Best Free Soundboard Software For Windows 11/10

Best Free Soundboard Software For Windows 11/10

Are you familiar with Soundboard? It’s a physical and digital tool that enables users to add unique rhythms or sounds to existing music to create something extraordinary. However, physical soundboard devices are undoubtedly a bit pricey and offer a limited selection of audio. Then the question arises here, what is this Soundboard Software? Well, you are in the right place at the right time. Read on to know more!

What is a Soundboard Software?

A soundboard software is a program that offers an on-demand library of effects, sounds, and jingles. Soundboard program is often used in the music industry, on TV, during live performances, and in FM studios to link all musical items. With just a few clicks, you may use them to quickly add background noises to your songs, recordings, calls, or live performances. You may record your audio in it or utilize the built-in noises.

These days, online gamers who play games like PUBG, DOTA, and others utilize this program to capture their gameplay videos. You may use the soundboard’s many songs and pre-recorded sounds, giving it much customization potential.

List of Soundboard App/Software For Windows 11/10

Below is a list of a few free soundboard software from which you may select the one that best meets your needs.

List of Contents

  • 1. MagicMic Soundboard
  • 2. Soundboard
  • 3. JN Soundboard
  • 4. EXP Soundboard
  • 5. Mixere
  • 6. Jingle Palette
  • 7. Podcast Soundboard
  • 8. Sensory Sound Board
  • 9. Resanance
  • To Wrap This Up


1. MagicMic Soundboard

MagicMic Soundboard

Although many voice changers are available, the MagicMic voice converter stands out. Thanks to its one-click feature, users may instantly change their voices. Most soundboard software performs admirably when used with high-end computers but struggles when utilized with low-end hardware. With MagicMic, however, such is not the case.

There are several voice filters included in the MagicMic. You may choose from various alternatives, including a robot, minion, monster, and echo. Online voice chat, voiceovers, and streaming are all possible with it. The MagicMic Voice Changer may also be used to modify the voice in Skype and Discord calls.

Key Features:

  • The program is extremely user-friendly. Anyone may start altering their voice straight away, regardless of skill level.
  • Thanks to the one-click feature, It distinguishes itself from its competitors.
  • There are more than 200 sound effects available for you to choose from.

2. Soundboard


Soundboard is a smart, lightweight, and simple-to-use tool. It enables users to easily construct their virtual soundboard by allowing them to add various sounds and beats to each button.

Users of this Soundboard software are given access to all the necessary media controls, making it simple for them to control audio playing. The main drawback to utilizing this program is that not all common audio file formats are supported. There is just WAV support for now.

Key Features:

  • Simple and uncomplicated soundboard app for PC that allows you to construct your personalized virtual soundboard.
  • It can repeatedly play a certain sound.
  • Each soundboard button comes with a folder icon so you can explore and choose the audio file you wish to associate with that button.

Click here to download the Soundboard.

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3. JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard is a helpful Discord soundboard that lets you play audio files onto any gadget of your choice. Use it to play MP4A, WAV AC3, WMA, and MP3 audio files.

This program has a microphone loopback capability that you may utilize with any sound source. You have complete freedom as a user to use the keyboard’s adaptability and add, delete, alter, or clear whatever key combinations you choose. Moreover, you may use the text-to-speech function if you connect through a virtual audio cord.

Key Features:

  • Supports MP3, MP4A, AC3, WMA, and WAV audio formats.
  • Mic loopback functionality.
  • Text-to-Speech functionality is available.

Click here to download JN Soundboard.

4. EXP Soundboard

EXP Soundboard

Use the EXP Soundboard if you require soundboard software that can handle both MP3 and WAV files. Additionally, it enables mic injector adjustment on your microphone. You may use this shareware to create a fantastic mashup using several audio files.

