The 5 Best Apple TV Remote Apps For Android To Control Apple TV

Control Apple TV right at your fingertips using any Android device!

The 5 Best Apple TV Remote Apps For Android To Control Apple TV

Apple TV is a powerhouse of innovation and a perfect blend of cutting-edge hardware and software to create an immersive entertainment experience. That little black box packs a punch, bringing all your favorite movies, TV shows, apps, and games right to your living room. With the latest Apple TV 4K (34th Generation), you’ll be transported to a world of stunning 4K HDR visuals in Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and hybrid log gamma (HLG).

And, thanks to the redesigned Siri Remote, navigating your favorite content has never been easier. But, if you are an Android user and have an Apple TV, unfortunately, you can’t control it with your smartphone directly, due to compatibility issues.

However, there are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that claim to provide remote control functionality for Apple TV from Android phones. These apps may offer a similar level of functionality as the official Apple TV Remote app, but their performance and reliability may vary.

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How Do These Apps Work To Control Apple TV Remotely?

Typically, Apple TV Android apps have two ways of working, either via a Wi-Fi network or through the phone’s built-in IR Transmitter. For this blog post, we’ve handpicked the remote apps that fall under both the categories.

The first category doesn’t require any special hardware and can work by simply connecting to your Apple TV over your home Wi-Fi network. For the latter ones, you need to have phones that include built-in IR transmitters, so that you can control your Apple TV by sending out signals just as a typical remote would.

Best Apple TV Remote Apps Available For Android Users

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of such applications that will make your job easier and you’ll be able to control the Apple TV using your Android smartphone or tablet. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Remote for Apple TV – CiderTV


Cider TV allows you to control your Apple TV with your Android phone or tablet. It features a customizable remote-control interface, Siri integration, and support for multiple Apple TVs. With the subscription model, you can enjoy unlimited Apple TV slots, priority support, and no ads for an amazing experience.

It features a way to change the programming option remotely through which you can improve your home entertainment experience to the next level. For instance, you can pause, rewind, and replay your favorite content right from your smartphone.

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2. SURE – Smart Home and TV Unive

SURE – Smart Home and TV Unive

SURE app is a universal remote-control app that can be used to control the Apple TV. It features a customizable remote-control interface and supports voice commands and smart home devices.

This Apple TV app for Android also features a dedicated media player, through which you can directly play your favorite content. Besides this, it also lets you stream audio, video, and photos from your device directly to your Smart devices. Additionally, file transfer over a shared network is also possible with this remote app.

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3. Remote for Apple TV

Remote for Apple TV

Remote for Apple TV is one of the most convenient apps to connect and control your Apple TV. It offers a large touchpad for content navigation and an easy-to-use keyboard to search for your favorite shows, movies, games, and more.

It supports playback control for a seamless entertainment experience and is highly compatible with the latest Apple TV (4th generation) and Apple TV (3rd generation). The best part? Their developers keep rolling new updates for the remote-control app to enhance user experience.

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4. AnyMote


AnyMote is another universal remote-control app that can be used to control the Apple TV. It includes a large database of remote-control codes and allows you to create custom remote-control interfaces as well.

Not only Apple TV, using AnyMote you can control almost all popular digital devices like computers, Smart Televisions, DVRs, Music Players, and other smartphones. The Apple TV Android app features the ability to connect and control devices through both WI-FI and infrared technology.

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5. Retune


Retune is an iTunes remote that allows users to control iTunes to change songs, TV shows, movies, and more from anywhere in your home using an Android device. But not many people know users can use this Android app to control Apple TV as well.

It establishes a successful connection via Wi-FI so that you can easily stream live TV from your favorite channels. Besides Android, the developers of this program have designed the product to work seamlessly to manage any iPhone & iPad as well.

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Additional Information = Alternative Ways On How To Use Apple TV Remotely!

Besides using Apple TV Apps for Android, you can try other ways to manage Apple TV:

●        Apple TV Remote app: The official Apple TV Remote app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

●        Siri: If you have an Apple TV with Siri support, you can use Siri to control your Apple TV with voice commands. This can be done through your iOS device or by using the Siri Remote that comes with some Apple TV models.

●        HDMI-CEC: Some TV models support HDMI-CEC, which allows you to control your Apple TV using your TV remote. This works by sending commands through the HDMI cable to your Apple TV.

Bottom Line:

That being said, I hope you find this blog informative and you have made your choice with the best Apple TV app for Android to use Apple TV remotely. Although all the aforementioned apps work flawlessly, I personally love using Remote for Apple TV, as it offers a touchpad interface that allows you to navigate menus and control playback with ease. Moreover, an integrated keyboard makes the process of searching for content effortless.

Do you prefer or use any other app to control Apple TV remotely? Do share your suggestions with us in the comments section below!


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