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10 Best Screen Recorder for Windows
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10 Best Screen Recorder for Windows

The ability to record screens is of utmost importance in current day and age. Being able to record the PC Screen opens various opportunities in various fields. Whatever may be the cause, the functionality is definitely serving a lot of people.

Can you Record Your PC Screen without any 3rd Party Application?

Yes, with Windows 10, you can easily record your PC Screen without any 3rd Party Application. Windows 10 comes equipped with the Xbox Game Bar which is primarily meant for gamers to record their gaming. However, there are no restrictions on what you can’t record. Also, you might have to adjust a few settings to make it run smoothly.

Which is the Best Screen Recorder for PC?

After testing a lot of different applications, we found Movavi Screen Recorder to be the most efficient and effective screen recorder on the list. However, if you are looking for a free solution, Free Cam is the one for you. To look at all their features in detail, continue to the section below.

Comparison Table of the Best Screen Recorder for PC

Product Price Free Trial Screenshot Video Editing Highlight Rating

Paid Screen Recorders for PC

iFun Screen Recorder $29.99/PC Yes Yes Yes Hassle-free to use 8.5/10
Movavi Screen Recorder $39.95/PC 30-Day Money Back 7-Days Yes No Comes Packed with Relevant Features 8/10
Filmora Scrn $19.99/year

$29.99 for Lifetime

30-Day Money Back

14-Days No Yes Variable Frame Rates 8/10
FlashBack $49/PC

30-Day Money Back

30-Days No Yes Recording Multiple Monitors 7/10
My Screen Recorder Pro $129.95 Yes No Basic (Cut, Trim) Auto Upload recording to any FTP Account 6.5/10

Free Screen Recorder for PC

Free Cam Free Yes Yes No Watermarks, Ads, or Time Limits 8/10
ShareX Free Yes No Hotkeys for Quicker Navigation 6.5/10


TinyTake Free Yes Yes Online File Viewer for Images, Videos, and Documents 7/10


OBS Studio Free Yes Yes Supports Streaming 7.5/10


CamStudio Free No No Screen-in-Screen Video 6/10


10 Best Screen Recorders for PC (Free and Paid) – PROS & CONS

This list contains both Paid and Free Screen Recorders for PC. We’ll begin the list with the Paid Solutions because they provide the most sophisticated of the User-Interface and the features and then will move forward to the Free Ones. With that being said, let’s move on to the list.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10 (Paid)

1. iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder holds a strong potential to win the hearts of video content creators who often look for software to screen record with audio. It offers a plethora of editing tools as well to significantly improve the video quality by cutting, merging, and splitting recorded videos. Using iFun Screen Recorder is a hassle-free process and requires just three steps to use the product. After installation, set up the preferences, whether you want to record the entire screen or selected regions > Hit the Record button > Save & edit the final output.


User-friendly interface.

Flexible screen capturing tools.

Supports Facecam recording.

Ensures no lagging while HD Recording.

Supports capturing screenshots while recording.

Compatible with multiple outputs to convert


Available for Windows only.

Limited features available in the trial version.

2. Movavi Screen Recorder:

Movavi Screen Recorder

Download Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best applications on the list. It comes feature packed with an intuitive interface to make it easier to use. Movavi Screen Recorder offers all the relevant features at an affordable price point. Unlike many other premium Screen Recorders for PC, it doesn’t hog on the system resources. You can easily create GIFs with the application. Considering all its features, it is one of the Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 (Paid).


Has the option to record Webcam

Allows you to record Screen and Audio separately

Scheduled Recording

Create GIFs

Mouse Display in Screen Recording

Take Screenshots

Supports Various Video Formats

Light on System Resources


Misses the video editing tool

Trial Version Only allows recording of up to 5 min

3. Filmora Scrn:

Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Download Filmora Scrn

Filmora is a well-recognized name in Video Editing and Capturing. Filmora hasn’t failed to impress in any section it has set foot in and Screen Recording isn’t an exception either. Filmora Scrn offers a modern interface and comes packed with some very-relevant features which aren’t available with a lot of other options on the list such as Support for 4K recording and Variable Frame Rates. Filmora Scrn is definitely one of the best Screen Recorders for PC.


Simultaneous webcam and screen recording

Picture-in-picture mode

Variable Frame Rates Option

Supports 4K Recording

Supports multiple File Formats

Panning Options

Real-Time Screen Drawing Capability


Editing tool isn’t sufficiently equipped

Noticeable impact on system performance

4. FlashBack

Flashback - Screen Recorder

Download FlashBack

FlashBack is another popular Screen Recorder for PC. Though it is sometimes overlooked because of its higher end pricing, it offers a great mix of features. Especially the feature to record multiple monitors at the same time provides great value. Zooming and Panning Options are standard in the industry, and hence, don’t deserve a special applause. Considering all, it is definitely a great Screen Recorder for Windows 10.


