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5 Best Office Suites for Android in 2021 (Free and Paid)
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5 Best Office Suites for Android in 2021 (Free and Paid)

Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter with every passing day. Smartphones are looking forward to taking on Tablets and also replacing laptops for most users. But this dream is a bit far fetched. However, Smartphones do hold the capability to perform the basic functions like creating and editing word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. All you need is a powerful enough application that can provide all the features that an average user would require. We, here, have gathered 5 best Android Office suites available in the market.

List of 5 Best Android Office Suites

Let’s have a brief look on all of these Android office suites and their functionality.

Microsoft Office

1. Microsoft Office:

The good old Microsoft Office. Who hasn’t used this beautiful piece of software in their lifetime? Microsoft Office is the suite where it all started, a single software to provide loads of functionality in the most intuitive format one can imagine. If you are an old-time user, you probably have wished to see this piece of software on mobile phones.

Microsoft took its time before launching it for Android, but when they did, they took over the whole market, as expected.

Pricing (Free)

Microsoft Office is available for free on Android Play Store. In addition to this, you can download individual applications like Microsoft Word for Android, Microsoft Excel for Android, etc. on Play Store.

Though most features in Microsoft Office Suite are available for free, there is another version of the suite named Office 365. Office 365 subscription includes additional applications – OneNote and Outlook. Office 365 users also get regular feature updates, security updates, and 24×7 live support. It also offers 1TB of Cloud Storage per user. Though it also offers features like Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access, they are only available for PCs and not for Mobile devices.


Functionality (5-Stars)

MS Office, be it the free version or the paid version, provides all the features and functions available for the PC version. Features like creating word documents, excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations is a breeze with the office suit. In addition to this, standalone applications let you download the app you want and skip the one you don’t. MS Office also holds the functionality to open and sign PDFs on the go which is a really important functionality for various users.

Microsoft Lens helps scan the documents directly to word documents and Excel spreadsheets to save you the time and pain of sorting the documents into proper format.

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User-Interface (4.5-Star)

In the PC version of the Microsoft Office, there isn’t any better as far as I believe. The story isn’t too different in the Mobile version of the application as well. Microsoft has managed to pull the right mix of features and layout options on the dashboard. Only the most important features are present on the dashboard.

Though during my testing, there were a few features that I wanted to be present on the dashboard which I had to look for inside the options. Apart from me nitpicking, the app works great with most devices with decent CPU and RAM.

On the basis of the above given features and functionalities, I could factually declare Microsoft Office to be the best Office suite for Android.

Download: Microsoft Office

Download Microsoft

2. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

OfficeSuite is another popular option for Android Office suite available in the market. OfficeSuite has over 100 million downloads on the Android platform. Officesuite is available for PCs as well as mobile devices. It holds the functionality to edit and create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs.

Pricing (Free and Paid)

OfficeSuite is a popular free to use office application. Most of the basic functionalities such as creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations are available for free.

However, there are a lot of premium features in the application which are only available with the paid version. And to be frank, the paid version shines more than any other application in this list. Also, the free version contains tons of annoying ads which make working with the suite a daunting task.

But oh boy, when you have the paid version of the application subscribed, you will really see what it can do. The paid version features over 150 different layouts for documents and spreadsheets. Features like Fill and sign the PDF, Convert to PDF, Scan the documents directly into the excel, scan to words also available with the paid version.


Functionality (4-Star)

As mentioned earlier, the constant ads make the free version kind of a pain to use, but there is nothing like the paid version of the OfficeSuite. It provides immense functionality and features. Converting documents to PDF, Scanning the documents directly into excel and word documents, etc. make living with the mobile office easier.

User-Interface (4 Star)

The User-Interface of OfficeSuite isn’t as polished as it could be. Though it gets the work done, it doesn’t provide the sophistication and appeal like Microsoft Office. But to make it clear, it isn’t bad either. It is far better than what most Android applications have to offer.

Hence, if you are not completely satisfied with the Microsoft Office, the OfficeSuite is the application you would want to go with.

