Ways To Quickly Fix “OK Google Not Working”

Ways To Quickly Fix “OK Google Not Working”

If you are an Android owner and have Google Assistant, you can bask in glory, because there are many things that your Google Assistant App can and its counterparts cannot.

Let’s face it, the moment you say “Ok Google Now.” you feel as if you have unlocked a deep hidden magician within. Well! Most credit goes to the virtual Google Assistant, which does the magic of opening files and folders on your device, playing music, searching for things on the internet and so much more.

But, what if one day you say, “Hey Google” and it doesn’t respond? Worry not; you just need to tweak some settings here and there. Here are some real quick fixes to make your Google Assistant work again

See If There’s A Looming Danger

There are countless harmful viruses which can easily barge in your device and eat away crucial data, control your smartphone or at least make your device perform poorly. And, this could be a reason why your Google Assistant is not working.

If that’s the case, you could use one of the several anti-malware apps for Android like Systweak Anti Malware. The app provides real-time protection against all types of malware. You also get to schedule your scan. Plus, the app boosts your device considerably.

1. Check If Your Google Assistant Is On Or Not

If your “OK Google” is not working, it could be that your Google Assistant is not on in the first place. For this follow the path mentioned below –

Settings > Google > Account services > Google Assistant > Assistant tab

Now, locate your device under phone and slide Google Assistant option to the right.

2. Change Language Settings

Change Language Setting in google Assistance

One of the reasons that the Google Assistant app isn’t responding to your commands is maybe because you are conversing with it in a language that you haven’t selected. You can change this by following the path mentioned below –

Settings > Google > Account services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Voice > Languages

Once you have followed this path, choose the languages from the given languages that you wish to use to converse with Google.

Alternatively, long press your device’s home button. When prompted to turn on the Google Assistant app, tap turn on.

3. Fixing The Microphone On Your Device

Maybe your hey Google! Is fall on a deaf microphone, and the reasons for this could be many. To start with, the microphone hole might have accumulated dust or debris over a period of time. Also, it could be that you are in a very loud environment because of which your “hey Google!” is mixed with several other voices!

Also, check if you have given your Google Assistant access to your microphone. To check this first locate Apps in the settings followed by the path mentioned below –

Apps > Google > Permissions > Slide Microphone slider to the right

Fix The Microphone On Your Device app permission setting

4. Retraining “Ok Google”

Say Ok Google

While the whole experience of making the device dance to our fingertips just by saying hello Google Assistant is magical, it is, after all, a machine. We need to train it to respond to our commands.

This is how you can Retrain Google voice model (follow the path mentioned below) –

Apps > Google > Account services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant > Assistant Tab > Assistant Devices > Phone > Voice model > Retrain voice model

Now, follow the instructions, and that’s how you can get Google assistant app back on the track.

5. Clear Google Cache To Start Afresh

Clear Google Cache To Start Afresh

It’s almost like one solution fits all – clear Google cache and see Google assistant app work its magic again. To clear cache –

Apps > Google > Storage > Clear Cache

6. Uninstall And Reinstall the Google App

If none of the above seems to work, uninstall and reinstall the app, as simple as that. All you have to do is open the Play Store and uninstall the Google application. Now, restart your device and install the Google app once again.

In the End

Have you ever been stuck in a situation, where Google Assistant just refused to obey your commands? Well! Before you blame anything else, might as well use the above-mentioned ways, if not these, then it’s definitely Skynet at work. Nevertheless, we hope that the above methods have been able to get Google assistant app working again on your device.

For more such information keep reading Tweak library, and if you love tech-related videos, you can check our YouTube Channel out.

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