Best Registry Cleaners for Windows in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Best Registry Cleaners for Windows in 2024 (Free and Paid)

There are many reasons why a PC won’t work fine after a couple of years of Constant Usage. Invalid and Outdated Registries are believed to be one of them. There is always a serious argument on the Internet on whether or not cleaning the registries is helpful. If it is, how do you clean them? So, in this article, we are going to address the 10 Best Registry Cleaners for Windows available in 2024.

Do you need a Best Registry Cleaner for Windows PC?

Though there is no time limit when the Registry issues start to arise, you probably don’t need a Registry Cleaner if you are using a more recent PC and you have normal usage. On the other hand, if it has been a couple of years since you bought the PC and also, if you happen to download and install new programs pretty frequently on your PC, a Registry Cleaner can definitely help improve its performance. That being said, let’s move to the list of the Best Registry Cleaners for Windows.

List of Contents

  • 1. CCleaner:
  • 2. CleanMyPC:
  • 3. IObit Advanced SystemCare
  • 4. Wise Registry Cleaner:
  • 5. Iolo System Mechanic
  • 6. Advanced PC Cleanup
  • 7. Restoro
  • 8. Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  • 9. JetClean
  • 10. EasyCleaner
  • FAQs:

1. CCleaner:


List Of Features
Privacy Protection by cleaning Online Traces
Junk and Registry Cleaning
Software updater to lessen the Security Risk
Keeps your Browsing History Private
Detects and Removes Internet Trackers
Customer Support

Price: Free; $24.95

CCleaner is probably the most heard about name when it comes to PC Optimization. CCleaner is a long-time veteran helping clean PCs. It comes packed with features to improve the device performance along with Windows Registry Cleaner. It helps you maintain privacy by managing your browsing history. Also, it looks to fill the security loopholes by automatically Updating all the software on the system. The interface seems great to use. Considering it all, CCleaner is probably the Best Registry Cleaner for Windows.

CCleaner Review

2. CleanMyPC:


List Of Features
Junk and Registry Cleaning
Built-In Uninstaller
Windows Startup Manager and Booster
File Shredder
Helps Maintain Online Privacy

Price: $39.95/PC

CleanMyPC is another well-known PC Optimization software. CCleaner and CleanMyPC are often seen as rivals or competitors. They both offer identical features. CleanMyPC has also got an Uninstaller utility tool to help you remove the unwanted programs and their related files completely to clean that extra bit of space for more stuff. CleanMyPC is definitely one of the best Registry Cleaners for Windows PC.

3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare

List Of Features
AI Powered PC Optimizer
Deep PC Cleaning along with Registry Cleaning
Privacy Protection
Technical Support
Internet Speed Booster

IObit Advanced SystemCare is one of the most popular PC Optimization software. Apart from cleaning Registries, it also helps remove other junk and Boost RAM to improve PC Performance. IObit Advanced SystemCare promises to help increase internet speed by 300% and PC Performance by 200%. If you have been using an Old PC, Advanced SystemCare is definitely the Best Registry Cleaner for Windows that you need.

Price: $16.99/PC; $19.99 for 3 PCs

4. Wise Registry Cleaner:

Wise Registry Cleaner

List Of Features
Junk Cleaning and Registry Cleaning
Backup and Restore System
Scheduled Automatic Registry Cleaning
Customizable Cleaning Options
Optimizes System Settings for Better Performance

Price: $29.95

Wise Cleaner is a popular name in the PC Security and Optimization industry. It has got a lot of different applications to help resolve various issues. The company also has a registry cleaner named Wise Registry Cleaner. The software features all the features that you would want from a PC Optimization software and not just Registry Cleaning. It can clean trash on your system, Backup and Restore files, and you can also schedule automatic Registry Cleaning. Considering all these features, Wise Registry Cleaner is definitely one of the best Registry Cleaner for Windows available.

Download Wise Registry Cleaner

5. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic

List Of Features
Privacy Protection
Password Management
Malware Removal
File Recovery
Junk Cleaning along with Registry Cleaning
PC Optimization

Price: $24.95; $34.95

Iolo System Mechanic is totally a mechanic and that too an expert. It can repair all the loose nuts in your PC. Iolo System mechanic tool has got a lot of different features to make the PC run smoothly along with Registry Cleaning. It has got Internet Security to maintain privacy, Password Management offers protection from a lot of online threats, malware removal is self-explanatory, and Other PC Optimization software. Iolo System mechanic isn’t just a software; it is a suite. Features help justify its price. The User-Interface of the Application is also awesome and intuitive. Considering the features, if you need them, you are not going to regret buying it. It is definitely one of the best Registry cleaner for Windows.

