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Who Has More Of Your Personal Data Facebook Or Google
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Who Has More Of Your Personal Data Facebook Or Google

Facebook is all over the news for its privacy breach and users are in shock, but this is just the beginning!

We need to keep a check on other services also, if we don’t want to be a victim yet again.

Google is in no way different than Facebook when it comes to privacy breach. As you read this blog there are chances Google is recording it too.  Everyone is talking about Facebook and how it collects data but no one is talking about Google, why? Is it because we trust Google implicitly or we don’t know about the amount of data Google has collected. Do you know if we tend to print the data collected by Google it would be a stack of paper eight-feet high? This amount of data is not collected over years it just takes two weeks’ time for Google to collect it. So, now you can imagine if you have been a user of Google services for years, then how much data it has about you.

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Hard to Imagine?

All this takes place due to our ignorance and sadly most of us don’t know the extent to which data gathering is done and the reason behind it.

Google has the data from Internet browsing done by an individual to your Android phone data. Nothing is hidden it even knows when you use smart lights as it has all the recordings of instructions given to Google Assistant and when it was used.

Each day more data is added to its database as we grant permission to phone apps to gain access to anything from contact lists, location information, to phone camera and mics. All this collected data is sold by data brokers to make money and to design targeted advertisement. Thus, ignoring the importance of privacy and risking individual identity.

Platforms like Google and Facebook earn huge profits from this collected data and they even generate money by selling advertisement space.

These platforms have made us dependent on them, we can’t imagine a life without them being around. Due to this we overlook the way our privacy and data is at risk. But with the revelation of Cambridge Analytica scandal, users are becoming aware and soon all Internet giants will have to answer some tough questions about user privacy and data collection.

What All Does Google Know About You?

It may come as a shock to you.

Google knows a lot more about you than you possibly can imagine.

If you use services like – Gmail, Google Search, or an Android phone then remember most of your data is being collected in the name of making services better for end user. However, like Facebook, Google doesn’t hide that it knows all this about you. Let’s see it privacy policy where it has mentioned what data is collected.

Google knows following thing about you. By clicking on them you will be re-directed to the page where the information is stored. Make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account to access these links.

To limit this information: Toggle the button to turn that you see on top of Manage Ads Settings Page.

To limit this information: Visit Here and click “manage activity.” To limit what Google saves.

To limit this information: Tap “Pause” on the bottom of “Location History Page”

Shaken! After knowing all this, want to limit the information? If Yes, then you need to use the Privacy Checkup tool offered by Google. Besides, you can also visit Activity Page and here toggle off everything that you want Google to not to know.

Google clearly states that it doesn’t sell your data, but at what all places the data is used it is not mentioned clearly.

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Wrap Up

Undisputable, online advertising industry is decaying, it is posing as a severe threat and could be dangerous to our privacy and well-being. Trusting any entity blindly for our privacy and data just because it is big isn’t correct.

Companies are taking undue advantage of our trust and are gathering information for their financial benefits. Thus, risking our data. Our one mistake makes them earn a lot but it puts our identity at jeopardy.

After knowing what Facebook did and what other companies are doing you must be shocked as it is breach of trust. Google the tech giant has all the information from browsing history to location history. Even if you are browsing in ‘incognito mode’ it collects all data, it’s just a way to make you think your digital footprints aren’t recorded.

Now it’s up to you how you want things to be and even after knowing all this if we follow blindly and grant permission to apps then no one can save us. We shouldn’t agree to anything that may be an infringement to our privacy. If Google says you will be charged if you don’t share information then it’s better to pay rather than being vulnerable.

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