Best PUBG Like Games for Android

Best PUBG Like Games for Android

“PUBG” mobile is probably one of the most addictive and popular games. Yet many people look for PUBG alternatives.

If you are a PUBG fan you might be thinking no game can be better than it. But, Google’s Play Store contains many different FPS and Battle Royale games that will make PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds run for its money.

Note: PUBG is banned in India by the government due to security concerns along with hundreds of other Chinese origin apps.

Here we will enlist games like PUBG for Android that will surely make you forget PUBG.

Best PUBG Like Games for Android:

So, without further chattering let’s look at this lineup for games like PUBG!

1. Call Of Duty: Mobile –

Call of Duty - Game Like PUBG

Developer’s Name: Activision Publishing Inc.

Rating: 4.5

File Size: 1.47 GB

Download Link- Call Of Duty:Mobile

Offers in-app purchases

When you are looking for a PUBG like game, Call Of Duty has to be counted in. It is another multiplayer game set with the  is one of the most popular battle royale games like PUBG. You get to play a mix of the Call of Duty: Black Ops and Warfare in the form of Call of Duty: Mobile. It has the best of both versions so it is one of games like PUBG for Android. The shooting mode is similar to PUBG where 100 players are dropped in to fight the other team.

Several options are available to use different types of guns and tactics while fighting other players.


  • Text and voice chat enabled.
  • Great graphics.
  • Multiplayer game.

2. Fortnite-


Developer’s Name: Epic Games

Rating: 4.3

File Size: 109MB + 7.4 GB

Download Link- Fortnite

Offers in-app purchases

Fortnite, a true rival of PUBG and is one of the best  among games like PUBG for android. This battle royale game is very challenging, you need to be quick in every possible way to stay alive. To stay ahead in this game, find the best squad possible in this game. Furthermore, you need to gather weapons and ammo to kill their enemies, build shields to stay protected from the enemies.

Playing Fortnite is fun as new updates are frequently released and with every new update different lethal weapons, gears, and new modes are added.


  • Amazing visuals.
  • On screen customization.
  • Various login options.
  • Great gameplay.
  • Multiplayer game.

Note: Fortnite is not available on the Google Play store, but you can download it from Epic’s website.

3. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale - Game Like PUBG

Developer’s Name: Futureplay

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 111 MB

Download Link- NA

Offers in-app purchases

Battlelands Royale is a multiplayer game which is a great PUBG alternative. It has a different approach with its characters in the battleground games. You get to play different battle events where a total of 32 players are active.

Keep winning and climb up the global leaderboard to get more rewards. Choose guns from the sniper, shotgun, rifle and pistol plus the special weapons like bazookas and miniguns. Cross the hurdles like shrinking battlegrounds and storms while fighting others.


  • Simple to understand games.
  • Duos to join other players.
  • Parachute landing controls.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Garera Free Fire - Games like PUBG

Developer’s Name: Garera International I private Limited

Rating: 4.1

File Size: 580 MB

Download Link-  Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Offers in-app purchases

Garera Free Fire is a great alternative when you are looking for games like PUBG. It is a survival shooter game with a fight against 49 people. With the 10 minute short games you are placed on a different setup on an island.

Play the game in different strategies with your four man squad. Choose the starting point with their parachute landings. Hide, drive vehicles, be invisible, ambush and survive to win the game. New characters and features are added constantly to keep the game fresh and players interested.


  • Allows Voice chat.
  • 4v4 game.
  • Smooth Graphics.

5. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth Survival- game like PUBG

Developer’s Name: Kefir!

Rating: 4.3

File Size: 397 MB

Download Link- Last Day on Earth: Survival

Offers in-app purchases

Last Day on Earth Survival is a game like PUBG for Android but with the Zombie in the play. It is an interesting approach to survival games where you fight different creatures. Set in 2027, the players are supposed to feed the character as well as fight the intruders.

It is one of the Best Games like PUBG for Android in 2023. The fighting also includes hunting and looting which is required to survive. The vehicles to drive and crafting weapons is another task to be enjoyed by players.


