Top 5 Android Background Eraser Apps For Removing Background From Any Image

Top 5 Android Background Eraser Apps For Removing Background From Any Image

Earlier, removing background from images was a painstaking task, requiring a PC and substantial skills in Photoshop and other photo editing programs. Over time, iOS users get the built-in capabilities for removing backgrounds & making cutout-style images of objects & people from photos. They can also design their own stickers, change the background, or use these cutouts as wallpapers. On the other hand, Android lacks the equivalent functionalities. Hence, they are always in search of third-party photo background remover apps that ease the task in a few taps.

Why Use Third-Party Apps For Removing Background From Photos?

Getting that perfect shot is a genuine struggle!

This demands the employment of post-production software to enhance the raw captured image & transform it into something aesthetic & appealing. Entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry especially look for such tools that can remove the background from product images and enhance overall quality.

Hence, taking the help of background eraser apps becomes an effortless choice. These apps not only let you remove the background but put a custom background on your images!

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Top 5 Android Apps For Removing Background (2023)

Here we have suggested some free and in-app purchases available apps which can efficiently work as photo background removers.

1. Remove bg automatic:

Remove bg automatic

First, on the list is the Remove bg automatic app, which focuses on eliminating the background from an image in the quickest way possible. It offers an AI-based Auto Crop feature that quickly finds and eliminates background. To make the procedure more straightforward and accurate, you can customize the app’s tools as per your preferences. And if you make an error, you can always restore the original image.

You can add a new background after erasing the previous one, like a gradient, a solid color, or a customized image. The app allows you to share your altered image across various social networks. Additionally, it provides a large set of photo effects, including vintage, seasonal, and classic styles.

Remove bg automatic

2. Background Eraser by handyCloset


You can effortlessly upload a picture from your Android gallery with the help of Background Eraser by HandyCloset. It’s a compact yet effective application with a straightforward interface to use on your smartphone.

You can eliminate the background from any photograph using different tools within the editing menu. Using the auto color tool, you can replace the background elements with identical colors. It even offers a manual tool brush to customize the image as per your preference. And if you accidentally remove something, don’t panic; you get the recovery tool to restore that portion of the image.

Link: Background Eraser

3. Picsart


One of the most popular and efficient mobile photo editing apps is Picsart. It offers a wide variety of tools powered by AI technology, that automates the task with high accuracy. The background can be changed, removed, or swapped with a unique image.

Using the most loved “Ratio tool” from the editing menu, you can adjust the image dimensions as per your preference. Additionally, you can delete unwanted objects from your photographs with the Select tool. The only downside with the tool is, you can’t save the altered photograph, until & unless you have the premium version of the app.

Link: Picsart

4. Background Eraser by InShot


This is a miniature version of the popular photo-editing program InShot. You can pick a template from various categories, including professional, profile, social, and nature. Their multiple templates make it simple to remove the background and replace it with your preferred image.

You can even upload your own photo from the gallery and add it as a new background. It can be a landscape, a gradient, a texture, a solid color, or perhaps an Internet image. With this Background Eraser application, you may customize the image’s quality and publish it on different social media sites.

Download: Background Eraser (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom Studio

Last on the list is PhotoRoom Studio it is a great option for altering photos and removing backdrops. It features tons of tools to create professional quality photos for your social media profiles, commercial, or academic endeavors. You can start by using a template or creating an image from scratch.

The app is powered by the latest AI & ML technologies. Hence, accurately recognizes the backdrop in pictures. Once properly detected, the object can be altered or touched up. You may also change the image’s contrast, warmth, and brightness within this program. You may also use it to add filters and other effects to your photographs!

PhotoRoom Studio

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If you don’t wish to install an additional app on your device, we want to suggest a bonus website that works efficiently to remove background from images.

On this website, you can eliminate the backdrop of any photograph with just the click of a button. takes care of this for you automatically; all the user needs to do is upload the image from which the background should be removed, and the service will handle the rest. That is to say, in a couple of seconds, you will begin the process of erasing the background from each of your most prized photographs.

To acquire additional knowledge and to get started utilizing it straight away, just follow this link.

These background eraser apps make it simple to remove Image Backgrounds!

These background eraser apps simplify altering photos, swapping their backgrounds & use them in different places. All, these background remover apps mentioned above were carefully chosen from the Play Store and should serve all your purposes well. Our personal recommendation for the category is “Remove bg automatic”, it offers an AI-based Auto Crop feature that quickly finds and eliminates background. To make the entire procedure flawless yet accurate, you can customize the app’s tools as per your preferences.


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