Best Google Assistant Skills You Can Use In 2024

Best Google Assistant Skills You Can Use In 2024

Hey Google Assistant! What’s the weather today? This is one of those common questions we ask on the Google Assistant app. But you know there are many Google Assistant skills that we are not aware of?!

Google Assistant

Straight from the shoulder, the skills are endless, but we will share the best expertise of the Google Assistant app that will make your work easier!

Hello Google Assistant! Show Some More Skills

Mate! You can do a lot with the Google Assistant app, starting from weather to bedtime stories. I guess, everyone has already used this application with its basic abilities. Below are some amazing Google Assistant skills that you can use.

Before proceeding ahead, if you are having trouble with the Google Assistant app refer to this troubleshooting guide: Ways To Quickly Fix “OK Google Not Working”

1. Jog Your Memory

I am sure, every one of us has encountered a situation when we forget where we kept our locker keys or our favorite coin pouch. This is an annoying situation because we keep on searching our stuff here and there! Instead, try with –  Hey Google Assistant, remember I left a coin pouch on study table”

Google support

I understand that it is not easy to track little things, but this Google Assistant skill will help you to hunt down everything.

2. Send A Text Message

Got stuck somewhere and unable to reach at lunchtime with your friends? Don’t worry. Proceed to Google Assistant app and hello Google Assistant! Send a text message to [receiver] and now dictate or type the text you want to send. Tap on Confirm and your text message is sent.

Send A Text Message

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3. Unlock Your Phone

Would you like to unlock the phone with your voice? I am sure you would love this Google Assistant skill, as it will recognize your voice hence your phone will be unlocked. No more struggle with patterns and pins! Go to Google Assistant settings and tap on Google detection, now select a trusted voice. With this step, Google Assistant voice will get active and will help you in opening your phone.

4. Ask Quora

Quora is another community platform that is widely used to share and gain knowledge and I am sure everyone has come across this platform. Back to the point, you can ask questions from Quora directly from the Google Assistant app. You can dictate or type your question [as shown in the below image]

Ask Quora

You can know more information by tapping on the answer or simply giving more command by Google voice Assistant.

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5. News From News Publications

If you are someone who relies on news publications websites every time to get the latest affair around the world, its Google Assistant skill is your friend for life. Whether it’s USA Today or The Wall Street Journal, get the latest news within simple commands. The process is simple, launch the Google Assistant app and start command by your voice or type the news publication. Either, you will be redirected to its website or it will ask to open a browser for you. Here you will find the latest news and affairs around the world.

News From News Publications

6. Ok Google Assistant- What’s new On Netflix or Hulu

Netflix and chill! A common phrase that often drifts in our ears. Whenever we want to surf something exciting on Netflix, we usually head to some entertainment websites or so. But with this Google Assistant skill, everything is simplified. Say hey Google Assistant- what’s new on Netflix?

Ok Google Assistant

Here you go, mate! If you are looking for more on Netflix, tap on the below options. Now enjoy the latest movies or series, similarly, you can know recent entertainment on Hulu or other content providers.

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7. Ok, Google Assistant- I’m Bored!

Feeling bored and don’t know what to do? Launch this amazing app and tell them you’re bored, and Google Assistant will help you to get engaged in some amazing activities. Be it a joke, random fun or games you can tap on the below options and shed some dreary away.



8. Set A Kitchen Timer

It’s frustrating to cope up with everything when you have a guest at your place. Or sometimes you may be caught in a dilemma where you have to take care of guests and food at the same time but trust me guys, Google Assistant app is you, Jesus! You can make everything settle by adding a kitchen timer, refer to the image below.

Set A Kitchen Timer

Hello, Google Assistant, What’s More, You Will Tell Us?

That’s all folks! Above are the amazing Google Assistant Skills that you can use to make your life easier. If you have any questions related to the same drop it in the below comment section. I hope you like this article and have subscribed to our newsletter for amazing tech-related tips and tricks.

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