Allows Recording Multiple Monitors

Incorporates Webcam

Custom Watermarks

Zooming and Panning Options


Lacks a lot of tiny and obvious features

Doesn’t track movement of Windows-in-use

On the more Expensive Side

5. My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro

Download My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro is another popular Screen Recording Solution for PC. However, the extreme pricing of the software almost kills the software. It allows all the basic features that you would require from a Screen Recorder for Windows 10 like Scheduled Recording. Though this is absolutely one of the best Screen Recorders for PC considering its features and interface, nothing justifies its extreme pricing.


Option to Record Mobile Screen along with Webcam and PC Screen

Scheduled Recording

Multiple Output Options

Auto-Upload recordings to any FTP account


Limited Editing Options

Extremely Expensive

Can’t take Screenshots

Best Free Screen Recorder for PC:

1. Free Cam:

Free Cam - Screen Recorder

Download Free Cam

Free Cam is what you expect from a free software. Unlike most free software in any segment, Free Cam doesn’t annoy users with useless Ads, Watermarks, and other restrictions. Free Cam allows you to upload videos to YouTube directly from the app. The software also offers a feature to let you refine your recorded audio and remove background noise so you don’t have to jump to another app for the purpose. High-Quality recording and Wide Selection of Audio effects along with other features forces us to believe that it is, in-fact, one of the best Free Screen Recorders for PC.


No Watermarks, time limits, or Ads

Helps remove background noise

Selection of Audio-Effects

Allows to upload directly through the app

High-Quality resolution

Helps Record Voice overs

Modern Interface


Allows to save videos only in WMV format

No Webcam Recording

2. ShareX:

ShareX - Screen Recorder

Download ShareX

ShareX is another popular and one of the best Free Screen Recorders for PC. Though it suffers from a few drawbacks such as No Webcam Recording, No Video Editor, and Low-Quality Game Recording, it definitely has the capability to impress its users. To begin with, it allows you to record any region of your PC screen comfortably, even the hands-free selection too. You can also assign hotkeys to make working with the app simpler. Custom Watermarks and color effects help make the recording more worth it. With all things considered, it is definitely one of the best free screen recorders for PC.


Record Full Screen, Region, Window, or Freehand selection

Hotkeys for Easier Navigation

Lets you import Existing Videos, music, and photos before creating final output

Custom Watermarks and Color Effects


Low Quality game Recording

No Webcam Recording

No Video Editor

3. TinyTake:

TinyTake - Screen Recorder

Download TinyTake

TinyTake is one of those software that have their paid and free versions available and they keep their most important features reserved for the paid users. TinyTake is definitely workable with the free version too. On the upside, you can assign hotkeys to work around the application comfortably. Also, it features a large cloud storage which you can access from any of your devices to help you stay with important recordings. Though the editing is limited only to the basic features, having an editor in itself is a blessing with a free screen recorder app because a lot of paid applications don’t have that functionality. Considering all of this, TinyTake is definitely one of the best Free Screen Recorders for PC.


Batch Operation

Custom Hotkeys to Work easily around the software

Built-in Online Viewer for Images, Videos, and Documents

Cloud Gallery


Free Version has a 5-Minute Limit

Supports only MP4 as the output version

Basic Editing

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio - Screen Recorder

Download OBS Studio

Unlike TinyTake OBS Studio is a full fledged screen recorder despite being free. The Software puts no watermark on the recorded video and neither has any time limit. And the most highlighted feature is that it supports various streaming sites out of the box. Also, it comes equipped with an Audio-Mixer out of the box. If you can deal with its rather complicated user interface, it is definitely one of the most feature packed and best Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10.


No Watermarks

Built-in Audio Mixer for the desired output

Advanced Configuration Option

Supports multiple streaming sites out of the box

Has no recording limit


Clunky Interface

Isn’t Intuitive

Not Suited for quick screen Recording

5. CamStudio:

Cam Studio - Screen Recorder

Download CamStudio

CamStudio is the last Screen Recorder on our list. To begin with, CamStudio totally fails to impress us with its interface. It feels like the interface was never on their list. It just offers basic functionality i.e. it can help you record your PC screen and that’s it. If that’s the only thing you need, you can definitely try and use this app, otherwise I suggest you use either of the above-mentioned applications.


Creates Screen-in-Screen Video

Custom Cursor

Custom Quality options for Video


Interface feels really old

Allows output only in AVI

Audio often falls out of sync

So, with this, we conclude our list of 10 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10. I hope you found the information helpful. If you have any query, do let us know in the comment section below. Do let us know about your experience with any of these applications. Keep visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related content.

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