All about Deep Web and Dark Web

All about Deep Web and Dark Web

Dark Web and Deep Web are often used interchangeably and frequently considered to be the place for criminals. The knowledge that most people possess about the Dark Web and the Deep Web is accumulated mostly through rumors and our own assumptions. But unlike most cases, the assumption of people is rather true in this case. Let’s dive deep into the Deep Web and Dark Web and break it down for everyone.

Breaking Down the Deep Web and Dark Web

As we said earlier, Deep Web and the Dark Web are often misinterpreted to be the one and the same thing. However, the Deep web and Dark web do have some similarities.

What is Deep Web:

Deep Web is the part of the web which isn’t accessible or searchable using a search engine but this doesn’t necessarily have to be something fishy. Most websites don’t allow search engines to locate each and every piece of information through a Search engine request.

For Example, if you search a student’s name with the name of the university on Google, it won’t come up with the desired result. But if you first access the university website, and go into the student’s panel, get your identity authorized, you will certainly be able to access a lot of information about him/her. Student’s information isn’t something forbidden but it still is a part of Deep Web which can’t be accessed through a search engine query.

We all have used and dived into the deep web unknowingly. When we go deep into a website, we most probably are in Deep Web. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But the websites that hide something fishy and want only the trusted person to access the information often use Deep Web for the purpose.

What is Dark Web:

Dark Web, like Deep Web, isn’t searchable using search engines either. But it is a bit DARK as the name suggests. Dark Web is infamous for being used by cyber criminals to buy/sell user’s personal information. There isn’t an easy way to search for information on the Dark Web, there is no Search Engine on Dark Web to let you surf easily. You have to know the exact address of the websites on the Dark Web to get there. Also, users can’t gain dark web access using regular browsers.

Dark Web isn’t some hidden space on the web, it is rather a group of peers interacting with each other (A rather large number of them). Hence, when you are surfing Dark Web, you aren’t necessarily accessing the regular internet that you surf every day, you are rather surfing a different network altogether. Also, the Dark Web sites don’t end with .org, .net, .com, etc. like normal web, they end with .Onion instead.

What is there on the Dark Web?

Dark Web isn’t only used by criminals but by different other agencies too to transfer information without anyone knowing about it, mostly government agencies. However, there aren’t many reasons available for any normal person to provide information or sell products through Dark Web instead of the normal web unless he/she is selling something which isn’t legal.

However, you may still find websites selling eBooks for a cheaper price, a website offering ringtones but that doesn’t justify someone being on the dark web. Does it?

So, the real thing is Dark Web is widely used by criminals. Cybercriminals often exchange data users’ personal information snatched through illegal means.

Hacked Information: Dark Web is often used as a medium to market the data snatched by the hackers for any interested buyer thereon. Not all hackers use your stolen ID and Passwords to use themselves, they rather sell it to people who are willing to use that information to anyone interested.

Illegal Substances: Illicit drugs and other kind of harmful substances are often sold through the dark web. Finding these substances isn’t easy but if a user finds his/her way into such website on the dark web, these substances are rather easy to buy.

Criminal Cartels: I am not sure about John Wick like cartel, but there are surely murderers and other criminals available to be hired for all kind of illegal activities. Human trafficking, robbers, professional criminals are easily available for hire on the Dark Web.

How to Access Dark Web?

Users, out of curiosity, often enquire How to get on the Dark Web even though there are some risks involved in accessing dark web, more on that later. When people search for how to access deep web, they are usually referring dark web.

To begin with, Dark Web is run through a web of servers originally created for confidential army purposes named as The Onion Router. TOR (the Onion Router) is a web of peers around the globe which interact in real time to exchange information. This was created to be used by the US Army to transfer classified information without the threat of being stolen. However, it was later on made available to be used by general public.

Dark Web access is rather easy than most people expect it to be, all you need is the right browser to provide you the Dark Web access and the address to the website you are looking for. TOR Dark web Browser can provide easy dark web access to the dark web sites and it is available for free for anyone who wishes to download it. TOR Dark Web Browser works normally as an everyday browser would work. You simply put in the URL you want to visit in the URL bar and the Tor Dark Web browser will take you to the destination.

However, TOR Browser isn’t just that. It is frequently used by general users to access web as a means to hide the IP address and improve Identity protection.