Download: OfficeSuite


3. Google Office:

Ah, Google. If there is an app by Google, you can almost be sure that it would make it to the top 5 list. Google Office isn’t available as just a single application, rather you will have to download three different one from Play Store – Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Google Office apps are well designed and built to impress like that of Microsoft. Google Apps are available for free and you can also use the Google Office without downloading the applications. All you have to have is a Google Drive account. Login to your Google Drive account on a web page and there you will have an option to create documents and spreadsheets.

Pricing (Free)

Google Office is fairly simple when it comes to pricing. No Cost. Yes, there isn’t any premium version that would provide you with the extra functionality in the application. Google Office applications are available for free to download and use online.

Functionality (3-Star)

You can be sure that Google Office isn’t the one that you would want to take with you on a business presentation and meeting. Google Office, though offers a great functionality, it is limited to basic features such as creating basic documents and spreadsheets. There isn’t much customization and other options available with Google Office.

User-Interface (4.5 Star)

Can there be anything simpler and polished than Google Office Apps. Google Office has nailed it when it comes to user-interface. The interface offered by Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides is pleasurably minimalistic. You have all the required functionality right on the Dashboard. Loved it on this aspect.

Google Office

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4. WPS Office:

WPS Office is just another amazing piece of Software which holds the functionality to do just everything relating to Docs. WPS Office is a popular name and has over 100 Million downloads on Play Store. It provides a wide range of features and functions to help you play with your documents and presentations on the go.

WPS Office is outrageously advanced and contains all the features one would think of while looking for an Android office Suite.

Pricing (Free and Paid)

WPS Office is an awesome tool that offers great functionality at Zero cost. The free version of the WPS office offers anything and everything that one would require. Although, there is a paid version too, it only provides access to few other tools and 20GB of cloud storage.

The free version has enough options to make anyone stick to WPS Office forever and ever.

Functionality (5 Star)

You may find it weird that I rated an app by Google just 3-star in functionality and here I am rating another app 5-star for the same. But yes, it’s not always the big name that can lure into things. WPS Office offers immense functionality with tons of features like scanning the documents, creating and editing PDFs, creating memos, presentations, documents, and spreadsheets; everything you would need from an Android Office Suite.

It also holds the wide range of built-in templates to create various spreadsheets, documents, resumes, invoices, presentations, and whatnot. I can’t stop myself from giving it the 5-Star it deserves.

User-Interface (4-Star)

Though the user-interface of WPS Office isn’t as minimalistic as Microsoft, it isn’t a bad thing. Microsoft Office showcases its minimalistic and old school design and color combinations of blue and green. On the other hand, WPS Office boasts its more vibrant color choice and bold design. Small icons give it a premium appeal. In terms of interface, WPS Office is nowhere less than the Microsoft Office and is one of the best UI available in any Android Office suite.

Download: WPS Office

WPS Office

5. Polaris Office:

Polaris Office is the last on our list. Though we have mentioned it in the end, it is nowhere less than any of its competitors. Polaris Android Office suite is a great tool that has great features and functions to offer. It holds all the functionality a person would require. From editing and creating documents to signing PDFs, it’s got everything.

Pricing (Free and Paid)

Polaris office is though available for free, the free version has too many ads which will surely hinder your workflow. In my days of Trial, I got to this conclusion that the paid version is the only way you can successfully use Polaris Office and get some real work done.

The paid version is a bit different from the paid versions of the similar applications. Instead of offering a subscription plan, it offers a life time access to the Polaris office with a one-time purchase. For most people, this would seem like a good deal, for some people it would be a point of worry relating to constant software and security updates.

Polaris Office

Functionality (3.5-Star)

Polaris office has a lot of features to offer. It helps create and edit document files, spreadsheets, and presentations. It also offers the functionality to create and PDF files.

However, it falls short on a few fronts when compared to other Android Office Suites on the list. It doesn’t offer the functionality to scan documents and nor it has any option to take notes and create memos on the go.

Apart from these couple of features, it has everything one would require and is one of the best office suites for Android available in the market.

User-Interface (4 Star)

There is nothing to complain over here except for the fact that the ads in the free version are pretty damn annoying and make working on it regularly a pain. However, it offers great functionality for casual users.

Download: Polaris Office

So, this was our list of 5 Best office suites for Android available in the market. Do let’s know your views and which one you like the most.

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