IObit Malware Fighter Review 2024

Is IObit Malware Fighter the ultimate malware remover? With this IObit Malware fighter review, we are going to unearth just that.

IObit Malware Fighter Review 2024

Cyberspace today is swarmed with malware which needs to be tackled pronto. Wondering why? A malware that has crept into your computer can steal your crucial files and passwords and even render your system computer inoperable. A classic example is Ramnit Malware which when attacks your computer even infects all the attached removable drives and other files. And, believe us, it is certainly not your regular virus.

To deal with it, you need special tools that can help you eliminate malware and other cybersecurity threats that can put your computer and data in jeopardy. One such tool is IObit Malware Fighter. In this blog, we’ll check if this malware removal tool has what it takes to protect your computer from various kinds of malware and other infections.

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What Is IObit Malware Fighter?

iobit malware fighter - review

Current version running – IObit Malware Fighter 8.4

IObit Malware Fighter is a malware removal software that keeps your computer protected against a variety of infections such as various kinds of malware, viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, and other malicious files. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows (10/8.1/8/7/XP). In recent times, IObit Malware Fighter’s database has increased by nearly 50%.

It protects your sensitive and crucial data with the help of  Safe Box and SATA Protection. Let’s delve a little deeper and have a look at other aspects such as the interface, features, scanning speed, and customer support.

IObit Malware Fighter also contains Bitdefender Engine and IObit Anti-Ransomware engine both of which are available with IObit Malware Fighter pro version.

IObit Malware Fighter – Features And Others Aspects At A Glance

Features are not just the only thing that makes or breaks a malware cleaner software or any software for that matter. There are other things too, so let’s explore IObit Malware Fighter in totality.

List of Contents

  • Interface
  • IObit Malware Fighter Pros And Cons
  • Features
  • Scanning Speed
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support


iObit Malware Fighter - Smart Scan

The interface of any software is the first thing your eyes interact with. And, IObit Malware Fighter makes this interaction smooth and easy. In simple words, the interface is clean, modern, snappy, and easy to use. Each option, module or button is clearly defined and tells you what it is meant to do. This can be helpful to a first time user.

On the left-hand pane, you will broadly see six options – (i) the home button which is clearly (ii) Scan button, (iii) data protect, (iv)  browser protection, (v) security guard that offers real-time protection to various files, processes, and network, (vi) and the action center, where you can choose other great applications from IObit meant to optimize your PC, update your computer’s drivers, record screen, uninstall applications, etc. We’ll get into the details of each of these options in the features section.

The “Scan” and “Data Protect” options further have customizable settings. The options under each of these are further marked with a gear icon, clicking on which you can further customize the settings.

IObit Malware Fighter Pros And Cons


Stylish and clearly defined interface

Variety of scanning modes – smart, full, and custom

Even the free version offers strong web protection in all respects – you can keep tabs on malicious downloads, extensions, plugins and it ven provides DNS protection as well

Fast and in-depth scanning

Strong customer support


Many decent features like the Bitdefender engine, cookies anti-tracking, safe box. anti-ransomware engine is available with the pro version only


When you hit the Scan Now button present at the center of the screen, the malware removal software checks broadly four areas for any malicious files namely – the database, system critical areas, processes, and even the registries and other files.

1. Scan Types:

Iobit Malware Fighter - Scan Type

IObit Malware Fighter offers you three types of smart scan namely –

1. Smart Scan: scans the critical sections of your computer

2. Full Scan: all hard drives on your computer are thoroughly scanned for malware and other infections

3. Custom Scan: you can drag and drop desired folders and files or even select a path for scanning

Each of these scans further has customizable settings where you can choose the file size and type to be scanned, whitelist or quarantine files and folders, schedule scans, choose to automatically process threats, and do a lot more. However, the auto-update feature is a setting that is available with the pro version. The auto-update feature prompts you whenever there is an update available in the database.

Furthermore, the best part about this module is that you can keep a track of your scan history. This can be beneficial to keep tabs on how many files have been protected in how much time over the past few scans.

Iobit Malware Fighter - Scan History

2. Data Protect:

Iobit Malware Fighter - Data Protected

This feature further has two options, both of which are meant to protect the sensitive data on your computer. The features under the “Data Protect” module can be enabled once you have registered for the pro version. Let’s delve a little more deeply into these features:

1. Anti-Ransomware Engine: once selected, the malware removal tool will intelligently protect all the files and folders from ransomware

2. Safe Box: this feature gives you the power to password protect your files, folders, and other sensitive data and prevent it from any unauthorized access

3. Browser Protection:

Iobit Malware Fighter - Browser Protection

If not checked upon, the browsers on your computer can become an invitation to hackers to inject infections such as malware, ransomware, virus, or even browser hijacking. An unprotected browser can also be vulnerable to DNS attacks. And, sometimes, you might not be aware, but an unsuspecting extension, ad or download, or even a supposedly harmless email is sufficient enough to make your browser vulnerable to attacks.

Whether it is IObit Malware Fighter free or IObit Malware Fighter Pro, both variants offer you a dedicated “Browser Protect” module. The module takes care of malicious attacks that might pave their way through downloaded files, emails, and extensions. With a dedicated DNS protect module, no malware can tweak the DNS settings on your computer.

The “Browser Protect” module also lets you block ads and protect all your browsing sessions from phishing attacks and other online threats.

While you get most of the features to protect your browsers from any impending threats, you will have to registered for the pro version to enable the “Anti-Tracking” option that automatically clears tracking cookies once you close your browser.

4. Security Guard

Iobit Malware Fighter - Security Guard

Your computer’s inherent processes, its RAM, its various sectors are too prone to be attacked, once a malicious file enters your computer. Things can get even worse if you plug in an external USB since the existing infection can soon be passed on to the external device as well. That’s where IObit Malware Fighter tactically handles the infections. It reaches the deepest recesses of your computer and nips these in the bud. Let’s see how –

Now, under this module, there are several great sub-features that IObit Malware Fighter offers as a free malware removal tool, though, there are some features for which you will have to register for the IObit Malware Fighter Pro version.

With the free version, you can enable protection for the various files, startup processes, networks, and other processes. You also get the goodness of IObit’s Anti-malware engine. When you opt for IObit Malware Fighter’s pro version, you can also enable the Bitdefender engine that further intensifies your security since it can remove 200 million hidden and new threats.

Apart from that the paid version of IObit Malware Fighter also promises to guard your computer’s or laptop’s camera, USB disk, and MBR.

Scanning Speed

Iobit Malware Fighter - Scanning Speed

On performing a random “Smart Scan”, the free malware removal tool scanned 114425 objects in a little more than 30 minutes.


IObit Malware Fighter comes in two variants namely – IObit Malware Fighter free and IObit Malware Fighter Pro. You can get IObit Malware Fighter Pro for US$ 19.95

Customer Support

In case, you run into any issues, you can always get in touch with prompt customer support and there are multiple ways you can reach the customer support team.

To reach the frontline customer support team 24/7, you can raise a ticket mentioning the exact issue you have, call the customer support team or get in touch with them via chat.

IObit also offers a frequently asked questions section  – an area that answers common doubts that other users like you may have. Quite possibly, you can find the answer to your query there. There is also a forum, where other users frequently post their doubts as questions. You can too put your question to other IObit Malware Fighter users as well.

Closing Words

With this comprehensive IObit Malware Fighter review, we have tried to give you a clear picture of what this malware cleaner has to offer. In our opinion, it has some tremendous tools which keep your computer and its data safe from all kinds of infections – Malware, Ransomware, Phishing attacks, and other threats. If you find the review helpful, do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, so that even they can secure their computer and data as well.

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