Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives For Web Designers

Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives For Web Designers

Adobe Dreamweaver is a well-known software program, which intends to create websites without any coding skills. Moreover, this software has helped many many web developers and designers, starting from beginners level to the professional stage. 

Dreamweaver is available for both PC or Mac with split-view display for both modes on-screen. This software boasts many star features for being a master in the web development tool. But, this software also has some limitations, which we may not like!

This web design software is not available on UNIX, Linux smartphone/tablet operating systems. Additionally, this Dreamweaver is also considered as an expensive editor tool, which is drifting many web designers and developers to find some other alternatives.

In this guide, we will share some reliable Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives for your web development needs.

Adobe Dreamweaver Alternatives

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code offers the best cross-platform code editor with the combination of reliable developing tools for programmers. This software is mainly used for writing web and cloud-based applications. This is an amazing alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver

You can download this software on Windows, Mac and Linux. This software boasts tools like debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting and IntelliSense code completion

VSC supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML, CSS,C++, Java, PHP, Go, C#, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Objective-C extension languages. 

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Pricing- Visual Studio Code is free to use and is built on open source.

You can download Visual Studio Code from here

2. Brackets

 Considered as an alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, Brackets is another web development tool in our list which boasts modern text editor to give the exact help in need. This software is designed for web designers and front- end developers, for working primarily in  JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

There is a Live Preview feature which empowers developers to start HTML document in the browser and can identify real-time preview of the specific document in the Chrome.

Moreover, this software also offers a feature by which the programmer can extract colours, fonts, measurements, fonts from a PSD file into a CSS file.


Pricing- Brackets is free to use and is built on open source.

You can download Brackets from here.

3. TextMate

TextMate is another open-source project for Mac developers. This software offers a great specification for Mac programmers, hence making an ideal choice to get chosen from developers.

You can customize actions to be written in any language to work with stdin and stdout. TextMate offers WebKirt and a dialog framework for Mac-native or HTML-based interfaces.

You can also find some features like foldable code blocks, code completion, column selection and so on.

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Pricing- Unlike Adobe Dreamweaver,TextMate is free to use and is developed as open source.

You can download TextMate from here.

4. Notepad++

Notepad++ is another very famous web development tool for programmers who relies on the fast blazing speed with various programming languages to execute. 

Its smart editing tool feature comprises all the mandatory editing tool such as smart syntax highlighting, indentation, autocomplete,  tabbed editing, and so on.

This software also enables various features to get integrated into the program by marking macros and plugins with its robust plugin architecture. People have been using this for a long time and hence this is considered as an amazing alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver.

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Pricing- Notepad++is free to use and is built on open source.

You can download Notepad++from here.

5. SpaceMacs

SpaceMacs is another best web development editor platform for the programmers you want to work with the power of both Vim and Emacs. Additionally, it enables developers to work in their own preferred editing method. It may not have as many functionalities as Adobe Dreamweaver but it is still a competitive alternative

The developers of SpaceMacs has conquered the principle of Consistency, Discoverability,  Mnemonics and Crowd-Configured to extend the full editing authority to the programmers.

Additionally, this software comprises syntax highlighting testing and debugging tools for efficient web developing.


Pricing- SpaceMacs is free to use and is developed as open source.

You can download SpaceMacs from here.

6. Atom

Here comes the Atom another alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, an open-source code editor to ease your coding barriers. This software presents native support of syntax highlighting, code completion and code folding with dozens of different programming languages.

Apart, you can also invite multiple developers to join and work together through the powerful pair programming tool known as Teletype. 

If you are looking for themes in the coding tool, then Atom works best. This software comes with four UI and eight syntax theme in dark and light colours. 


Pricing- Atom is free to use and is developed as open source.

You can download Atom from here.

7. Sublime Text 3

Sublime is counted as the next Adobe Dreamweaver alternative in the list. You can take benefit from a bunch of features which includes code folding functionalities, debuggers, new themes, IntelliSense support 

Furthermore, you can take advantage of split-screen editing option, where you can edit files side by side or customised two locations at one place. Even you are free to edit rows and columns as per your requirements. 

When it comes to performance, Sublime Text will not let you down. This software is created from custom components to give blazing responsiveness with custom cross-platform UI toolkit. 


Pricing- Sublime Text 3 is free to use but if you want to get more benefits of this tool than buy at $80.

You can download Sublime Text 3 from here.


Vim is the next option to count on our list of Adobe Dreamweaver. This software is a keyboard-driven tool. Moreover, this is a highly configurable editor and operated on Mac, Windows and Linux. 

You can easily preview its features such as graphical versions, syntax highlighting, visual mode, mouse support, editing commands and so on.

You can also configure Vim with extensive in-built plugin system to enhance its functionality. 


Pricing- Vim is free to use and is developed as open source.

You can download Vim from here.

Final word-

The best website depends on reliable web development tool and so as Programmers. To simplify your web development needs, we have created the alternative list of Adobe Dreamweaver for your online web presence. Let us know which alternative you have chosen for your task in the below comment section along with your view. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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