AVG Driver Updater: Is it Worth The Money?

AVG Driver Updater: Is it Worth The Money?

Driver updaters are the communicators between the software and the hardware. But this communication breaks and results in the disappointing performance of the system. So, it is necessary to update the drivers from time to time for faster performance of the system.

To curb the need of updating drivers automatically in Windows 10 here, we tested the AVG Driver Updater.

Download AVG driver updater

System requirement for AVG Driver Updater: –

  • 256 MB Ram or above
  • 400 MB free space on the storage
  • A secure internet connection to download, run, check, and install the program.
  • Compatible with Intel Premium 4/AMD Athlon 64 processor or above
  • Works with both 32 and 64 bits

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Why AVG Driver Updater?

AVG is a renowned brand when it comes to system security tools. Its product AVG driver updater is a tool that is designed to update outdated drivers conveniently. It has a database of 5 million drivers which are essential for the enhanced performance of the system. AVG checks for new updates from the major 1300 brands like Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, HP, Acer, Asus, AMD, etc. It supports Windows 7,8,10. It is available at  $39.99 for a year.

A. Features Of AVG Driver Updater

1- Faster performance by removing crashes and bugs

AVG driver updater finds and updates all your outdated or broken drivers to reduce problems with your printer, camera, scanner, speaker, video, mouse, keyboard, Wi-Fi, screen, and external devices. It is an all-rounder performer for your system.

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2- No manual interference

AVG driver updater is fully automatic software that works on its own and does not require manual submission. From its wide database, it scans for outdated drivers and updates them.

3- Unlimited free scans

While buying the AVG driver updater for Windows 10 from the website, you will see a “Free Scan” option next to the “Buy Now” button. You can click on the button and a free version will be downloaded to your system and after this, you can run a complete check of the system which will notify you about the outdated, corrupt, and missing drivers on the system.

Note: – You will not be able to update the outdated drivers till you upgrade to the paid version.

Driver updater

4- Backup existing drivers

New updates of the drivers are not always good and can lead to some system crashes. In this case, you might regret updating the new driver. Well with AVG driver updater, you can take a backup of existing drivers which are more stable than the updated one and you can restore the unwanted changes.

5- Schedule regular checks

Now you do not have to check for new updates manually. With the all-new AVG driver updater, you get a scheduled check which will check the outdated drivers from time to time in the background without interfering in your work. If any new update is available then it will notify you and just in a single click you can update them all.

6- Removes jittery mouse movements

A corrupt and outdated driver can result in the irritating movements of mouse pointer like cursor freezing or disappearing or slow or lack cursor movement. AVG driver updater resolves this common issue by checking and installing updates of the corrupt and outdated drivers.

7- Solves connectivity issues

Sometimes instead of having a good internet connection, we face connectivity issues because of outdated drivers. AVG driver updater helps in resolving such issue by-

-Fixing a dropping Wi-Fi connection

– Solving slow connection problems

-By speeding up browsing, streaming, and downloading

8- Installs only pre-checked and secure drivers

You do not have to worry about the new updated drivers’ performance because AMD driver updater only installs an update after a complete pre-check of the drivers and only installs the secured drivers in your system. This helps you in hassle-free working on the system.

B. AVG Driver Updater Limitations

1- Not available for iOS and Android

This unique driver updater is only available for Windows OS and not for iOS and Android. Although nowadays mobile platforms don’t need an updater because they have time-to-time updates from the manufacturers which curb the need for the external driver updater.

2- Considerable CPU usage when running in the background

Although the AVG driver updater is small in size and does not take up much space on the system it runs in the background for regular checks which consumes approx. 20 % CPU usage which is sufficient for the slow performance of the system.

3- No additional features

There are several driver updaters available in the market of different brands which offer extra features besides updating outdated drivers like PC optimization, password managers, tools for browser clean up, etc. But such features are not available with AVG driver updater.

4- Expensive

There are competitors in the market which offer the same services at a cheaper price for a single computer per year. AVG driver updater is not a good option for corporates, requiring an application for several computers at less prices.

Price for 1 Year/ Computer is $39.99


AVG Driver Updater is a unique software that enhances your system’s performance by updating the outdated driver. However,  it is a bit more expensive than its rivals in the market. Although it has a unique feature of updating the missing drivers, it also lacks some additional features like PC optimization and password manager.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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