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Complete AVG Antivirus Review 2022
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Complete AVG Antivirus Review 2022

This goes without say but keeping antivirus on your system has become a must these days. Thanks to those online internet scams & cyber crime incidents, keeping your system protected has become the top priority From protecting your online browsing history to deleting digital footprints, everything is possible with Antivirus software.

AVG Antivirus is one of those popular & most used malware protectors one can get his/her hands on. It comes with 360 degree protection for your system so that no area goes untouched & your system gets complete protection. And a big thanks to those tech transformations, it seems like the antivirus is becoming smarter everyday with more effectiveness.

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Anti-Virus Guard (AVG) Antivirus

Formerly known as Grisoft, AVG Technologies has developed this FREE internet security software. You start talking about the FREE antiviruses that can help you keep the system protected, Anti-Virus Guard (AVG) Antivirus comes on the top. From the time I have started using the internet, there are many FREE antivirus software, however, AVG Antivirus has its own crowd.

effective software for your PC

Though AVG provides the FREE & effective software for your PC, you are always thinking, why FREE. We all have been raised with the universal fact that nothing comes FREE & here is an antivirus (much needed software) that’s been FREE for quite a long time. Also, there are features on AVG Antivirus software that makes you wonder because you don’t easily get those in an absolutely FREE version (as mentioned below in the tree chart):

1. Protection from spyware & ransomware

2. Blocks damage from malicious content

3. Identity theft protection

4. Notifying you of harmful links or websites

5. Keeps computer system speed intact

6. Running in the background non-stop

Above are the FREE version features you can access & imagine the stuff AVG Antivirus software holds for you in the premium version.

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AVG Antivirus Premium Plans & Pricing

AVG Antivirus has been in the market for so long & is providing FREE services, users would be shocked to know it has premium plans as well. Yeah!! For all I know, if you are looking for an effective antivirus program that comes for free, go to Anti-Virus Guard (AVG). In case you are looking for a powerful tool that can protect your PC & it’s performance, AVG Antivirus software is for you. Wherein the AVG Antivirus (FREE) starts scanning your PC for performance issues to fix them, it’s obvious that the premium version does more than that.

AVG Antivirus
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AVG Antivirus’ premium version is the AVG Internet Security that comes at a price of $44.99/annually. I know what you are thinking and your thought process is going into the right direction. Why should I pay for something that I’m already getting for free. For this thing, you can be rest assured because if the company is asking you for money, every cent’s worth it as the features are worth spending money. Obviously you need to explore the whole AVG Internet Security to know it’s worth, however, to give you a quick overview, it comes with cons as well. Like every coin has two sides, the AVG Internet Security doesn’t have parental control options to keep certain websites away from your children. Yeah!!


Free AVG Internet Security Trial (for 30 days)

Extra security layers to protect the system

Fake websites protection


No Parental Control Feature

Free AVG Internet Security trial itself is a big thing & that too without adding up your credit card details. Yeah!! You can easily access the AVG Internet Security version without putting in your credit card details. And just like other free trials, if you don’t want to associate yourself with AVG Internet Security after 30 days, you can simply cancel the package & go back to the FREE version (AVG Antivirus).

No Parental Control Feature has been considered a drawback on the AVG Internet Security. Considering the kind of exposure children can get on the internet today is not measurable. However, sometimes things can lead to irreparable damages like accessing websites that contain malicious content. Usually parental control features give parents the control over websites or contents on their kids’ devices. So overall it’s always better to keep a tab on what content or websites your kids are accessing. And from that point of view, this is a necessary feature an Antivirus software must have in the package.

Features AVG Antivirus AVG Internet Security

Price (Annually)

Performance issues scanning Yes Yes
Real-Time Alert Notifications Yes Yes
Fake Website Protection No Yes
Extra Security Layers No Yes
Advanced & Enhanced Firewall No Yes
Webcam Hacking Protection No Yes

Note: AVG Antivirus rates are as of 02.11.2021

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Review: AVG Antivirus Features & Usability

It’s quite obvious that a FREE version of any software comes with a few limitations and the same can be witnessed with AVG Antivirus as well. There are many useful & extraordinary features you can get your hands on but they are reserved for the premium version (AVG Internet Security). And let’s not forget the customization control AVG gives to its users like scheduling scanning or the type of scanning, and others.


