How to Enable Developer Mode On Android

How to Enable Developer Mode On Android

We’re sure you have been using Android smartphones for several years now. Nevertheless, there are lots of settings and options available that we are unaware of or even haven’t explored so far. One such feature is Developer Mode that is although hidden or turned off by default, but once unlocked can open various possibilities on your Android device. So, guys, if you are excited to know how to enable developer mode on Android and what are the possibilities you can unlock after enabling it, then continue reading this article till the end.

How to Enable Developer Options On Android

You cannot use developer options upfront and they are hidden by default. But following the steps below you can easily enable developer options and start using them.

1. Tap on the Settings (gear icon) icon to open the setting on your Android device.

2. Now on the Android Settings screen, tap on About phone option. If you are using a LG device then you have to dig even deeper. Open Settings and scroll down to the bottom and tap on System > Advanced > About Phone.

developer mode on android

3. On the About phone screen scroll down to the bottom of the screen to Build number option.

build number on android

4. Now once you start tapping on the Build number option, you will see a pop-up message that you are now “X” steps away from being a developer.

up time on android

5. Continue tapping on the Build number option until you see a screen to Re-enter your password.
Since developer mode is one of the most powerful features in Android therefore to prevent any unauthorized access you have to enter the device password that you have set to continue further.

6. Now once you enter your device password, it will show a message at the bottom of the screen that is, You are now a developer.

developer mode time

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How to Access Developer Option on Android

Enabling developer option on Android is just half the work done, as to use developer option on Android you also have to know how to access it.

1. Tap on the Settings(gear icon) icon to open Settings on your Android device.

2. On the Settings screen scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the System option.

set system on mode

3. Now on System screen tap on Advance, and from more System settings tap on Developer options just below Multiple users.

check all option on android

4. On the Developer options screen, you can see various options that are hidden till now from you.

on developer optons

Developer Options in Android Devices

Once you enable Developer mode you will see a complete list of Developer options. While the most of the options are intended for the App developers to provide them a set of tools to monitor how an app is performing. But there are still many options that a normal user can also use with basic technical knowledge. Below we have listed some advance developer options that can be accessed after enabling developer mode on Android.

Bug Report: This option allows you to access the log files or the bug reports generated when an application crashes or become unresponsive. Developer of an app can also ask you to submit this bug report if an app is crashing on your device. This will help him to know the exact reason or module of the app that is cursing crash. There are two types of bug reports, one is interactive that is used under most circumstances and the other is full report that is used when your device is slow.

USB debugging: One of the most important developer options used by the developers to allow a communication between an Android device and computer running the Android SDK.

Background Process Limit: This developer option allows you to limit the number of processes that run in the background. By default it is set to Standard limit.

Show Background ANRs: Once this option is enabled on your Android device it will show a dialog box of App Not Responding whenever a background app is crashing.

Enable Wi-Fi Coverage Extend Feature: Enabling this option will extend W–Fi coverage using hotspot, although this may result in draining of battery.

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There are still many options that you can explore. But do remember to use them when you can understand their exact functionality.

How to Disable Developer Options On Android Phone

As stated earlier developer options open endless possibilities on your Android device, therefore to keep the security intact it is always advisable that once you are done using the developer options, turn it off immediately.

1. Open Settings on your Android device, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on System option.

2. On the System screen tap on the Advanced > Developer options.

check developer option

3. Now on the next screen, disable the Developer Options by moving the toggle to OFF position.

untick developer option

Wrapping Up

So, guys this all about how to enable developer mode on Android to get an insight of the hidden developer options. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this article then drop them in the comments box below. Also to follow us on social media platforms to never miss any of our articles.

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