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How To Know ‘Who Unfollowed You’ On Instagram!
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How To Know ‘Who Unfollowed You’ On Instagram!

Instagram is an extensive social media platform being used by almost everyone. As we know Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, which however made it more popular among the users.

You can follow, share and go LIVE on Instagram to increase your followers. But imagine you had a nightmare where all your Instagram followers have suddenly vanished! And you woke up screaming, who unfollowed me IG???? That hurts, we know!

who unfollowed me on Instagram

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And in this situation only one question strikes on our mind “how to know who unfollowed me on Instagram?” and we are here to find the one who got enough nerve to do so!

Hereafter, in this article, you shall find “who unfollowed me on Instagram”! Go through the complete article and get the method to find the Instagram unfollowers.

Manual Method

Yes, by manually checking your follower list you can know who has unfollowed you on Instagram. To begin with, this method, start launching the Instagram app and go to your profile. There you can see the followers and following list.

Unfollowed IG

Check the follower’s list and here you will know who has unfollowed you. You can make sure by searching the profile on the Instagram app. If they have unfollowed you, there will be an option of “Follow Back” if not, you can see their timeline. We hope by this manual method, you will get the answer of “who unfollowed me on the Instagram app”

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Third-Party Tools

Google Play Store is loaded with numerous applications that promise to find the Instagram unfollowers from your list. But do we have enough time and patience to find those people who broke our hearts from unfollowing us? No, alright so to end your quest of “how to know who unfollowed me on Instagram?”

  • Before proceeding we will get the popularity check of your Instagram profile. But how? With the help of FollowMeter.

Yes with FollowMeter you can get the insights of your Instagram popularity. Download it from the Google Play Store from the below link and run it on your Android device. Here, sign in with your Instagram account.

who unfollowed me on Instagram app

Once you are logged in here, at the dashboard you will get the data of new followers, unfollowers, and accounts that you follow but they don’t follow back.

The UI is simple to understand and you will get the complete data of your Instagram popularity. We hope you are able to get the answer to the question of “who unfollowed me on the Instagram app” which is whirling here and there on your mind.

This application is lightweight and owns 4.2-star ratings. Get this amazing app from here.

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  • You want to unfollow a single user or want to find who didn’t follow you back on Instagram? Try with Unfollow for Instagram App.

This app is the one-stop solution to your question which you have asked previously about “who unfollowed me IG”? You can get the complete list of the accounts which are not following you along with your fan list.

unfollowed IG

Once you installed this tool and questing yourself, who unfollowed me on Instagram? Then this tool will surely help you out with your concern.

How to Stop Losing Your Instagram Followers:

  • Try to engage with your audience by responding to them.
  • Go LIVE, yes this is important and try to interact with your followers.
  • Always use hashtags and make use of your Insta Bio.

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Don’t Be So Much Obsessed Over Instagram Followers!

Instagram or other social media platforms are part of our social life. There is no need to be panicked over lost followers! Still, we have shared the effective ways to put a full stop to your question, who unfollowed me on the Instagram app?

If you are already using these methods or you have used any other app before and it worked wonders to you, let us know in the below comment section, we will update them on our list.

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