Download iolo System Mechanic

6. Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup

List Of Features
Junk and Registry Cleaner
PC Security
Optimize System
Manage Startups
Program Uninstaller
Identity Protection
Malware Protection
Scan for Obsolete Files

Price: $39.95

Advanced PC Cleanup is another suite to help you get rid of all the junk that is there on your PC making it run like a sloth. To begin with, it helps clean the junk from your PC including the temporary files, Invalid Registries, boosting RAM, etc. In addition, it also offers a bunch of security features to keep you safe online. It also features a Program Uninstaller to help you completely remove the program and free up more disk space from your system. It also provides protection from Malwares and manages Startup items to reduce the loading time. The feature that I loved the most about Advanced PC Cleanup is that you can also search for obsolete files to free up more disk space. If all of this doesn’t make the best Registry Cleaner for Windows, I don’t know what does.

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

7. Restoro


List Of Features
Remove Malwares
Free up Disk Space
Replace Damaged Windows Files
Junk File Cleaners or Registry Cleaner

Like all the other applications on the list, Restoro too provides a whole bunch of other features to optimize PC performance in addition to cleaning Registries. Restoro can help you reclaim space on your PC and also deal with the malware while it is there. It can also scan for and replace damaged Windows files to try and improve the system performance. To sum it up, it is a complete package to take care of your PC and Privacy. Hence, it totally deserves to be on the list of the Best Registry Cleaner for Windows in 2024.

Price: $27.95; $41.95; $58.95

Download Restoro

8. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

List Of Features
Easy-to-use interface
Creates a Restore Point before making changes

Price: Free

As we are moving down on the list, the software is getting less and less productive and helpful. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is, unlike others on the list, just a registry cleaner and it doesn’t contain any other features to help you improve your PC Performance. However, on the upside, it is free to use. You can just go on the website and simply download it. It takes basic precautions like creating a Restore point before it makes any change in the system registry so when something goes wrong, the Restore Point can help.

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner

9. JetClean


List Of Features
Delete Temp Files, Outdated Registries
Remove Programs from the root
Boost RAM

Price: Free

JetClean is another Free Registry Cleaner for Windows. Like the other free application, it doesn’t offer much. It can help remove Temp files, Outdated Registries, and cookies to give an extra boost to your system. Also, it can help remove programs from the root and delete all the related files so that nothing unnecessary is occupying space on your PC. For a free to use program, JetClean works great. If you can deal with the slightly old looking user-interface, it is definitely one of the best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows.

Download JetClean

10. EasyCleaner


List Of Features
Clean Junk Files and Registries
Free up Disk Space
User-Friendly Interface
Boost RAM

Price: Free

EasyCleaner is the final Registry Cleaner for Windows on our list. Like all the other decent software cleaners on the list, it also does more than just cleaning Junk Files and Registries. This software can help you reclaim space by deleting unwanted files and software. The User-Interface though looks outdated, it is extremely user-friendly. The Software is highly customizable. In the end, it definitely deserves to be on the list of the Best Registry Cleaner for Windows.

Download EasyCleaner



Can a Registry Cleaner be Harmful for your Device?

No, they can’t. This is the case with any software that you use, especially the ones that are used to optimize the system performance. If you happen to choose one of those cheap and poorly written ones, you may have to regret it. However, Registry Cleaners in General don’t harm your PC.



Do Registry Cleaners really help improve System Performance?

Yes, Registry Cleaners do help improve your system performance. However, cleaning the registries doesn’t. The fact that most Registry Cleaners aren’t just registry cleaners but a full suite for Performance Optimization. PC or Performance Optimization software do a lot of things in addition to cleaning registries and hence, they have an evident and immediate effect on System Performance.



Should you pay for a Registry Cleaner?

Yes, you should always go for the paid ones. In most cases, you will be better off not using any Registry Cleaner than using a poorly written Registry Cleaner. There are only a few options out there that provide a good solution for Free. If you aren’t sure that your free registry cleaner is one of those, you should better drop the idea or do some detailed research about the product.


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