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Browser Keeps Opening By Itself On Android – Here’s What You Can Do
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Browser Keeps Opening By Itself On Android – Here’s What You Can Do

Android is one of the most popular operating systems when it comes to smartphones and is something that many users can’t just do without. But, as with any other device, it can too have its share of issues. One such issue could be a browser that keeps opening by itself on an Android smartphone.

Now, there could be several reasons why a browser keeps opening by itself on Android –

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1. Presence of suspicious or unnamed app

Quickly uninstall such app using settings

2. Presence of Malware in your Android smartphone

Use an Anti-Malware app like Systweak Anti-Malware

3. Malicious third-party or malicious app which cannot be tracked in normal mode

The same app could be redirecting you to a particular browser

4. Accumulation of browser cache, data and cookies

Head to the settings and get rid of browser data and cache

5. Browser itself has issues

Replace the browser and use an alternative browser

What To Do If Browser Keeps Opening By Itself

1. Uninstall Any Suspicious Or Unnamed App

Uninstall or Unnamed App

Before heading on to this step, pause for a moment and think about when have you started facing the issue? Next, uninstall all apps which you had recently installed on your Android device and check if the browser keeps opening by itself on your Android smartphone. Here is how you can uninstall an app the correct way –

1. Open Settings (represented by cog-icon)

2. Tap on Apps

3. If you see an app that is unnamed, quickly tap on it and then hit the Uninstall button

2. Use An Anti-Malware App To Get Rid Of Malicious App

Anti-Malware App - Get Rid of Malicious App

Let’s take the example of Chrome for instance. We all know that Chrome is a credible browser. But, if Chrome keeps opening on its own, chances are you are harboring a malicious app that is redirecting you to the browser. You would surely want to get rid of this malicious app or file as soon as possible, right? Systweak Anti Malware is one such app that can help you do the same.

Here is how Systweak Anti Malware can help you catch and get rid of malware on your Android device –

1. Install Systweak Anti Malware from Google Play Store

2. Tap on Open

3. Tap on Allow access

4. Tap on Next when the prompt appears on three subsequent screens

5. Tap on Scan Now and wait for the scanning to complete. Here all the apps present on your Android device will be scanned

Here are some other best Android Malware Apps

3. Head To The Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Safe mode can be considered as a diagnostic mode in Android. What it does is that it opens your Android device in its simplest form i.e with its basic interface. Here you can be free from the disturbance from most third-party applications. Also, if there is any culprit third-party application, you will be able to catch hold of that app in this mode. Here are the steps to open Safe Mode on Android.

1. Power off your phone by long-pressing the power off button

2. Just when the prompt appears to Power Off. Long press Power Off for a few seconds

3. Tap again and the phone will restart in Safe Mode

To know more about the Safe Mode on Android, click here

4. Clear Browser Data, Cache Or, Use Disable Using The Apps Feature

Clear Browser Data, App Features

Something as simple as “Force Stop” or “Clear Cache” can stop a browser from opening all by itself. It is important that you perform all the three steps mentioned below and then check if the browser keeps opening by itself on your Android phone. For the purpose of this point, we’ll suppose that Chrome keeps opening on its own on Android, so here’s what you can do –

1. Go to Settings (represented by the cog icon)

2. Scroll down and tap on Apps

3. Locate your browser and tap on your browser (let’s tap on Chrome)

4. First tap on Force Stop (check if the issue is resolved and whether Chrome is opening on its own)

5. If Force Stop doesn’t work, tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Cache. Subsequently, tap on Manage Storage* and then tap on Clear All Data

Google Chrome Storage


(i) You’ll find the Manage Storage option next to Clear Cache however settings may differ from one Android smartphone to another

(ii) Since, when you will tap on the Clear All data all your app data will be deleted, it is advisable that you take a backup of your data, keep a note of your passwords – preferably by using password managers, backup databases, etc.

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5. Use Another Web Browser

Secure Browser History

If your current browser keeps opening by itself, it might be a better option to switch to an alternate browser till you are able to get to the exact issue in your existing browser which is causing the issue. There are several great browsers for Android to choose from like Chrome, Brave Browser, Opera and many others. And, if you moreover want to up your privacy game you can use  Private Browser Care which helps you maintain online privacy with the utmost ease.

Private Browser Care – Features At A Glance
  • Browse with ease and every time you quit, your browsing history is gone
  • Blocks ads and prevents marketing hogs from stealing your data
  • Private Browser Care lets you surf the web in a quick manner
  • You can easily switch between mobile and desktop mode
  • Small download size i.e. 4 MB
  • You can open as many tabs as you want

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Using the measures above you should be able to stop the browser that keeps opening all by itself on your Android devices. We’d highly recommend you to first check your Android smartphone for malware for which you can use an App like Systweak Anti-malware.  If you liked the blog, do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.


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