AVG Antivirus As a Backup (Passive Partner)

Scan Controlling Customization

File Shredding


No Interface Customization

Quick Scan Feature Limitation

Auto USB Scan Limitation

AVG Antivirus As a Passive Partner

“More the merrier”. All of us have heard this saying many times and I believe it suits perfectly here. Reasons can be listed as if your system already has an active antivirus program in working condition, AVG Antivirus can also be installed. Yeah!! You can use AVG antivirus on your system and keep it as a backup while the major one is working in active mode.

AVG Antivirus As a Passive Partner

AVG Antivirus one of the most helpful features (Passive mode) allows users to keep AVG as a secondary one & work silently. No antivirus program can be perfect so if the primary antivirus misses something malicious, AVG can catch the same & give you an alert. That’s why we said, “more the merrier”.

Customization – Scan Controlling

Irrespective of the type, no tool has ever been used in the same way it was designed to use. Every user has a comfort zone or way of accessing the software & this is why rigidness doesn’t work at all. If a tool is ready to let users control everything on the software program, it becomes user-friendly & that’s the key to success.

scanning control

AVG Antivirus understands it fully & that’s why it gives the whole scanning control in users’ hands. Yeah!! There are many scanning types one can conduct while accessing AVG Antivirus including other factors, date, time, and scanning intensity. Also, you have the power to exclude parts of the system (files or folders) according to your preferences. Isn’t this cool!!

Files Shredding

Another useful feature that can help you speed up the PC’s poor performance is by shredding files that are unnecessary. Yeah!! The same technology that’s been used by the United States of America’s department of Defense.

Files Shredding

Dark User Interface Limitations

Time has come when you can change the whole interface of the software according to your preferences. And here is AVG Antivirus that comes with the limitation of using only dark user interfaces. The color combination you can see is the Black color background with Green color texting.

Dark User Interface Limitations

USB Scan Limitations

Yeah!! AVG Antivirus doesn’t allow you to auto scan the USB devices that you can see in other Antivirus software. The AVG (free) doesn’t have an auto scan option for USB drives, however you can always opt for manual scanning those connected external hard drives.

Scanning Type Limitation

Another type of limitation that you can experience while using the AVG Antivirus is the Quick Scan type. Yeah!! The same quick scan type that starts scanning your whole system and gives out results quicker than deep scan type. You won’t find the Quick Scan mode in AVG Antivirus that comes as a shock to many people.

Scanning Type Limitation

Review: Performance Plus System Protection

Compatible with almost every operating system, AVG Antivirus is a quite effective & powerful antivirus tool one can use. AVG Antivirus has been designed to give your system a much-needed boost that will result in improving the overall system performance.

Performance Plus System Protection

Wherein (in the performance & protection category) the plus points you can gather are daily updates, minimal impact, & excellent performance. The drawbacks can be measured in one that AVG Antivirus isn’t compatible with iOS devices. Yeah!! You can easily access the tool on your Windows PC, Android smartphone, & even on Mac, but iOS device compatibility isn’t possible (officially) as of now.

malware can attack your PC

Also the plus points include everything that’s needed for your PC to be protected because every one in a while a new malware can attack your PC & it needs to be protected any which way.

Is AVG Antivirus A Good Choice For Your System?

AVG Antivirus has been a free service one can use from all over the world & that might put a question on its effectiveness. However, users who have been accessing AVG Antivirus for quite a while know that it’s features are worth exploring. From malware to online history protection, everything has been designed to give your system a proper boost & keep it protected.

So explore the AVG Antivirus on your PC & go through the review above so you can make a thoughtful decision.

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