How To Check If You Are Shadow banned On Instagram

How To Check If You Are Shadow banned On Instagram

Have you ever noticed why your posts are not showing up on Instagram? Why your tags are not showing to the person whom you have tagged in a post? Are you Shadowbanned on Instagram? Don’t worry, your profile is not blocked on Instagram as it’s usually happened to those profiles which are not paired up with the Instagram network. Most of the Instagram users didn’t understand about Shadowbanned on Instagram and didn’t know exactly about this term.

Most “Shadowban testers” out there, will try to sell and fix the issue by purchasing something, and they all are fake. In this post, we are going to discuss what exactly Instagram Shadowban is, and how to check if you are shadowbanned on Instagram.

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What Is Instagram Shadowbanning?

The term “Shadowbanning” means to Ban or to Block someone. On social networking sites, it’s an act of blocking a user’s profile and its content in such a way that users don’t have any information.  If any user’s Instagram profile is Shadowbanned, it means Instagram has put some restrictions on user’s profile visibility due to some reasons. That’s why the user’s post won’t show up in follower’s feed and searches. In simple terms, if your Instagram profile is shadowbanned and hashtags have been used in a particular post, only you and your profile followers will able to see that particular post, provided they tried to search the same hashtags that you have used.

If someone doesn’t follow your profiles and your profile is shadowbanned, the use of hashtags in a post will be a total waste as when they will try to search your profile with those hashtags, they won’t be able to see the post.

What Is Instagram Shadowbanning
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How To Check If Your Profile Is Shadowbanned

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We are going to share a few steps to check if your Instagram is Shadowbanned:

1. Search an Instagram account that doesn’t follow your profile.

2. Post something on your profile using hashtags that you use regularly.

3. Ask a person(who doesn’t follow you) to check his/her latest feeds with the same hashtags that you have tagged in the post.

If the users are not able to find the same post, don’t panic, tell them to refresh the post after 3-5 minutes as there might be a connectivity issue.

After refreshing the post, if it’s showing up with the same hashtag in news feed, Perfect! Your profile is safe and If a user is not able to find the same hashtag in the news feed after 3-5 minutes, it means your Instagram profile is shadowbanned.

What Will Happen Next If Your Profile Is Shadowbanned?

If your Profile is banned on Instagram, your hashtags won’t work in any posts. In short, your hashtags “won’t work”.

Only you and your followers will be able to see your posts. However, someone who doesn’t follow you wants to see your post, will not be able to search and see your posts. This could be a reason for fewer followers and comments on your posts.

What Will Happen Next If Your Profile Is Shadowbanned
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How To Fix Instagram Shadowban?

Since there is no particular time when your Instagram will be free from shadowban. You can wait for a week, 3 weeks or for a month.  However, if you don’t want to wait, follow these steps to fix Shadowbanned on Instagram:

1. Don’t use any broken or banned hashtags on your post.

2. Try to avoid unnecessary comments or posts which might harm others and might report or flag your account.

3. Don’t follow any other account too quickly which leads to report your account.

4. Don’t use automation/bots in your posts.

5. If people have reported your account, wait for 48 hours and your account will be activated.

6. Always read and follow the Instagram Terms of Use and Community Guidelines before starting your Instagram account.

Some of the banned Instagram hashtags are:-

    • #asia
    • #beautyblogger
    • #skype
    • #shower
    • #easter
    • #brian
    • #elevator
    • #eggplant
    • #humpday
    • #like
    • #saltwater
    • #shower
    • #snapchat
    • #thought
    • #todayiamwearing
    • #tgif
    • #women
    • #woman
  • #womencrushwednesday
  • #workflow
    And more…

We don’t have to panic as Instagram changes algorithms on a regular basis and shadowban could be because of that. However, if we use Instagram as per the terms and rules, the chances of shadowbanned on Instagram will be very low.

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