  • Characters upgrades available.
  • Build houses to protect yourself.
  • Kill Zombies in groups.

6. Sniper Games: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game

Sniper Games Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game

Developer’s Name: Top 1 Sniper Game – Fun game For Free

Rating: 4.2

File Size: 59.28 MB

Download Link- Sniper Games: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game

Offers in-app purchases

Fan of a sniper? Then Bullet Strike is the right choice for you. It is one of the most exciting FPS games on the Play Store. With a large collection of snipers and different attachments, you will surely get the dose of the excitement playing this sniper game.

You can get different ammunition that you can choose and kill your enemies.

Moreover, you can play with enemies or can try your skills with other players around the world. You have to carefully make strategy because different players around the world are waiting for your one mistake and will leave no chance to eliminate you out of the game.


  • Constantly releases new features.
  • More realistic guns.
  • Two game modes.
  • Weapon upgrade system is very good.

7. Black Survival-

Black Survival - Game Like PUBG

Developer’s Name: Archbears, Nimble Neuron

Rating: 4.1

File Size: 76.87 MB

Download Link- Black Survival

Offers in-app purchases

Black Survival lets you play against other 9 players on a deserted island with no rules. It is an all-out war between 10 different players.

The island on which players fight is divided into 22 different areas such as forest, beach, school, temple and more. Players have to find a safe place and eliminate other players. To eliminate enemies, players can use 7 different weapons which is a bit low for PVP battles, however, you can craft different weapons with the help of different hidden items.

Black Survival provides you with the choice of 35 different characters like police, hackers, doctor and more.


  • Good game for a short time period.
  • Different characters to choose from.
  • Craft your own weapons.

8. Hopeless Land: Fight for survival

Hopeless Land- Fight for survival

Developer’s Name: HK Hero Entertainment Co. Limited

Rating: 3.9

File Size: 346 MB

Offers in-app purchases

If you want to play games like PUBG then Hopeless Land: Fight for survival game is a must choice for you. This game gives you the exact feels of PUBG as it has similar graphics. Players are left in a hopeless island and players then have to survive and kill other players exactly like PUBG.

You have to fight with more than 100 players to survive in this battle royale game. Play solo or can gang up with your friends to win the game.

To kill the enemies, you will get different powerful weapons and for the weapons you will get required ammunition.  The last man standing in this PUBG like the game is the winner.


  • Voice communication with players.
  • Motion capture.
  • Simple operation for mobile users.

9. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS-

Grand Battle Royale- Pixel FPS

Developer’s Name: GameSpire Ltd.

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 149 MB

Download Link- Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Offers in-app purchases

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is a battle royale game where players are pixelated blocks. Characters in this pixelated game look like Lego and you will surely love this pixelated battle royale game.

If you are looking for games like PUBG for Android then this pixelated game is the best choice for you. You will get to play with crazy characters looking as blocks. Players will also get different skins to change the appearance of your avatar.

Pixelated characters in this game are loaded with deadly weapons like rifles, SMG, shotguns, and more.


  • Block Characters are fun.
  • Online multiplayer game.
  • Hide mode for players.

10. Pixel’S Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel'S Unknown Battle Ground

Developer’s Name: Azur Interactive Games Limited

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 106 MB

Download Link- Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Offers in-app purchases

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is another most loved game for Android users. The game takes place on an island and players can enjoy the huge map. Although the fun is in the ever changing and shrinking battleground where all the players fight to survive.

You get to play the pixelated characters with guns which is another interesting fact about it. The different graphics mode the game helps the Android users with older devices to still play the game. This can be a great replacement when looking for games like PUBG for android.


  • Multiple options for skins.
  • In game vehicles.
  • Easy controls.


If you are looking for games like PUBG for Android, the above listed gaming apps can become your next favourite. With amazing storylines and features to offer, all of these apps are popular among gamers. We hope you like this list, and in case we’ve forgotten any major names, please share it in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it to our list.

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