Measuring The Scope Of Private Browsing in Android

Measuring The Scope Of Private Browsing in Android

Most of us use Smartphones as a way to access the internet and there are several great browsers which help us surf the beautiful “World Wide Web” with utmost ease. These web browsers are fast, easy to use and have a decent interface because of which our browsing experience is taken to the next level. Most browsers, apart from taking care of our browsing experience, also take due care of our privacy. To substantiate this fact, almost all major Android browsers have a private browsing mode.

In this blog we will try and take a purview of the private or incognito mode in Android and find so as to how private mode in an Android browser can cement your security.

What Is A Private Mode In Any Given Android Browser?

private browsing android

Let’s first get down to what exactly is incognito mode or a private mode in an Android browser?

It is a setting in a web browser (E.g. Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.)  Which makes your browsing activity completely private. How private? To begin with, none of your web history is saved. You can rest assured that after you have quit your current session which includes all the tabs, the next person opening the browser won’t be able to peep into your browsing history to say the least.

While your browsing history, information you have entered online, cache and cookies are not saved, your web activity is still out in the open. It can be viewed by your employer, your school, your internet service provider, the government and the website you visited especially if you have logged in using your credentials.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have benefits. And, below we are going to unravel some of these benefits.

Which Are The Best Private Browsers For Android?

Best Private Browsers For Android


We have already covered some of the fastest and the best private browsers for Android but Private Browser Care, as the name suggests, is a dedicated browser that lets your run Android in incognito mode. It’s a new app on the block but rest assured it explicitly focuses on keeping your browsing data private.

And, if you thought that is all does, it is much more than that –

  • Ad blocker has been recently introduced which blocks ads on the website you are browsing. Private Browser Care instantly prompts you when it sees an ad tracker
  • Easy to use interface and fast surfing. Unlike many other browsers you can just popup up the browser and it would, by default open in private browsing mode
  • No browser history, cache, search records, cookies or even the online forms you have filled are saved. This means no advertisers or third party agencies would be able keep tabs of your browsing activity, not even through the clicks your perform
  • You can easily save your downloaded files

Want to delve even deeper and see Private Browser Care in action? You can check our post on how to maintain online privacy on Android with Private Browser Care.

Why Do I Need An Anonymous Browser Like ‘Private Browser Care’?

Private browser care

Let’s put it this way, in what situations should I absolutely use an anonymous browser like “Private Browser Care”?

  • If your Android device is frequently used by your friends and family and you don’t want them to keep a track of the websites you have visited
  • Do you use separate email IDs for personal and professional use? When you have an anonymous Android browser like ‘Private Browser Care’ you needn’t worry about logging out of an email account every single time. You can open multiple tabs with varied email accounts
  • Looking to book your next memorable trip or hotel room at fair (and cheap) prices? Private browsing would stop web tracking in its tracks and you’d most likely not see hiked prices
  • Incognito mode can especially be helpful if you often research sensitive topics

We Are Concerned About Your Privacy

And, that’s exactly why we regularly put up ways and means you can browse the internet with utmost safety – be it on your own Android device or any device for that matter. Another great way of browsing the internet safely is by using a VPN. Confused so as to which VPN to get aboard on your Android device? Here’s our list of top VPN apps for Android. Your data is crucial and you shouldn’t leave a stone unturned to secure it. So, keep checking Tweak Library for more ways and means to strengthen your online privacy. If the blog’s been of some help, do give it a thumbs up and follow us on Facebook and YouTube as well.

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