How To Remove Background From Photos In iOS 16 On iPhone

How To Remove Background From Photos In iOS 16 On iPhone

With iOS 16, Apple released several new features. These include a configurable lock screen and enhancements to system applications like Messages, Maps, and Safari. However, removing background from photos is among the most exciting features since it allows you to edit photos like PhotoShop with only a few touches.

In the past, removing the backdrop required using picture editing software and resulted in, to put it mildly, mediocre results. On the App Store, a few third-party substitutes perform excellently. But we were shocked to see this capability included with iOS 16.

How To Remove Background From Image on iPhone

In iOS 16, you can quickly and simply remove the background from the picture on your iPhone. You can quickly turn any photo into a translucent backdrop image and use it as a sticker.


  1. Only iPhone X and later models running iOS 16 support this function.
  2. The Photos app doesn’t include a backdrop removal or modification feature. Users must utilize the Notes app in conjunction with the Photos app to modify a photograph or remove the background. Additionally compatible with Mail and Messages are these two applications.

Here’s How To Remove Background From an photo on iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, launch the Photos app.
  • Select the image whose background you wish to erase.

Remove Background From an photo

  • Once you’ve located a photo, long-press on it and drag it as you choose.
  • At the same time, open your phone’s Notes, Messages, or Mail app.

Remove image Background

  • Drop the chosen subject into the empty field of a new note, chat, or email.
  • Finally, save the image from the note, chat, or email.

remove image background on iphone

That’s all! With just a few simple steps, you can remove the backdrop from a photograph on your iPhone with just a few simple steps. Once the picture has been copied, you may paste it just like any other item on your clipboard. Tap the message field in Messages, then choose Paste. Open Files, select the appropriate folder, long-press the white space, and choose Paste.

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To Wrap This Up

So, this is how you can easily remove the background picture on your iPhone with just a few simple steps. This functionality has been implemented outstandingly. Although any image’s backdrop may be readily removed, the image’s edge occasionally may have jagged cut marks. However, the fact that the iPhone allows you to accomplish this with only a few clicks is fantastic and unavailable on Android smartphones.

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