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Microsoft Brings All Office Tools Under One Android App
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Microsoft Brings All Office Tools Under One Android App

If you are a working professional or a student, you cannot think of a day without writing words, making presentations or even reading documents. Then, a part of the game is to manage all this while you are on the run. Yes! You’ve got documents to create, share and present impeccably, immaterial of whether you are seated at one place or are traveling.

A platform that for long has broadly been saving your problems of writing documents, making and reading presentations is Microsoft. But, not until the recent past, you were able to make changes to your documents on the move.

Here’s How Microsoft Has Constantly Tries To Up Its Game

Microsoft has been heavily investing in the Android ecosystem. Reportedly, it has been aiming its resources towards a dedicated Microsoft app for Android that will offer a suite of different Android applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even Office Lens to scan documents.

Up until now, we have seen Microsoft Apps such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and several others as single apps on Google Playstore. But, soon we will have a Microsoft app for Android that will combine the functionality of all Microsoft office tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more in one single app. In fact, the application is said to have Office Lens capabilities with the help of which you can scan whiteboards, QRs, and documents.

For instance, you will have your very own Microsoft Word Office for Android and Outlook for Android, under the same launcher.

Let’s discuss this in detail!

What Will you be able to do with Microsoft Launcher Application

As of now the name that has been planned to be given to this app is “Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more”. As is quite evident from the name, the app will actually be a single Microsoft launcher Apk. Talking about the current status of the all-in-one Microsoft Office for Android is in its early access and beta stage.

Idea Of Single App Launcher Is Not New

The concept of one single launcher for all apps is not a new concept for Microsoft. In the recent past, when there were Windows phones, Office Hub app gave us access to spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and one-note documents. It is reported that the Microsoft app for Android is going to be a single launcher app that will have all the essential apps under one umbrella.

It is believed that the new beta MS Office for Android mobile will be way more powerful and feature-packed than its predecessor i.e. the old Office Hub.  Let’s dive straight into what you can expect from this Microsoft launcher.

What Features Can You Expect From The Microsoft Launcher App?

With Android Microsoft launcher Apk, you will be able to –

  • Open files and links by just scanning the QR
  • Create, work and edit documents with colleagues and friends through the app itself, quite like Google’s suite (Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google docs, Google slides, etc)

in real-time

  • Snap an image and convert it into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for editing data
  • Get a dedicated PDF converter Apk. This means you will be able to convert documents of all formats – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others into PDF. In a way, this launcher will double up as a PDF converter for Android as well
pdf converter - convert pdf to android
  • Take this PDF converter for Android to the next level and sign PDF with a mere finger
  • Create a powerpoint presentation by merely inserting the images from your Smartphone
  • Save and access frequently used and recent documents on the cloud
micorosft cloud - microsoft office for android (4)
  • Easily transfer files between computer and smartphone and even share them with nearby mobile devices

Note: To share, access and save documents on SharePoint and OneDrive, you are required to have a Microsoft account.

Furthermore, the app will also have a sticky notes integration because of which you will be able to quickly jot down notes without having to switch to the dedicated Sticky Notes app.

In The end

The aforesaid app which is supposedly known as Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more is currently unavailable on Google PlayStore, presumably because there might have been bugs in the app. Having said that, we are sure it will be up soon and we’ll be able to install it and be able to save tons and tons of space on our Smartphones apart from enjoying features galore that the app is going to come up!

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