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What is Csrss.exe? Is It A Legit Process
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What is Csrss.exe? Is It A Legit Process

Your Windows 10 operating system runs several processes, some of which are absolutely critical for the overall functionality of your PC, and it’s better not to disable or remove them.

But, what if malware mimics one such process and enters your PC? An example of malware masking itself under a legitimate process is the client server runtime process. We’ll discuss everything about the process in greater detail and we’ll even discuss what you can do in the event malware creeps into your PC.

First Thing’s First – “It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry”

As a preventive measure to evade any mishap, it is always recommended to have antimalware installed on your PC. IObit Malware Fighter is one of the best antimalware utilities that can keep you safe if any malicious program injects malware into your PC.

What is csrss.exe in Windows 10? Is It A Legitimate Process?

Task manager

Csrss stands for Client Server Runtime Subsystem process. It is a legitimate and safe executable file that Microsoft Corporation developed and that belongs to the Windows operating system. Csrss helps tackle the majority of GUI instructions. It is also responsible for launching and terminating several other processes in your system and it also manages the command line.

Although csrss or Client Server Runtime Process runs only once per session, but, as you can see from the screenshot above, there are two sessions of csrss. One session or “0” session runs for all services, whereas the other session runs for user processes.

Now, that it is established that csrss.exe is a critical and important Windows process, when and why should you be alarmed? Read on –

How To Know Whether csrss.exe Is Malware Or Not?

There are chances that malicious programs may mimic csrss.exe or mask themselves as csrss.exe. A malware can even inject its effect into an existing csrss.exe. But, how can you differentiate between a genuine csrss.exe and an infected csrss.exe? Follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Shift+Ctrl+I

2. Locate the csrss processes and right-click on any one of the sessions

3. Click on Open file location


If it is located in C:\Windows\System32, it is a genuine file. But, if it opens in any other folder, it can be considered malware. Moreover, if you notice that one or both the Client Server Runtime Processes are consuming high CPU, it is a sign that maybe a virus, Trojan or malware has made its way into your computer.

How To Get Rid Of csrss.exe Malware ( and not the legitimate file)?

Don’t jitter if csrss.exe opens in some other folder. If you use an antimalware tool like IObit Malware fighter, no malware will be able to touch your PC.

No matter the kind of cyberthreat, IObit Malware Fighter will put an end to it

What Is IObit Malware Fighter?

It is a comprehensive protection tool that guards your computer not just against malware but even ransomware, Trojan, worms, adware and many other infections.

IObit Malware Fighter – Features
Real-time protection
A huge database of threats including malware, Trojans, adware, worms, etc
You can lock your files securely in safe box mode
Prompt protection against any malicious processes that have taken over your RAM
Ransomware protection

How To Use IObit Malware Fighter To Check If It Is Malware Or Not?

Let’s suppose that the csrss.exe in the folder is a danger. So, now we’ll scan it with the help of IObit Malware Fighter. The steps for the same are mentioned below –

1. Download and install IObit Malware Fighter

2. Press Shift+Ctrl+E to open the Task Manager

3. Right-click on Client Server Runtime Process and then click on Open File Location

4. Locate csrss and again right-click on it

5. Click on Scan with IObit Malware Fighter

Client server

In case if the file is a threat you’ll be immediately prompted and you can then remove it.

Price: US$ 19.95 for a 1-year subscription for one PC

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What Problems Can csrss.exe (Malware) Cause If It Is Not Removed?

The csrss.exe virus or malware may modify the Windows registry by copying their executable file to Windows system folders and once that happens, there are several disastrous things that can appear. For instance, it can receive instructions from an attacker remotely, it could receive data or configuration or it could steal and upload data from an affected computer.

If csrss.exe Is Not A Malware, Should You Get Rid Of It?

This is a quite commonly asked question. Now, that you have a fair idea when csrss.exe can be harmful, under normal circumstances you should avoid any measures to get rid of it. Forcefully trying to terminate the process can result in abrupt system shutdown, blue screen of death (BSOD), and even loss of critical data. Should you suspect malware or any other infection, you can use an antimalware utility like IObit Malware Fighter.

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