Best TV Shows And Movies Tracker Apps

Best TV Shows And Movies Tracker Apps

The entire world is stuck due to the deadly COVID-19 virus. Declared as a pandemic and considered as a highly contagious disease, the entire globe is under lockdown. This means that we cannot go out to play our favorite games or even take a walk around in the evening.

While everybody is cautious and careful about maintaining social distancing, there is one more thing people are concerned about. It is how they manage their lives effectively and in a more fruitful manner so that they do not get bored.

People who are working from home have a proper routine, but what about kids and elders? Though many of us are indulging in playing indoor games, watching TV is also a good option people consider.

While watching movies is a great stress reliever and a time-consuming thing, if we love to watch movies, we sometimes find it difficult to keep a track of the movies we have already watched.

Is There a Need To Track Movies?

It is difficult to remember or keep a track of the movies and TV shows we have already watched. At one point, we all need something that can do the work for us. Yes, we are talking about an app to keep track of tv shows. If we have a TV show tracker app installed, we will be relieved from tracking the TV shows and movies all the time.

While we can also keep a track of the movies by maintaining a diary or listing them in a document, many of us still find it time consuming and boring. In such cases, having a TV show tracker always helps. In most cases, not only these best TV shows and Movie tracker apps help track the previously watched movies and shows, but also recommend us what to watch next.

TV show tracker apps also help us track how much time we are spending on watching TV.

Best TV Show Tracker Apps

There are ample apps available in the market and after going through many of them, we have finally chosen two best TV show tracker apps for you. So without any further ado, let’s discuss these TV show tracker apps one by one:

1. Letterboxd

best tv show tracker app

Letterboxd is the best TV show tracker app according to us. Thanks to its amazing User Interface and a kitty full of interesting and easy to use features.

Letterboxd has a look-alike User Interface with Netflix and easily conveniently lists movies one after another in a linear fashion.

If you long-press on any movie listed, it will automatically be highlighted as a new section. From here you can easily mark the movie as seen as well as Like it if you found it good. A similar fashion can be followed for previously watched movies. However, if you are adding a new movie, make sure you add it to the diary so that you can easily put the date along with it.

This best TV show tracker app not only lists the movies and TV shows, but is also a good means to find the latest and trending movies and TV shows. Moreover, this TV show and movie tracker app divides movies and TV shows into categories based on year, rating, popularity, genre, etc.

The list does not end here, Letterboxd not only keeps track of tv shows and movies watched, it also allows you to view the tracklist of your friends too.

The premium version offers a lot more but with a price. If you want to view the movie statistics, you will have to pay for it but believe me, having the premium version is always worth it and you will never regret paying a small amount of money on an annual basis.

Having said that, Letterboxd is an app power-packed with amazing and interesting to use making it the hold first position among the list of best TV show tracker apps.


Letterboxd is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android and Web.

You can also see the movie stats, but unfortunately, the feature is limited to paid users. If you want, it’s just 19$ for one year, which we believe is undoubtedly worth it.

LetterBoxd is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, and the web.

2. Trakt:

tv show tracker app

Trakt is another best TV shows tracker app that has an intense and detailed catalog of movies and TV shows. Using this TV show tracker app, you can easily keep a track of movies and tv shows you have watched as well as add them to the watchlist. Not only this, they can also mark the TV shows as watched.

Trakt also allows users to make entries according to the date they were seen like movies watched on release date or right now. The outstanding feature of this TV show tracker app is that it also displays the list of movies to be viewed next, the time stats as well as the movie preference for 30 days.

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3. TV Time:

tv show tracker

We all can’t miss our favorite shows, but what if we overdo it. TV Time is yet another interesting movie tracker app that helps you manage the movies and TV shows you like. TV Time has a user base of more than 12+ million people and hence needs a mention when discussing the best apps to keep track of tv shows.

TV Time helps you keep a track of all the shows at one place, maintains a library of the previously watched shows, and creates a list of shows you have selected to watch later.

It also alerts the user when a new episode of any TV show is available and gives recommendations as in when required. With TV Time you can also read the reviews and vote your favorite shows and their characters.

The app is available for use on iOS and Android devices.

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4. Hobi:

tv show tracking

Hobi is another app to keep track of tv shows and is based on modern technology which provides an edge to TV lovers. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy for users to access. It acts as the best TV guide by effectively tracking the TV shows and movies you watch. Its specially designed episode tracker tells you about the episodes you have watched and even notifies users about the new episodes or seasons being launched.

Being one of the best TV show tracker apps, it smoothly tacks shows like NBC, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, and many more.
It has many useful features like the reminder feature, provides TV time alerts, easy backup of episodes watched, notification of new episodes, etc.

Available to download on iOS and Android.

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5. SeriesGuide:

Best TV shows tracker

SeriesGuide is also one of the best TV Tracker apps that easily sync the data across all devices. It creates a backup and effectively monitors and keeps track of tv shows and movies watched.

With this TV show tracker, it gets easy to find the TV shows you want to watch, and also keeps a track of the episodes, as well as the movies watched. It lets you explore the recently released TV shows as well as movies.

Available to download on Android

It is always good to keep track of what you are doing. While watching TV shows and movies is a good way to pass time, overdoing is harmful. Read the complete article to know about the best TV show tracker apps and easily keep track of TV shows and movies watched.

Do share your valuable feedback with us by writing in the Comments section below and subscribe to our blogs for the latest tech updates.

Thanks for reading.

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