Tips to Watch Instagram Live Videos in Browser

Tips to Watch Instagram Live Videos in Browser

Instagram live videos are trending these days and everyone spends most of the time on Instagram.  To watch live Instagram videos; we have to log in on the Instagram app and then enjoy live videos. But do you know, we can also watch Instagram live videos in a Browser.

Yes! You heard it right… Instagram Live Videos in a Browser.

So, if you do not want to miss live videos on Instagram by your favorite users, you can directly link your account to a web browser and enjoy live Instagram videos.

The first step is to log in to your Instagram account on a web browser of your PC or MacBook. Before people were using an extension named “Chrome IG Story”. But it’s deprecated now. Therefore, I am sharing other alternatives to watch Instagram live videos on a browser of your PC.

Using your desktop to watch live videos on Instagram

The fact is that Instagram live video streaming options on a PC or Mac are less. But, the good news is that we can add add-ons to our web browsers. The one we recommend is by Devanco named Desktop for Instagram.

Through this add-on, you can easily search for live videos on Instagram. Additionally, you can watch stories, download videos and pictures, post your own videos and pictures.

Using your desktop to watch live videos on Instagram

But still, I personally feel that watching live videos on the Instagram app on your phone is way easier and comfy. However, you can use the browser to save videos and pictures to save directly them in your PC or MacBook.

Other add-ons worth using to watch Instagram live videos on the browser

There are other additional add-ons also if you want to try others as well. is one of the tools which allow you to watch and stream live videos from desktop to other platforms. is basically designed for content creators but actually not for followers to only watch live video. So, if you are an influencer or content creator you can add to stream Instagram live videos from a browser.

I must say what a cool add-on for influencers or content creators!

The other famous extension is “the Instagram windows app” for PC which allows using Instagram easily on your PC or MacBook. If you want to watch videos on a big screen, The Instagram windows app add-on is just made for you! But, this add-on does not support live Instagram videos on PC or MacBook.

The next one is IG stories. You can download this extension from Google. I have observed that IG stories is the most used extension to watch Instagram live videos in a browser. You can find IG stories on your Google chrome.

Watch Live Videos on Instagram

As per the guide, you can see this extension at the top left side of the page and can actually see if they are currently streaming any live video or not.

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Best Option

The best ever suggested option to watch Instagram live video is actually an Instagram application. Because it’s easy, quick and smart.  But, if you are still desperate to watch Instagram videos on the browser, you can use suggested extensions to watch.

Instagram Videos

I hope you liked this article. Additionally, if you know any other extension to watch live Instagram videos in a browser, let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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