As we previously mentioned, there is no Google on the dark web to help you search for the best websites with the best reviews. Though there are things known as Dark Web Search Engines, they don’t distinguish between the legal and illegal websites. Many users use Uncensored Hidden Wiki for guidance on the Dark Web content.

Is it safe to use Dark Web?

There are two different answers to this question; one is theoretical and the other one is my own point of view on the subject.

To begin with the theoretical Answer, it is safe to browse certain websites which aren’t involved in some kind of illegal activity, one way or the other. However, there these certain risks involved which one should be aware of:

  • Controlling Authority: Thanks to the secure encryption of The Onion Router servers, the identity of website developers is always hidden. It may be another criminal disguised behind a sweet online eBook store dealing with which may lend you in serious trouble.
  • Illegality: Accessing Dark Web is completely forbidden in many countries and is allowed with dozens of restrictions in the other. Accessing Dark Web can surely put you in legal trouble, no matter what you access it for.
  • Criminals on Web: As said earlier, Dark Web is widely used by criminals for all kinds of illegal activities. If you are dealing with any of these websites believing the legitimacy of the person and the website, you may be exploited and threatened by them.

However, with my personal knowledge on the subject matter, no matter what you access on the dark web, if any legal authority finds you diving into it, you are definitely going to have to prove your innocence over and over again.

Is it Safe to use Deep Web?

Yes, it is way safer to use Deep Web than Dark Web. The Dark Web is all about illicit and illegal content, while Deep Web is our regular web, just Deeper. We regularly make bank payments, access our Social networking accounts, etc. which all are the part of Deep Web.

However, the information on the Deep Web is often of interest to cyber-criminals. It is better to employ proper safety while accessing Deep Web. There are some basic precautionary measures everyone should take while accessing deep web content like Bank accounts, making payments, accessing your company profile, etc. Some of the precautionary measures are Keeping a Secure password, Not saving your passwords on browser, etc. One very important measure that everyone should take is using a VPN for Secure Browsing.

We suggest using Systweak VPN for advanced identity and data protection. (More on it in the end)

In the End:

Deep Web and Dark Web are two totally different sections altogether. Deep Web is nothing but a secure section which isn’t available to be used or searched by everyone and is secured for the users with access. Deep Web isn’t inherently dangerous but the information on the Deep Web is of interest to hackers and other cyber-criminals. Hence, the information on Deep Web should be protected.

Dark Web on the other hand is altogether a different animal. Dark Web is infamous for being used by all kinds of criminals, both cyber and non-cyber. Dark Web is inherently dangerous. There is no way one can regulate the content sold/purchased and information exchanged on the dark web because there is no way to track down the users and developers any way. However, Dark Web is used by many people as the only medium in which free press and free speech can exist. Whatever the case may be, the users should first educate themselves before diving into it.

Systweak vpn

Systweak VPN:

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As we said earlier, it is of utmost importance to protect the crucial data that we access daily over the Deep Web. The content on the deep web involve our bank account information, payments, Social Account information, etc. which are crucial. Systweak VPN uses all the essential tools required to ensure the safety of data and identity over the web. Some of the highlighted features are:

AES-256 Encryption: Systweak VPN employs AES 256-bit encryption in order to encrypt all the data that you access, send, or receive over the internet to make it virtually useless for anyone even if someone gets a hold of it.

IP Address Masking: IP Address is one of the most crucial pieces of information about any user. Any reasonably informed hacker can easily fetch your IP Address if it isn’t specifically protected. VPNs can be used to harm you and your known people. Hence, it is very essential to hide IP Address. Systweak VPN offers IP Address masking to hide your IP Address. Any hacker who tries to steal your identity will only get the fake IP address instead of your original one.

IKev2: Systweak VPN uses IKev2 technology to establish a secure tunnel between the sender and recipient to transfer the data securely without anyone being able to hack the information and use it against you.

All the above given features and more make Systweak VPN to be the best VPN available for PC.

To know more about Systweak VPN, here’s a complete review of Systweak VPN.

So, this was our guide to Deep Web and Dark Web, how to get on the dark web, and the dangers of accessing dark web. We hope we were able to provide you the information you were looking for. Do let us know you liked the post; we love hearing from you.

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