folders hidden from intruders.

Free | Premium ($19.95)

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2. Wise Folder Hide Pro

Wise Folder Hide Pro

Get It Here

In case, you are looking for a folder lock software that can keep your photos & other media files, Wise Folder Hider Pro is the right choice for you. One of the best folder locks for Windows 10 PC, Wise Folder Hider Pro has been designed to keep the folders password protected. This promising folder lock software comes in very handy when you are lending your USB drive to someone and feeling insecure about your data. With the help of Wise Folder Hider Pro, you can easily make those personal files invisible for those people whom you don’t want to view your files.

Notable Features:

  • Utmost security layers for your files, including media type files
  • Second Level Password Protection to Keep Specific Files Safe
  • Simplest UI & Context Menu Option
  • Encrypted Files & Folders

Free | Premium ($18.15)

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3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Get It Here

Another addition to the list of best file lockers for PC, Gilisoft File Lock Pro is a one-stop-solution for your PC. From securing your encrypting files & folders to wiping out the unused disk space, Gilisoft File Lock Pro does everything for you. Also among other valuable benefits, you will need a password to uninstall the Gilisoft File Lock Pro. Just like the Wise Folder Hide Pro, Gilisoft file locker for PC also lets you hide files & folders on internal as well as external hard drives.

Notable Features:

  • Helps You Clean Unused Disk Space
  • Access Your Password Via Pre-typed in Email Address
  • Fully Compatible With External Drives such as USB Drive
  • Luckily, Gilisoft File Lock Pro Lets You See The Changes (if they have been made)

Free | Premium ($xx.xx)

4. dCrypt X

dCrypt X

Get It Here

dCrypt X is just the tool you are looking for to keep your files & folders locked away from unnecessary access. It’s very important to keep your data protected & one can’t do that if it’s saved on hard drives including external drives. This is when you can turn to the best file lockers for PCs like dCrypt X & make those files locked properly. SnowFrost Engine cryptography is one of the most effective concepts & dCrypt X follows the same to make you feel secured enough.

Notable Features:

  • SnowFrost Engine Cryptography Concept
  • It Allows You to Add a Particular User to See Your Data
  • Best File Encryption & Protection for Your Data Safety
  • Partial Hard Drive Encryption

5. Secret Disk

Secret Disk
Image source:

Get It Here

The name speaks for itself and Secret Disk does the same for you by encrypting your folders. This popular folder lock for Windows 10 PC has been designed with a unique feature to make those files invisible to other users. Yeah!! One of the best folder locks for PC, Secret Disk helps you keep the important files & folders on your system drives.

Notable Features:

  • Allows You to Limit The Access of Files
  • User Can Create A Whole New Private Disc in The Drive
  • The Automation Scenario is A Must Experience Feature

6. NewSoftwares Folder Lock

NewSoftwares Folder Lock

Get It Here

Since we are talking about keeping the personal data folders private to us only, locking them with a password is a good start. NewSoftwares Folder Lock is one of those folder lock software with the perfect combination of catchy user interface & rich features. This folder lock software is fully compatible with every Windows operating system edition (XP to 10). Also, the ultimate feature of making files invisible for other users along with flushing out temp data stands out.

Notable Features:

  • Securely Backing Up Files on Cloud
  • High Time WindowsOS Editions Compatibility
  • Passwords Wallet tab to Save Your Card Details
  • 256-bit AES Encryption Feature to Keep Everything Encrypted

7. File Protect System

File Protect System

Get It Here

A strong & standing out alternative to the best folder lock on Windows PC, File Protect System is another tool to password protect your data. With the simple user interface, you can easily encrypt your files & folders on the system through this folder lock software. Also, what makes it more exciting is the use of cipher code so that everything becomes encrypted.

Notable Features:

  • Create Pile of Files to Make an Archive
  • User Can Convert the PC into a Cipher Machine
  • Simple User Interface With Strong Data Protection

8. Lock & Hide Folder

Lock & Hide Folder

Get It Here

To save your precious data from children & intruders, Lock & Hide Folder is one of the quickest & easiest ways. This folder lock software will start hiding your decided files & folders that will be invisible to other users. Also, any trick from those people will become a failed attempt because they won’t be able to find the locked file. Also, the USP of the tool is that you can use this software on your system in stealth mode to keep everything private to you.

Notable Features:

  • Using Lock & Hide Folder in Stealth Mode
  • No Limitations on The Folders You Wish to Lock
  • No File Access (Even via Command Prompt)
  • Complete Password Protection & Encryption

9. Free Hide Folder

Free Hide Folder

Get It Here

As the name suggests, Free Hide Folder folder lock for Windows 10 PC is a completely free service one can opt for. Also, just because it’s free, it doesn’t compromise your data security as it helps you hide folders in easy ways. Whenever you are running the program on your Windows 10 PC, Free Hide Folder allows you to use the password protection feature.

Notable Features:

  • Simple User Interface
  • Hide As Many Files & Folder As You Want
  • No Spyware or Adware Detection Issue With The File Locker

10. 7-Zip


Get It Here

A bit odd addition to the list, 7-Zip also fulfills the dire need of keeping your data locked for other users. There are strong encryption features you can use in 7-Zip, however, those won’t be in a file or folder format. Yeah!! The file locker software allows you to create zip files that you can password-protect. Compressing your valuable files & folders on the PC or drive to keep them password protected is something 7-Zip is quite good at.

Notable Features:

  • Free File Compression Tool With Password Protection
  • Lightweight App With Simple User Interface
  • AES-256 Archive File Encryption

Use Folder Lock For Windows 10 PC & Keep Personal Data Safe

From internal drives to external hard drives, you can protect any file or folder through file lockers. Since there are too many you can count, it’s always necessary to look for reliable ones. There are so many intruders (offline & online) you need to keep your data safe from, you must rely on powerful & promising ones. That is why we have included the most promising, powerful, & effective folder lock for Windows 10 PC & keep things private.

Explore each & every one of the folder lock software (compatible with Windows OS) and select the one that’s matching your needs concerning data security.

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