Top 10 Password Ideas To Up Your Security Game

Top 10 Password Ideas To Up Your Security Game

Choosing a strong and unique password for your accounts may seem like a difficult task because often we have a viewpoint that a strong password is something that you might not be able to remember easily or something that may slip off your head just like that. How about we tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. A unique and strong password can be built on a creative password idea. And, there are high chances that if you put your creativity, heart, mind, and soul into developing something, you generally don’t forget that thing easily.

Let’s Discuss Password ideas to Stay Secure:

In this blog, we are going to come up with some fun, secure, creative and yet, strong password ideas. So, let’s dive in –

1. What phrases or Words Should I Choose?

What phrases or Words Should I Choose

Before we move ahead with generating ideas and phrases to create strong and unconquerable passwords, let’s face it, there are times when you can’t just remember something at the top of your head.

That’s where you’ll need inspiration. And, what better than a famous catchy movie dialogue, lines of a song that are not leaving your lips, or a funny infectious phrase that a friend of yours said? Those phrases right there are prospective strong and good password ideas that you can build on.

2. Choose Random Words

If you are looking for creative password ideas, how about throwing in random words that make sense. For example, since I love creating content I might create something like ILoveCreatingContent. Since this is more than 12 characters, it is a complex password and something that’s hard to crack. You could further spice up your random words with special characters by them at places where they can be easily remembered. Let’s take the example of the password, we just created – You could come with something like @I@Love@Creating@Content

3. Come Up With A Formula

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You needn’t be a math or chemistry geek to formulate complex formulas for further creating strong and secure passwords. All you need is a creative bent of mind, that’s it. Here you can come up with an absolutely random phrase. The next step is to replace every letter of the word with the next letter. Remember to keep the spaces between words or special characters (if any) the same. So if you have chosen Work Hard Daily! As your base, then your password should be Xpsl Ibse Ebjz!. It is interesting and reassuring to note that passwords like these would take someone millions, billions or even trillions of years to crack.

4. Skip Letters of The Phrase

Here you can choose a memorable phrase and then skip the first letter of every word or even better, the first three letters of every word in that phrase. Don’t worry if you have to omit a complete word. For example – If the phrase is Giving up is not a choice here then your password as per this method (if you choose to skip the first three letters regardless of the word) will be – ing ice e

5. Use Country Codes

What are those 5-6 countries that you want to visit in the next few years? These could be your dream travel destinations or a dream destination for carrying out something you are passionate about.

Let’s say you have chosen – United States of America, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Canada as the base countries for your password. Here you can use their country codes or the first three letters. So, in this case, your password will be something like usaausuaecan. Again you can always mix and match this password with the methods we have mentioned before.

6. Create Acronyms

Here’s an even simpler way to create a password. You could pick up the first letter of the phrase and then come up with a password. Let’s again consider the above example, by picking up the first letter of every word of each country you will have uauc. You can further substitute this with a special character followed by a popular number sequence (It could be your employee ID or birth date or any such sequence for that matter. For instance, you should have something like uauc@30061992

7. Bring Your Keyboard Into Force

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Choose a phrase and note it down on a notepad. Now, replace each word with the letter that lies just above and to the right or left on your keyboard. And, if your phrase consists of top-of-the-line keyboard letters, you can use the numbers that lie just above the letter. So, if you take the word password as the base, your password should likely be 0qww305r.

8. We Were Taught Vowels For This Reason

Ever thought your knowledge of vowels could help you create a strong password? Here’s what we mean – every phrase has several vowels, right? What you have to do is just replace the vowels in a word in a given phrase with another vowel.

For example, you could replace all the existing vowels with u’s. So, if your base phrase is I love vowels, your password shall be u luvu vuwuls

9. Nobody Is Not Going To Scold For Misspelling Words

Misspelling Words

Whether it be your school or college or work, you’ve probably been pinpointed for misspelling words. And, in today’s day and age language purists criticize the masses for using the language of social media i.e. using ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, or ‘wer’ instead ‘where’. The list’s endless.

But, here you have the complete freedom to make spelling errors. However, make these errors mindfully. For example, imagine you were texting this phrase to a friend on WhatsApp – Where there’s a will there’s a way. How would you possibly write the text considering you have to send it across real quick? You’d probably write wer ders a will ders a way. That’s it! There can’t be a better idea to create a more secure password.

10. Use A Password Manager

Whatever it is that you want to do – validate your created password, come up with one, or store your existing password, a password manager utility is your ultimate companion. TweakPass for example is one of the best password managers around. Here’s how you can use TweakPass to monitor saved passwords.

Features At A Glance

  • Easy-to-use
  • It lets you lock all your passwords inside a secure vault
  • Let’s you generate random and strong passwords
  • TweakPass can be used across a variety of devices

How To Get Started With TweakPass

1. Download, run and install TweakPass via the app, on desktop, or as an extension

2. Create Master Password

Password Manager

3. Create unique passwords or secure them


Click Here to Download TweakPass

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Wrapping Up

Have a more creative password idea that you’d like to share with the readers? Do shoot that in the comments section. And, if you loved the ideas we mentioned, do give us a shoutout. We regularly come up with interesting, engaging, and informative posts. So, if you love tech just as much as we do, Tweak Library is your spot.

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