Ashampoo Driver Updater Review

Ashampoo Driver Updater Review

While working on the system we always want the system to be fast and deliver great results in less time. But outdated drivers on the system could be a major reason that can affect the PC’s performance, making the PC slow, crashing it, freezing the system, and many more.

After all, we all want a glitch-free system and this can be achieved by keeping system drivers updated. This ensures the hardware and program run correctly.

We have a solution to this issue and that is Ashampoo Driver Updater. It repairs outdated drivers in a single click and provides a backup option. Trusted by millions this driver updater has a driver database of more than 4,00,000 drivers and it supports more than 1,50,000 devices.

Offered by a reputed company like Ashampoo, this driver updater is used in more than 150 countries with 20+ million users.

Not only this but Ashampoo also gives the reliability of its product because as per norms of the company the drivers are validated and checked for viruses before they are published for customers to download. Also, the company only downloads and installs Windows Hardware Quality Labs certified drivers which gives surety of security.

For a healthy system that can deliver fast results, we recommend you to use Ashampoo Driver Updater.

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Features: –

  • Detects outdated drivers and updates them automatically in a single click
  • Scheduled feature for the convenience
  • Backup and Restore option available for drivers
  • Enhances gaming experience
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10
  • Easy Migrator

Performance Review of Ashampoo Driver Updater: –

This review is posted after using the Ashampoo Driver Updater for quite a long time. The installation process is very smooth and no bugs and errors are found in it.

Ashampoo driver updater

Once the installation is complete, you can choose to launch Ashampoo when you start your system.

With this, you can also set your preference of Auto-scan on launch and Exit on close.

Ashampoo settings

After the installation was complete, we scanned the system for the very first time and found some drivers outdated like an audio driver, graphics card driver, display adapters, disk drivers, etc. It also gives the system configuration which we have blurred for security reasons.  It was easier to update all of them with just a single click. The intuitive interface will make your task smooth and you will surely fall in love with this dark-themed software.

Ashampoo overview

After clicking on the update all you will be prompted by the system to make a restore point. It is recommended to make a restore point so that you can have your database for the drivers which you can use/repair whenever you want to.


  • If you are a person who is very busy with work and do not have time to check for the updates of outdated drivers then you can simply check the detect automatically button and click apply. It will do the rest of the job for you by searching for outdated drivers and updating them.

File detect

  • As we discussed the scheduled feature of the Ashampoo Driver Updater which enables us to set a scheduled scan to find the outdated drivers. We can find this feature in the Settings We can set the task frequency as per our convenience and click on Apply to save changes.

Task frequency

  • Sometimes it happens with all of us that we do not want to change a specific driver because we are happy with the performance of the existing driver and an update might change something which we will not like. I liked this extra feature that Ashampoo gives, and that is you can choose some drivers to not get an update from the Ignore List.

Ignore list

  • Now language is not a barrier for you if you do not understand English. Ashampoo provides you a bunch of languages from which you can choose your preferred language and can enjoy the working of this fabulous software.


Customer Care: – Users can get customer support via email, live chat, and telephone for Ashampoo Driver Updater. However, we find the Email support a bit cold but the live chat and telephone support options both provide instant replies to your problems.
You can also find some useful information for users on websites with several articles and solutions to commonly encountered problems with the software.

Conclusion: –

 It is recommended to use Ashampoo Driver Updater because it is very easy to use with a great interface. It is a medicine to your slow system which will boost its immunity by updating all the outdated drivers. PC manufacturers regularly release updates and new drivers and we might miss them. Ashampoo simply keeps a check on them and updates the needed drivers in our system. Also, it is pocket-friendly software that comes with an effective cost of $17.99 for 1 year, 3 Devices.

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