7 Best Equalizer Apps For Android You Need To Enhance Sound Quality!

7 Best Equalizer Apps For Android You Need To Enhance Sound Quality!

Sound Equalizer is a unit that equalizes the different tones and their side effects to create a synchronized voice. Basically, an equalizer modifies the quality of an audio tone that comes across it. This is not just a trick but has some technique behind, wherein it applies filters and lets you adjust or gain the frequency range of any audio signal.

Generally, equalizer apps adjust the loudness of specific frequencies and make them suitable for human ears to listen. Or we can say, an equalizer balances the audio frequencies to make it audible and peaceful for human ears.

How Does An Equalizer Work?

Equalizers are all there in your car, home theater system, phone, and audio player without any instruction manual. It is just an equalizer and therefore with a little knowledge itself you can tweak audios, adjust their frequencies and fall in love with them again.

It works in ranges or bands. A nice sound system may have three to twelve bands, while a professional one has twenty to thirty bands as well. The more bands you have, the more divisions will be there. Each band has its own importance and thus allows us more control over the sound.

Wondering how to do this? Worry not we have your back. To equalize your favourite audio files you need not essentially have to be a sound engineer. You can do it using some of the best equalizer apps that helps you to modulate and balance out the sound frequencies.

Best Equalizer Apps For Android 2022

If you are an audiophile having an Android device, you’re able to access a plenty of tools to help you achieve amazing sound results. One such tool amongst many is the equalizer. An equalizer lets you manage the sound frequencies to get a perfect sound on your mobile device.

We are listing here some best equalizer apps for Android. Try them now and get the best sound quality and share it on your social media channels.

1. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX - Best Equalizer App


Simple interface with customizable effects.
Plenty of presets and the ability to add more.
Ads are unobtrusive.


A limited app with 5 band EQ.

Equalizer FX offers a clean and no-frills interface that gets you immediate access to its effects, profiles and a 5 band EQ. With this amazing equalizer for Android, you can improve the sound quality and get the most of the audio quality. Equalizer FX isf one of the best equalizer apps that includes an equalizer, bass boost, virtualization, loudness enhancer, 12 presets, equalizer widgets, auto on/off and flexible configuration.

Click here to download Equalizer FX

2. Headphones Equalizer – Music & Bass Enhancer

Headphones Equalizer - Music & Bass Enhancer


Integrates well with your music player.
Allows adjusting sound simple.


Limited presets and limited to only 5 band EQ.

Headphones Equalizer is yet another one in the list of best equalizers for Android. It lets you create and apply equalizations that will adapt to the headphones you have. This amazing equalizer app supports almost all headphones with any brand or model. You can add new headphones to the stash and you can also choose to calibrate them with the automatic procedure or manually.

Click here to download Headphones Equalizer – Music & Bass Enhancer

3. VLC For Android

VLC For Android - Equalizer App


One of the best equalizers for Android.
10 Band EQ.


A bit awkward to adjust 10 Band EQ.

VLC is known for being a media player but it offers services beyond this as well. It has an equalizer with 10 band EQ that can easily be adjusted and you can select from the available 18 presets. Other than a multimedia player, VLC for Android is intended for everyone and is entirely free with no in-app purchases, and is developed by passionate volunteers. Moreover, it supports all file formats from MKV. MP4 and many others. Further, you can cast videos from VLC to Chromecast and it supports subtitles, Teletext and Closed captions.

Click here to download VLC for Android

4. Equalizer

Equalizer App for Android


Well-defined interface and presets.
Auto-detection works efficiently.


Limited to 5 band EQ.

Improve your sound quality with this quickly accessible global Equalizer for Android. It lets you adjust sound effects and frequencies, apply equalizer presents depending on your music genre, or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. What you require to use Equalizer is just a Internet_permission for downloading additional widget skins. Rest it has 11 stock presets, 5-band equalizer controllers, bass booster and much more.

5. 10 Band Equalizer

10 Band Equalizer App for Android


10 Bands of EQ for high customization.
Easy to use interface.
Works with most of the music apps.


Ads come as a barrier and the app is without a premium version.

If you are looking for a free app, 10 Band Equalizer tops the list with 10 different frequencies to  create an outstanding sound quality. With this equalizer, you can adjust, modify sound, and save according to your need. Most of the Equalizers are limited to 5 bands so 10 Band Equalizer allows you to adjust and balance out  sounds better than its competitors. It comes with an inbuilt music player with some background music and lets you adjust volume labels 31hz to 16Khz+10db.

Click here to download 10 Band Equalizer.

6. Bass Booster & Equalizer

Bass Booster & Equalizer App for Android


Home screen widget for easy navigation.
Offers some of the best presents on the market.


The must watch videos are troublesome.

While you are thinking of modulating the sound quality of your Android device, it is when you need an app like Bass Booster & Equalizer to make your music sound like never before. Yes, you heard that right. You can change the frequencies of any audio and give you stereo surround sound effects. This amazing equalizer app for android works with most of the music and video players giving you effective sound.

Click here to download Bass Booster & Equalizer

7. Neutralizer

Neutralizer - Equalizer app for Android


Improves the sound quality of both speakers and headphones.


App is not completely free.
Imposes device restrictions, and hence cannot be used on all devices.

An excellent sound Equalizer for Android that not only modulates the sound frequencies but also offers readymade profiles for sound distortion. It can help you adjust sound frequencies depending on everybody’s hearing ability. It further offers, simple interface with very little explanations. Even for beginners, it is a great app that is self explanatory and elegant. Sound enhancers or these equalizers for Android is one of the great ways to improvise the hearing ability. With Neutralizer, you can wisely minimise the deficiencies of your acoustic tract.

Click here to download Neutralizer

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Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best equalizers for Android. You can opt for any one of these to adjust your sound frequencies, bass and treble to get an amazing sound. For all the beginner and professional audiophiles, and the ones who have a great taste of personalised sound, this list of great equalizers for Android will be of great help.

Which app do you or would you like to use to adjust sound frequencies on your Android device. Let us know in  the comments section below.

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