EXP Soundboard program has extremely few requirements. It works with all Windows operating system versions. Installing the Java JRE runtime environment is necessary. This program is incredibly simple to customize. In addition to all of these options, this free soundboard software allows audio conversion to the WAV and MP3 formats.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive UI.
  • Create mashups by binding hotkeys to the imported sound clips.
  • In a few clicks, change the output devices’ volume level.

Click here to download EXP Soundboard.

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5. Mixere


Mixere is among the greatest free soundboard programs for Windows 11/10. Using this program, you may add different files to create a new mashup tape for your party. It provides a wide range of tools and possibilities for your sophisticated customization.

This Soundbox program’s user interface is tricky; thus, using it requires some expertise. For each distinct occasion, Mixere contains a built-in collection of music and audio samples. You may therefore choose to play music from the list, or you can change it by adding new tracks.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to create your custom soundboard and play various sound rhythms.
  • It can change the position, volume, and other audio settings.
  • Using the media settings of the tracks, this program delivers 64 distinct tracks that combine to create 64 different sounds.

Click here to download Mixere.

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6. Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette is a straightforward yet powerful soundboard app for PC that streamlines the process of combining one or more soundtracks, mixing them up, and repeating sounds.

The application’s users may add 30 different audio clips, sound effects, and other elements to a single palette. To create and play jingle tones for radio broadcasts and athletic events, people frequently utilize Jingle Palette. This is undoubtedly among the greatest Soundboards for Discord, and it is also free.

Key Features:

  • You may use this soundboard with touch screen Desktops and laptops since it is touch screen device compatible.
  • Comes already set up with various jingle tones, which you may also remove or empty.
  • Provides the ability to manage several soundboard pallets.

Click here to download Jingle Palette.

7. Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard is very compatible and is among the greatest Discord Soundboards nowadays. Podcast Soundboard is available for both Windows and iOS. This means that, in addition to your PC, you can use Discord’s Soundboarding features on your iPhone & iPad.

The app is specifically made for podcasting, as suggested by its name. Various audio file types, including MP4, WAV, WEBM, FLAC, MP3, and others, may be modified using this Soundboard software. It can enhance your use of Discord and offers an easy-to-use UI that looks almost vintage.

Key Features:

  • Offers features like fade-in and fade-out, color-coded controls, and loop, among others.
  • Ability to adjust volume level effortlessly.
  • Enables the playback of audio files in the MP3, MP4A, WAV, WebM, FLAC, and Ogg formats.

Click here to download Podcast Soundboard

8. Sensory Sound Board

Sensory Sound Board

The Sensory Sound Board is renowned for playing a range of creepy and terrifying noises. It’s a popular soundboard program for Windows 11 and 10 that makes managing several virtual soundboards easy.

You can quickly add the appropriate musical elements to each soundboard and give it a specific name. The procedure of playing them is very simple; all you need to do to get started is push the corresponding soundboard buttons. However, you cannot change any sound with this app.

Key Features:

  • Use your keyboard or mouse to add fantastic echo voice effects.
  • Comes with preset soundboards that are simple to use and play.
  • From a single dashboard, control one or more sound playbacks.

Click here to download Sensory Sound Board.

9. Resanance


Previously, Resanance could only be used with Discord, but it has now opened its platform to other programs. Over 450,000 people have downloaded and used this Soundboard program, which is free.

The software has many helpful features, which elevates it to the top tier of soundboards. To fast play sound effects, you may set hotkeys. Additionally, you can quickly perform text-to-speech using Resanance and modify loudness settings to produce professional performances.

Key Features:

  • Easily search for audio files and sort sounds by name.
  • Supports a number of common file formats, including WAV, FLAC, MP3, and OGG.
  • Text-To-Speech feature.

Click here to download Resanance.

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To Wrap This Up

So, that’s it! We have reviewed some of the best free Soundboard Software for Windows 11/10.  All of the aforementioned soundboard PC applications are excellent at accomplishing what they are designed to do. Since each software has a unique set of advantages, we encourage you to first read their respective evaluations before devoting any of your valuable time to them.

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